Rob, well…Takin’ Us Back to Rome – Part 2

Told ya I wasn’t near done with RomeRob!

After his electrifying dance along the red carpet, the photocall seemed almost tame.

I said ALMOST!

What with his signature sex hair, scuff and total f*ckHAWTNESS, he left us dazzled and breathless…again.  It’s what he does best, right?

Heeeey! Haven’t we seen him in a black sweater recently?

Ah, yes!  StockholmRob!  Not the same one (I’d be surprised if it was), but DAYUM…just look how our boy’s chest has developed since Rome!!!!

Oh, Rob!  Please don’t EVER let any of those Hollywood dentist schmucks get anywhere near the perfect imperfectness of your sweet smile!  I’d miss that small fang…those slightly rounded and ridged front teeth *sigh*…just DON’T!!!

JawPorn alert!  ScruffPorn alert!!  And you can tell his long fingers have been sweeping the hair up along the back of his neck, leaving us panting and drooling for more!!!

The offical photoshoot for Rome brought us some classic Rob photos…

The light shining through his hair did it for me.  That and the overall softness, enhancing the eyes, nose and lips…GAH!  LipPorn FTMFW!!

Course, no one enhances RomeRob photos like Melbie!!!

Ready for the money shot??

Yeah, that’s what I thought!  How can you not look?  Ya’ll joinin’ me in the gutter right about now?

There was a second photoshoot in Rome for Vanity Fair, but since there were way too many photos where he wasn’t alone, I picked this one…

FingerPorn alert!

OK, one more Melbie enhancement (like we ever get enough)…


As wonderful as all his other premiers have been since then, there was something unique in the air of Rome. Maybe it was the newness of it all that seems to have settled around his shoulders more comfortably by now.

Maybe it was because he was so young, although he looked older than 22 to this old cougar’s eyes LMAO! He has definitely matured over the years, and it suits him.

BUT, some of us hOOrs believe that it was because he just got laid!

Merry Christmas ya’ll!




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14 responses to “Rob, well…Takin’ Us Back to Rome – Part 2

  1. Bwahahahaha!! Love this GF> I still have a house full of peeps but I had to sneak a peek and I am so glad I did. That last Melbie enhancement was one I didn’t have!! Since your Post was done on a Holiday and deserves some major attention I may just let it Run tomorrow. That Ok with you?

  2. Gah! Romerob was a lethal weapon unleashed on us poor unsuspecting hoors!

  3. dazzledbyrp

    My lady bits can never, ever get enough of RomeRob. Thanks for the awesome post. Any time you want to revisit RomeRob is fine by me!

  4. Thank you sweetheart for more RomeRob! Can never get enough… Such a beautiful man… here’s another one from the Rome Ciak Magazine Party…looking so sexy here! xoxo from Melbie

    • rita01tx

      Wow, Melbie! Love it, thanks…even hiding the sex hair under his famous beanie can’t detract from his f*ckhawtness!

  5. edwardsvamptramp69

    *bows down* We’re not worthy! We’re not worthy!

    Thank you for continuing with the god among mere mortal men. You KNOW I’ll never get enough of RomeRob so anytime you feel like posting him……………go right ahead, my Dear! *swoon* I seriously could just stare at him all day long.


    • rita01tx

      IKR?? Me too! Can you believe I’m just now catching up on the premiere photos from London, Barcelona and Berlin I missed during my Thanksgiving vacation?
      GAH! Goatee Rob FTMFW!! All the different expressions… suits… lighting. There’s something different in each one and I am overwhelmed! But in a good way, of course!

  6. jolori54

    can’t believe I missed RomeRob 2 ahh well better late than never! And I just LOVE those black sweaters, so glad he decided to wear one again he is delish!!!!! yep yep love his teeth I stare at them quite often people might think me crazy for it! *giggles* I read that “Ready for the money shot??” as randy for the money shot *shakes head* and I gotta tell ya that pic in poster size is just GAH!!!!!! thanks again for a lovely post love me some RomeRob!!!!

    • rita01tx

      Heh heh heh…double clicked it, did ya, Jolori darlin’? Me too! How could I resist? It made me “randy” as hell LMAO!!
      {Hilarious Freudian slip, BB!!}

      • jolori54

        no that’s what’s so bad I hadn’t even clicked on it yet and I read that!!! I did look up at my poster and just ogled for a while, although the one on the computer you could see more *ahem* details as it’s lighter!

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