Tonguing it Tuesday Robporn: Jaw Droppingly Gorgeous

Tuesday is always such a fun day of the week. I mean, who doesn’t love them some Robporn?! But this week is extra special because it’s our 200th post!! And looking back through our collection I feel like we have missed a very important body part…THE JAW! After all it is the foundation for a good Robgasm!

But in honor of our 200th post, I think it will be nice to give you not only the jaw but a little bit from every section of the Robgasm Pyramid! So let’s get on with it, shall we?

This one is double the pleasure with some eyebrow porn!


I love the smile in this one.


Now let’s move on up on the pyramid with finger and lip porn with some pics I found from the talented Jolori and Melbie!

Just imagine what these flexible fingers can do

These lips...unf!

The next rung moves us on up to hair and the promised land of the CROTCH!! Can you handle it ladies?

When speaking of hair, we must go to one of the most loved places…RomeRob!

Sex hair at it's finest

And now, for the crotch! Brace yourselves cause I’m going all out on this one!

And finally, for extra schmexy I think we just need to watch this video! And yes, there’s a whole lot of tongue in there!

Thanks for supporting us and helping us get to 200 posts! And thanks again to Jolori, Melbietoast and Biel for allowing us to perv on their creations 🙂

Robs Fan~tasy

Bring on the jaw porn ladies!!


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41 responses to “Tonguing it Tuesday Robporn: Jaw Droppingly Gorgeous

  1. Sus

    Oh, my friggin’ gawd!!! That vid was the BEST! And the Robgasm Guide, and corresponding pics? Shit, oh dear!….Gotta go to bed now and dwell on all this pretty!

    Happy, happy #3, and many more! Appreciate all you do!


  2. edwardsvamptramp69

    I have to agree………….RomeRob is probably THE sexiest thing on the planet. All pictures from there just turn me into a puddle of goo…….*sigh*

    I definitely miss that beautiful sex hair:(

    Congratulations on your 200th post!

  3. jolori54

    so not good to come here before I have to go on a kids fieldtrip GAH love everything you posted up there and now I can’t think straight!!! hopefully I’ll have some time when I get back to come have a better drool session and share!
    CONGRATS on the 200th post it is HOT as always!!!!!

  4. #still recovering from the fuckhawt vid and the collage of the Holy Crotch which left me with complete brainfail

  5. Well, stew my foot and call me Brenda! Now I’ve had my 5-A-Day! Thanks for helping my healthy lifestyle along, RFM!

    PS: HAPPY 200TH POST! Now I’m not bragging but…..we kinda rock, don’t we?!! ;P xoxo

  6. jolori54

    Ima start sharin and you all could decide what category they go in 🙂


    • OK Ladies, we may have to send Jolori to the RRoP. Posting life sized photos of the Pretty is like carrying a lethal weapon!!! It should come with a warning. Me thinks she is trying to kill us all off so she can have him all to herself!! LMAO

    • rita01tx

      GAH! The first one (b/w) is such a close up I can tell our boy was hot (as opposed to hawt…but he totally is and I’ll shut up now) cause sweat is dripping from his hairline.

    • ok now I KNOW she is trying to kill me! The eyes, oh the wonderful uniquely shaped multicoloroed eyes * I’m melting, Meeellllting* *Poof* *Goo*

      I do have to say however i prefer his eyebrows manscaped as they are distracting when they aren’t *runs and hides*

  7. jolori54

    okay I guess I’m done for now, I probably missed a couple but I can’t think straight anymore enjoy and have a great one all! xoxo

  8. miniaturemom12

    So hot! I love the pyramid, haaahaahaa!
    Congratulations on hitting 200 posts!

  9. Congratulations to all the girls on your 200th post. Very fitting post RFM.

  10. miniaturemom12


  11. dazzledbyrp

    Congrats on 200 posts! You’ve all turned this into such a great blogsite. The look is great and the postings are even greater!

    Must go study and commit to memory that pyramid………

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