My Grown-Up Christmas List!

It’s that time again – the festive season is upon us, the Christmas songs are assaulting our ears from all angles, somewhere out there shoppers are being jostled for that latest ‘in thing’, the Turkey Trot will soon begin! So, what better way to spend a weekend in the run-up to Christmas than making a list (and checking it twice)?!

Here we go!

Dear Santa,
I’ve been very good this year, so please could you be so kind as to allow me to…..

Let THIS in from the cold…

…Spend an evening by a roaring fire, with mulled wine…

…get at least ONE kiss under the mistletoe… 

…have an *ahem* early night…

…wake up to THIS on Christmas Day…

…and sing a tipsy version of ‘Fairytale of New York’ later in the evening…

So, Dear Santa, please can you fix it for me to spend Christmas with Rob? I’ll be forever grateful!

Lots of love and Christmas tinsel, TMM xoxo



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8 responses to “My Grown-Up Christmas List!

  1. Yep, all good ideas, love it :)!

  2. jolori54

    sounds a lot like my Christmas wish list as well! *le sigh*
    I’m gonna be workin on SantaRob at some point so maybe I’ll share him next weekend so keep a look out for him to show up!

    I think I shared this already but not sure so here it is again

    another from last year

  3. rita01tx

    TMM, darlin’! I do believe you’ve summed up ALL our Christmas wishes!
    Wouldn’t it be lovely to find nekkid Rob under our Christmas trees on Christmas morning with a big red bow around his wonderpeen? Well, it would HAVE to be big, wouldn’t it? *snickers*
    As Jolori so brilliantly put it, * le sigh!*

    • Remember yu said that come Monday GF! I swear we are psychically (is that even a word?) linked or something. we read each others minds all the time! That’s twice today GF!!

      Oh and Dear Santa, Make that two of all of the above. I haven’t been good all year. in fact I have been very naughty but Santa, I am DAMN GOOD at it! Does that count?

  4. jolori54

    just came back to share some Rob/Jax love 🙂

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