Rob being, well…Haunting in Black & White

Oh, my sistas!  The dark days leading up to Christmas are upon us!

We get up in the dark and we come home in the dark…kinda like the poor little pit ponies of old.

And, speaking of dark, something about photos of our beloved Rob in black and white speaks to me any time of year.

Maybe it’s the contrast in lighting that moves me.  Or, as in this one, it’s the fact that he was obviously caught unawares.

What could he possibly have been thinking about?

When Rob is “dark,” my heart aches for him.  It’s there in his eyes…

But, when Rob is “light,” his lovely soul shines through!

Now, if ever a black & white photo of Rob absolutely haunted me, it was this one.   Damned if I don’t get completely lost stroking his eyebrows, his eyelashes, his nose, lips and scruff.

Of course, lack of color doesn’t always mean pure black & white.  I couldn’t choose between these two sepias by the amazing Jules, so I’m giving you both!

See why I couldn’t choose?

A subtle use of color in a black & white photo of The Pretty just makes it, well…really pretty! *sigh!*

There was a certain beauty in this one I couldn’t resist…can’t quite put my finger on it.  Oh, hell! Who am I kidding?  I’d like to put more than my finger on it!! *Down, Rita!*

And, finally, in a really good black & white, details emerge that might otherwise be missed in a color photo.

Case in point would be the gorgeous Details photo I posted recently.  MelbieToast has been kind enough to give us her black and white version, in which we are treated to a much better glimpse of the Promised Land!

I saved that one for last cause I knew you’d get stuck on it and miss out on all the rest *snickers!*

Happy Sunday, ya’ll!



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30 responses to “Rob being, well…Haunting in Black & White

  1. Damn Reets!!! That pic , the last one, makes me feel like dancing…while sitting down. ifyaknowwhatimeanandithinkyado!! FL____________

  2. see damn it!!! i got so excited i 4got 2 hit the notify me button

  3. newyorkkisses

    GAH, Rita! How am I supposed to take this on an early Sunday morning?! *panting* that 4th pic killed me, I have never seen this edit before and it’s going to be my new iPhone wallpaper. 😉 Thanks ladies, you know how to make a h00r happy way before Christmas time, lol.

  4. rita01tx

    Ah ha! You fell for my favorite, didn’t you? Saw it first time on Melbie’s Fifty vid, where I always put it on pause and cry cause I can’t crawl through the screen to get to him. Took me MONTHS to track it down LMAO!!

  5. haystackhair

    Rita, I must most sincerely thank you for putting that details pic last, because alas, you know a h00r too well, I would never have made it past that one. I may never stop looking at it…… scrolling up……

    • rita01tx

      Being one myself, of COURSE I knew better than to put it first LMAO!!
      Ain’t it just to die for??? Can’t keep my eyes off of it my own self!

  6. Lord above, those pictures are just….. I literally have no words, none at all, nada, zip, zero! There’s just something about Rob in black and white that makes him look even more amazing than usual – is that even possible?!

    • rita01tx

      IKR? I admire the shit of those who see the magic of black & white Rob, either from the photographer or the talented h00rs who make such fabulous edits for our very great pleasure!

  7. jolori54

    great post Rita I love me some bw Rob and those were all brilliant choices! I have found myself always coming back to this pic just to drool over

    there’s something about this one as well and I love the pose and the expression he has goin on

    • rita01tx

      Ah, Jolori darlin’! That first one DIES me every time…it does have a certain poignancy around the eyes, doesn’t it?

      I always wondered if, in the second one, it was a pose or if the photographer caught him in complete frustration about something.
      Knowing the consumate actor / model that he is, it’s more likely to be a pose.

  8. jolori54

    and of course if you know me at all you know I have a thing for when he plays with the brows

  9. rita01tx

    Brown & forearm porn! FTMFW!!!!

