Thrill Me Thursday…”Warm Fuzzies”

Hello Everybody *waves*


 Well, my friends for most of us we are a little over a week away from Christmas. It’s winter and that means
C-O-L-D Weather.
 (I despise the cold. Have I mentioned that before? lol) So I thought it would be nice to talk about the things that keep us warm, or rather a particular thing that we could curl up with and get warm.
You all are probably thinking that I am thinking along these lines… *Because I am after all a “PattinAngel” right? *Innocent look*

Yes very warm and cozy indeed but not exactly what I had in mind. not this time any way lol

Actually I was thinking a little more fuzzy that this. Yes, yes, I’m sure you saying to yourself, “I know where she’s going now,” and the image that pops into your mind is this one…

Who wouldn't want to be lying next to Rob on this rug and be the center of his attention? But still not what I had in mind.

It’s a nice and furry “Warm Fuzzy” place to be but I was thinking more along the lines of Man Fur Not Bear (Beah?) fur.
Now I knows you’re thinking I’m going to jump to the scruff right?

Who wouldn't want to be wrapped in those arms and snuggled up under that furry chin. But all these things are still not what I was thinking. I AM NOW! damn it but I wasn't.

Crap! Where was I going with this post? *turns away from computer and scratches head while trying to concentrate.*
OH yeah, I bet you’re also thinking Wild sex hair Rob right?

Wild Sex hair, scruff covered, sexy eyed, smexy looking Rome Rob FTMFW And I totally don't remember WTF I was going to say. *drools*

Crap! I neeed to put on my Winnie the pooh thinking face.
Hello Beautiful Rob!

I SAID THINKING FACE!!! Not Day dreaming about Rob Face…

*scrunches eyes closed*
Think, Think, Think, What was I blogging about…think, think, think,
Oh yeah, warm fuzzies,
No what I HAD in mind when I started this was something a little different and a little lower down *oh yeah* Here we go again. What I was thinking was the man fur. have any of ya’ll noticed how much more MANLY the man fur has gotten lately???







I just want to start there and follow the happy trail to the promised land!!

Just undo the next Button or three Rob please???

We need more Pics Like This but with our more Manly Rob!!!


Dying! edges towards the gutter

*pops head up from gutter to curb*
Show me your Rob man fur porn and I might never come out of the gutter again. Come on in girls the water in fine! lol


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54 responses to “Thrill Me Thursday…”Warm Fuzzies”

  1. could anyone please tell me how you add pics to these posts?

  2. I Sure can BB. I’d be glad to help. Do you mean in the comment section or do you have a blog of your own?

  3. thanks. comment section if you wouldn’t mind, i don’t have a blog.

  4. OK then all you have to do is click on a picture and then at the very top of your screen where the internet adress shows up right click on that address and that should highlight the address in blue and also bring up a drop down menu with several options, one of those options should be “COPY” Click on copy and then in the comment box just right click again and that should bring up the drop downm menu again but this time choose the “PASTE” option and you are done! Why dont you give it a try on the first Rob picture here. I’ll wait to make sure you don’t have any probs. If you do I’ll be here to help BB!

  5. It should look like this when you are done

  6. D:\twilight\pics\actors\studio\robert

    how is that?

  7. whoops i was trying to send a pic i saved. let me try again.

  8. here we go again. *fingers crossed*

  9. As far as I know the pic has to be posted somewhere I do not know if it is possible to post a pic in the comment section straight from you computer files. but all Rob pics are posted somewhere LOL and easily googled to get the right one.

  10. woohooo!!!! okay baby steps. that one is done. now how the heck do i attach a pic i saved in my shrine of robporn (aka my hard drive, but i think my name is better)? i really appreciate your patience with this.

  11. Now do you know how to do videos? basically the same thing only if you want the video to show up on the screen you have to choose “Copy embed code” if you just want to post the link then right click on copy URL

  12. no problem BB! It’s a pleasure to be able to help someone. As far as I know the only way to do that is if they are posted somewhere like on tumbler bb. You have to upload them somewhere to give the an adress. Tumblr is easiest I think but if you prefer you can get a photobucket account or a flickr account something like that and just start uploading the then all you have to do is follow the above to post them anywhere on the net.

