Thrill Me Thursday…Blingward

Hello Everybody *waves*


Good Morning Ladies,

On Monday I mentioned Rob wearing Jewelry and here is the future post I promised you. In total I found 45 seperate pics from different moments of Rob wearing jewelry (there were hundreds of each with different poses)  so Of course I cannot post them all so I have them included in a sideshow for you at the bottom. Lets start with the most recent one I found, the new watch Rob has been sporting lately…

Time to come Visit us here at RA Rob, Check your watch, you'll see.

And then there is this odd little” Bracelet” he wore for awhile.

And WTF is this? Is it a rubber Band? An old shoe lace? Anybody? Bueller? Bueller?

Whatever it is, it’s tied on there so maybe it is an old shoelace! Good eye Rita!! If anyone knows fill us in!!! Inquiring Robminds need to know!!!

This little ring shows up more than once so it must belong to our Boy.

Oh Rob, you could wrap anyone of US around your pinky and wear us anywhere.

Here it is again, (signant ring mebe?) I had to post this picture cause I likes it!! 🙂 You’ll also see this ring in the VF Dunes shoot where he is weraing the Cream colored Aran Sweater *coughjumpercough*

hey Rob, let's go for a swim! I'll keep you warm! heh heh

And Then, *deep breath* we have…

The moment that Changed our Lives!

A closer image of the “Cullen Cuff”

OH The Hands!! *DED*

Another piece that must belong to our boy is this one…

The Golden Horn (?) on leather strand

It must be quite important to him as he wore it in many shoots and appearances. See how many times you find him wearing it in the slideshow. See a different day, same necklace.

This pic is just all kinds of WIN!! There are more pics below if you can tear yourself away! LOL

This is another of my favorite Pics of Rob with some Blingage!! GAH!! I WANT! Although I think the ring was a prop as most of the cast is wearing large chunky rings in this shoot but DAYUM!!! I could stare at this pic for YEARS!!!

Oh to have him look into our eyes that way!!! Have Mercy!!!

( And Rob was really cute playing on the swing too *giggle*)

I dunno What this necklace was all about (what is it of?) but it might as well be an arrow LOL
Necklace points the way to Paradise via the Happy Trail!! FTW!!!
And of course there is Rob/Edward’s biggest Bling of all…

Dazzling Bling!

And of Course I cannot forget the Cullen Wedding band…
OMG He has Lovely Hands!!

More Wedding Band

*Sigh* If only…
I didn’t forget it, but apparently someone did…

Oooopsie!!! No ringward

You’d think someone at Summit would catch this…

Again No Ring. There are several of these pics without a ring. Did you ever notice that?

Heh Heh at least he remembered to wear it HERE…

Oh Look! theres room in that bed for ME!!!! BWahahahah

Did I Miss some Blingage? Show me!!!
Since this is my last post before Christmas day, I just wanted to Wish You all The Very Best Christmas Eva!! It has been a pleasure and a joy to open the doors of RA house to all of you! Much Love to you all,

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18 responses to “Thrill Me Thursday…Blingward

  1. Sorry for posting so late Ladies, WP kept jamming all my pictures together.

  2. *SQQUUUUEEEE* NEW BEL AMI TRAILER!!! Hot off the presses BBEz Don’t Miss it!!!

  3. haystackhair

    Holy F*ck that trailer will be the death of me!!! And yes, Robward sauntering in to the cafeteria changed my life…. In fact, every time I see that gif with the hand sliding into the pocket and the sexsaunter it changes my girly bits! GAH!

  4. great job. i love the slideshow. is there any way i could set it as my screensaver?

  5. Hey RobsFan-tasy I think you are wrong about the necklace being an arrow – I think it’s a Divining Rod LOL.

    Thanks for the yummy new trailer.

  6. rita01tx

    *Droool* Huh? Oh, sorry…my eyes were locked on his crown jewels in the happy trails photo! Oh my!
    The Pretty really don’t need no decorations…he IS the bling bling!!!

    • LOL Again, true facts! However, given the chance I would totes spoil the man to death! ANYTHING he wanted I’d gladly give it to him *snickers* except share him in RL LOL No deal there! I’ll share him here though 🙂

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