Saturday Cop-Out: Maybe I’m Amazed…

Well chicklets, I’m going to cop out of a Christmas post today, because I’m off to see Paul McCartney at the MEN Arena in Manchester on Monday, and I am just FAR too excited about that!!! So, all in good spirit, I’ve decided to combine my love for Macca and my love for HHH in one big picspam. Without further ado, I present to you TMM’s Christmas Cop-Out:

Maybe I’m Amazed (By Rob)




Rob, you continue to amaze us each and every day! Please don’t ever stop!

And with that, your time with TMM has come to a close, so I shall bid you all good day and wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. As it’s Christmas next weekend (Good Lord, who’da thunk it?!) you probably won’t see me so I hope you all have a lovely time with your families and friends, and I will see you on the flipside mother stickers! See you next year: The Year of the Mass Hoor Cull!

Here’s to a Christmas filled with 
…oh, all right then! You’ve talked me into it! One last picture before I go: 

TMM xoxo



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11 responses to “Saturday Cop-Out: Maybe I’m Amazed…

  1. edwardsvamptramp69

    He is just too beautiful for words. *sigh* He certainly has grown into one sexy ass mother……..*bites lip* Cederick who?????

    Thank you for the pics and have a wonderful time at the concert and a fabulous holiday, BB!


  2. rita01tx

    Oh my Rob, TMM! Droolworthy photos all and listening to BIA while looking at them? Puuuurfect! Have fun darlin’! I well remember my Macca fangirling from the days!

  3. TheMissMod, that last pic. What effin photo shoot is that pic from? I damn near dropped my iPad lol.

  4. Have a fab time tonight, hun – my boss went to see Macca at the O2 a couple of weeks ago and said he was bloody fantastic!

    Thanks for the gorgeous pix. Have a great Christmas. Cheers!

  5. dazzledbyrp

    I’ve only had two huge celebrity crushes in my life: Paul McCartney when I was very young, and HHH now! Do I need to tell you just how much I FLOVE this post??!! What a great Christmas present! Have fun at the concert – let us know how it went. And have a great holiday.

  6. Great post TMM and I love the last pic, even if its a manip 😉

  7. simplydazzled1


    Bit of a lurker here, just wanted to say hi and say thanks for all the lovely posts you treat us with on a daily basis.

    Maybe I’m Amazed is one of my faves and combined with Rob – perfection.


    • Waves Back. HI! Nice to meet you. It’s our Pleasure Darlin! Glad you came out of the lurking closet and I hope you’ll stay out now and chat it up with us!! The more the merrier BB! Unpack your bags, find a room here at RA house and make yourself at home. Thanks for commenting and joining our happy Pervy home!

  8. I dunno how i overlooked this TMM but Hot Damn a few pics I didn’t have of Rob!!! I didn’t think such a thing existed!! (i had the manip though! wee heee!!!) SRSLY we need Rob to do a really sext photo shoot, ALONE and show us what he’s made of ifyouknowwhatimeanandithinkyoudo!!! happy fangirling over “that other guy” LOL Sorry, I’s a one man woman!!

    • LOL! Hey, I’m a one man woman too! Me and Macca go way back, thank you! In fact, my celebrity story is this: my Auntie’s friend dated Paul in the 60s, but he dumped her the next day because she was ‘boring’…my Auntie was a model in the 60s. WHY DIDN’T HE DATE HER?!! I COULD HAVE GOT PRIORITY SEATING!!!! 😛

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