Thrill Me Thursday… Wishing on a star…in 50 shades

Hello Everybody *waves*


Dear sistas and friends,

     It’s been an extremely long day for me as I have been awake and moving almost non stop for going on 48 hours. I am fighting to keep my eyes open as I type this. I’ve been out christmas shopping since early this morning. We all know how tough that can be with crowded stores (then add  pushing a wheelchair and pulling a shopping cart to boot! *whew*) On our way home my sister asked me about a specific alignment of stars in the skyand did I know what they were? (duh, do I look like Capernicus??? NO! LOL) But that simple question believe it or not got me thinking about our boyfriend. And I was thinking about RFM’s wish list post too and somewhere the two collided. Now it is stuck in my head and you know what that is like. So I bring you today’s Thrill me Thursday Post in fifty shades of hawtness.

"Star Light"


"Star Bright"


"The only star I see each night"


"I wish I may, I wish I might"


"Have this star to hold each night"


"Star Light"


"Star Bright"


"I'll see you in my dreams tonight"


"I know you will make it right"

Good night My Lovlies

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19 responses to “Thrill Me Thursday… Wishing on a star…in 50 shades

  1. *DED* just f*cking *DED*….Fifty is my favorite…..always! Thanks, bb, for adding to the spank bank! I’m defs saving this post!!!

    Now go get some sleep!


  2. haystackhair

    GAH! I’m fifty shades of DED! The O face on the bed in that bunch of flashing pics just killed me dead.!! Fifty owns my add!!!
    You did your job bb! I’m thrilled on Thursday!

  3. ilovealion

    Fifty Shades… what a nice way to start my day.

    Thanks for all the yummy, sweets.

  4. jolori54

    Oooooh lovely post and that lil slideshow at the end great, love me some Fifty but of course who doesn’t! okay Ima share some oldies with ya that might have some Fiftyish personality…

  5. jolori54

    I’m pretty sure I could see Fifty in here… gawd I fluv that photo 🙂

    and well just a recent one I got done

  6. jolori54

    and speaking of stars……

    • Roooooooome Robbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb!!!!!!! He is a star!!! he needs his own fifty style fic yes? He just IS sex personiied. When ever I see Rome Rob I think of a poker term, “Down and dirty” With Rome Rob? ANY TIME!!! Hell yeah!! LOL

  7. haystackhair

    OOF! death by jolori! what a way to go!

  8. Oooh! I’ve been having a rather *ahem* racy perv life lately and this post is the clincher, the nekkid Rob jumping out of the cake! Also today I got a nice surprise in Consuming Passions when BING! Surprise Robporn! I am certainly consumed with passion for him *snicker*! xoxo

    • OOOoooohhhh!!! Racey eh?? Do tell Miss!!! Nekkid Rob jumping out of a cake??? Did I miss something? gimme gimme gimme!!!! LOL

      Aren’t we all consumed with passion for him?? That’s cause our boy is all consuming!!

  9. eyeonrob1

    *looks around* Where the hell is everybody? This post is EPIC, RF! Dear. God. I don’t care if some of those pics are manips, they are ALL fuckhawt and several were new to me. The shirtless one with him reaching toward the camera???????? I had to stifle a VERY loud hoor moan when I saw that one. I made the mistake of reading this post on my I-phone while my students were working on a project. Bad idea. I caught the drool before it landed on my shirt.

    • LOL I dunnno where they’ve all gone. Thanks BB!!! You’re sweet to say that! I loved that manip too. it makes you think duuurrrty thoughts LOL
      Oh I hope you teach older kids *snickers*
      Since you liked this post so much I added something just for you EOR!!! you can find it under the photos Tab at the top or you can follow this link… you won’t regret it BB! Just be patient for it to load, all that hawtness takes a little time to prepare LOL

  10. Oh thanks for sharing RFT, that Star Light can shine in my bedroom window anytime!

  11. Love it! Fifty can be on my Christmas list every year!!

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