  13. Anytime Nat. Never be afraid or feel silly for asking a question here. someone will always help you if they can.

  14. LOL You are Welcome. Glad to help even if you have questions about tumblr or something. believe it or not 5 months ago all i knew how to do is turn on my computer (once i found the on off button that is lol) but i hate NOT knowing things so i kept pushing buttons till i figured it out or i bugged the crap out of people till i got it through my thick skull. (thinks of trying to learn how to make vids) Isn’t that right Maggie??? LOL

    It’s a good thing I don’t work for NASA hahaha

  15. Oh yeah! great manip! I have a fic I wrote but never posted about Edward with long hair *Swood* *Thud*

  16. jizzy typed again! Dang you ROB lol

  17. I too have noticed that he is sporting more manly fur. I bet they had to tone it down for Edward’s character, being stuck at 17 and all. ALL of that is behind him now…

    I don’t have many pics of him with his chest exposed. Probably because Rob is so shy. *giggle*

    I do have this one though…

    • You know I never thought about it but I think you are right! Look at the second to last pic… That’s after the first Twilight right? and look *sigh* at his chest how hairy it is!!! UNF! I bet they thinned it out to make him look more like a teenager. After all, Look at his arms in this pic. Any one with that much manfur on the arms has to have much more chest hair than what we saw during the twilight saga right? They had to have thinned it out. NOW I Want to see Him Shirtless!!!! That’s the second thing on my Christmas wish list LOL

  18. ilovealion

    Hi RF.

    Looks like Christmas has come early for us. So many pics to give my girly bits the warm and fuzzies. Meow and Purr.

    I appreciate you, sweets. You work so hard to keep us entertained… blogs, videos, pics, and fics. How do you find the time?

    Have a great Thursday! I’ll come lookin for more pics later ; )

    • Hi ILAL!!!

      So glad you like this post 😀 Makes me all warm and fuzzy inside *giggles* but true!
      D’awww Thank you Darlin’. It’s nice to be appreciated. I’m just dedicated to my friends and our Boy(man)friend up there!! I make time for the things that matter most 🙂

      You have a great day too Darlin’ See ya laters!

  19. jolori54

    such a lickable post you got goin on here I may never leave or get things posted to share as much as I’m staring at all those lovely gems up there!! but I got a couple before I get too incoherent

    and it may be just a peek of it but it’s enough to get me goin

  20. dazzledbyrp

    What a smexy post, bb! I’m at work so I can’t post anything at the moment. I wonder where that last pic (with him wearing what looks like a tarp/hoodie) came from? I saw it yesterday on my tumblr and promptly fell to the ground and became a writhing puddle of mush. His man fur since he’s become more manly this year is becoming one of my favorite bits of Robporn. UNF! SWOON! THUD!

  21. Oh some lovely pictures today and two that I’m laying my lucky eyes on for the first time today. Thanks RFT for the visual treat.

  22. rita01tx

    There’s definitely more man fur now, if you compare to this early photo (forget what year but I think it’s after GoF and before Twilight…so probably 2007)

    • IKR?? i mean sure he’s gotten older (Thank God!) so it’s natural but i am now starting to think Scummit kept him manscaped for the saga. Ya Think?? I like him both way but I prefer all or nothing when it come to his chest. leave it alone or shave it all off. JS

  23. haystackhair

    Le sigh. In my head I am nuzzling the manfur and running my fingers down the happy trial…..THUD

  24. Oh you don’t fool us, RF!!! Pattinangel?! Wasn’t it you who posted a NSFW post the other day?!?! We all know I’m the angel around here!

    Great post! I’d be nice and comfy in ANY of Rob’s furry bits! 😉

  25. OH! I forgot to tell you all that we heard from MC yesterday. The surgery went well and she is doing fine. she may have gotten to come home sometime today!

    Yake care of you MC. You are in our thoughts and prayers. Love ya girl.

  26. That I am Indeed a Pattin Angel

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