  10. rita01tx

    Brow…brow….brow (shit)

  11. rita01tx

    Oh, my blessed Rob! Just got back from seeing Breaking Dawn Part 1 and gotta say, I was impressed!
    Of course, Rob was achingly beautiful and had my full attention, but DAMN the make-up and special effects on Bella were spectacular and totally believable!
    So much was just like the book…except for the wolf fight, which was the only real “action” in the whole movie.
    The bloody delivery? GAH!
    Jacob imprinting? VERY well done, TL!
    As soon as the credits started rolling, people started leaving but I held my friend Karin in her seat and told her to “just wait”…there will be more.
    Good thing the h00r chain is fully functioning or I would have missed it.
    Only a few other people stayed seated…I laughed my ass off!

    • Hey Rita, I totally agree with everything you say – I must admit I was very pleasantly surprised when I saw in on 1st Dec. I really enjoyed it. Watched it in a near empty auditorium, just a dozen or so other people there, who all left during the credits – but as you say, we h00rs have inside info, so I sat tight for the little gift at the end, nicely setting up part 2.

      • rita01tx

        Damn, having to wait another year to see part 2 really sucks! But, rumor has it we’ll have the part 1 DVD in February, which is much sooner than expected, so that’s something to look forward to (slo mo… pause… back… squeee…slo mo…pause…back…squeee)!

        • *pouts* Just pre-ordered my copy of the DVD, but I gotta wait until 12th March to get mine here in the UK.

          • rita01tx

            Still, approx. 4 months is waaay better than 6 months, right?
            Wait, what? Youz just across the channel from me? I’m about 20 minutes west of Amsterdam!
            Oh, to be drowning in filthy lucre!!

            • Didn’t realise you were in Europe, bb. Love Amsterdam – my best friend lived there for 18 months back in the 90s and I had the best time when I visited her there for a week.

              And yes, wouldn’t it be great to have the money so we could all afford to meet up. I so wanted to go to Vegas for the big get-together the h00rs are organising, but it’s just not financial viable for me right now. *sadpanda*

    • haystackhair

      Ohhh Rita tots agree with you on BD! I’ve seen it 3 times and it gets better each time! Awesome job on Bella, and f*cking loved the “you’ve given me no choice!” speech from Edward. GAH! Very close to the book. Edward’s panic at the end “come back to me baby” DED!

      • rita01tx

        OMG! He was sooo distraught, I got all teary eyed! I don’t remember Edward ever calling her baby in the books (improve, Rob?). Well, damn! Guess I better read them again, just to be sure, you know LOL!

    • I’ve seen it 3 times already….love it, but ITA with you. I didn’t care for the wolf fight….that was the only part I could have done without!

  12. dazzledbyrp

    BD 1, I agree is awesome. It gets better every time I see it. The last half hour is so riveting. Edward does me in every time I see him biting Bella – willing her not to die. It’s so sensual.

    And yes, B&W Rob kills.. I think it has something to do with his pale skin against all the gorgeous hair scruff (bedhead, eyebrown, jaw scruff, neckporn area.) The B&W really shows off his glorious features.

    I’ve always liked this one because the black agains the white really accents his long, lean body and those yummy legs.

    And the photos by the mirror from this Vanity Fair photoshoot wouldn’t be as striking if they were in color:

    In any event, in full color, enhanced color, sepia, or black and white…..there’s nothing more beautiful than Rob.

  13. Gawd, I was all ready to pick until I saw that last one! GAH! PeenPic alert! I love Rob in black ‘n’ white….it just accentuates how pretty he really is! *sigh*

    Thanks, as always, Rita!

  14. Rita, Once again, your artistry confounds and delights! Those pictures were all kinds of dee-lish, and your narration strung them together like sheer poetry for the eyes. Gorgeous post. Thanks so much! ~BOH

    • rita01tx

      Lordy, BOH! Youz got me blushing here! I really enjoy doing these Sunday posts (RF did a lot of ass kicking to get me over my stage fright) and it warms my heart to know that it’s appreciated. Thank YOU!

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