Sensual Sunday ~ Rob, Your Sex is on Fire!!


Now I know where Rob practiced and perfected all those sizzling, panty-melting, f*ckHAWT, smoldering, hOOr-killin’ stares he unleased on us in Rome!!

Yeah…like he really needs to practice what just comes naturally!!!

Star date: October 15, 2008

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Event: Premiere of Sex Drive

Created by dear Ubervamp, may she Rest in Peace…your Friends Miss You, Darlin’!

Rob might not have been prancin’, dancin’, struttin’ and glowin’ with his cocky “just-got-lucky” glow like he would be in Rome, but DAYUM…our boy’s SEX WAS ON FIRE at the premiere of Sex Drive!!!

Take a deep breath, Angelz! You're in for a rough ride tonight!!

Can’t…breathe!  Chest hair done got me *gasp*!!!

Hell, baby! I thought you were tougher than that!

I’m okay, darlin’!  You just caught me by surprise is all…*umpf..those eyes!*

Well, if you're sure...

Uh huh! *whimper*

Let's kick it up a notch, then...shall we?

Holy Mother of Pearl!  Those LIPS…the SEX HAIR…GAH!!

Oh, but I'm just getting warmed better hold on to your knickers!

What damn knickers?  Mine just disintegrated! Just you wait right there…don’t move…I’ll be right back! {grumbles while runnin’ off to *ahem* freshen up}

Don't make me wait too long, now...I might have to punish you!

{Rita freezes mid-stride as visions of Fifty’s Red Room of Pain flash before her eyes!}

Rita? Rita? Has anyone seen Rita? She should have been back by now!

I’m here!  I’m here! Oh, crap…you moved!  Do I get punished now?  Please? *trembles in anticipation*

Oh, what I'd love do to to that smart mouth of yours, baby...but, not yet...maybe later?

Oh My Rob!  I’d be happy to join you in your penthouse suite at RA Mansion when this is over…it’s my birthday, after all!  And I know what I’d like to have…YOU!

Well, then...laters, baby...and you WILL be waiting in the correct position when I get there!

Creation by Jules

Yes, Mast…uh, Rob! *moaning like a hOOr in heat!*

Dammit, Rita! Stop distracting me...I have a few more hOOrs to dazzle!

Rob, darlin’!  I don’t hear nothin’ but crickets chirpin’!  I think you killed ’em DED with the JawPorn!!

So, if we're done here, baby, I believe you and I have things!?

Squeeeeeee!  Don’t wait up for me, ladies! {and don’t come a knockin’!}

I came...I saw...I conquered!

Uh uh, baby!  You still got a LOT of coming to do tonight *snickers!*

Here's hoping all my precious Angelz and HOOrs stay with me in 2012!

To the moon and beyond, Rob darlin’!  Bel Ami? YES!  Cosmopolis? YES!  Breaking Dawn, Part 2? YES! YES YES!!!

Happy New Year, ya’ll!!!




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31 responses to “Sensual Sunday ~ Rob, Your Sex is on Fire!!

  1. Happy New Year, ladies :)! God, Rita, those pics were, ahem, inspiring…

  2. Damn GURL! I Wanna live in your fantasy world!! LOL

    FANTASTIC POST BB!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY and uh…thanks fr giving us this present!!! LOL

  3. edwardsvamptramp69

    Holy Sh*t, Woman!! WTF?????????????????? Are you TRYING to kill us before the New Year has even really gotten started? ??? I don’t think my heart or my lady bits can handle all the f*ck hotness at one time! I’m dehydrating in my seat from loss of bodily fluids………………….for realz!

    Thank you for starting off 2012 with a BANG (which is hopefully what you got for your celebration:)!

    Happy New Year!

    • rita01tx

      Shhhh! Don’t wake poor Rob! I left him upstairs in the Penthouse Suite completely wrecked after my birthday night with him *snickers!*

  4. suzannahg

    Thank you for the fantastic, beautiful, intoxicating, breathtaking (need I go on) kick-start to the New Year. Cannot, repeat cannot wait to see what Rob has in store for us this year. lovve to you all..

    • rita01tx

      To say it was my pleasure, is an understatement, Suz!
      That man dazzles me in every variation and permutation…from his young years to now and beyond.
      Happy New Year!

  5. Really delusional…err I mean funny post Rita. Thanks for sharing your birthday present with us. Glad it was good for you LOL.

    • rita01tx

      Woulda been great if it had been for real, but a good fantasy is a joy forever! Hell’n that’s why we read and write fan fiction LOL!!

  6. jolori54

    *drools and moans all the way through this post* ohmydayum he is just unbelievably gorgeous and sexy beyond words! Gawd I can’t wait til Bel Ami and Cosmopolis get there Ima die DED each time I see them!!
    I think this old creation is mighty appropriate for this post

    and just cause you know I love me some full body shots

    and Happy Birthday darlin! and I wish you all a happy new year after all it is the year of RatedRRob(RRR) 🙂

    • rita01tx

      His sex hair was at its zenith at SexDrive, wasn’t it? GAWD it screams for our fingers to tug on it…real hard…during, well uh! Hey, I can dream, can’t I?
      Your SD collage is most appropriate…that middle photo makes my spine tingle! And thanks for the body shot. Can’t get enough of those, either!!
      Happy New Year, Jolori darlin’!

    • Sus

      Thanks, hon…..all this in one place! Woot!

    • OH God love those Jolori! God I loved his Sex Hair here and agree with you Rita… his hair screams to have our fingers IN it… THUD!

  7. Fantastic post Rita!!! Love all your captions, esp. “Don’t make me wait too long, now…I might have to punish you!” #50.FTMFW

    After watching Twilight and the short CC08 footage, SexDriveRob was the first pic. I found on the net. I thought “Good lord! He’s so f*ck hawt!!! Eyes, hair, lips, neck, chest … *THUD* How old is he??” SexDriveRob def. grabbed my attention … not sure if that was a good thing or a bad thing. LOL 🙂

    • rita01tx

      RCC! {HUGS} Happy New Year darlin’!!!
      When it comes to Rob, it’s not a good thing or a bad thing…it’s an INEVITABLE thing!
      *doi-oi-oing* you just inspired my next post BB!
      Nu uh, ain’t tellin’…you’ll see next Sunday!

  8. Sus


    I’m trying to get up the energy and do something today, and you post this? OMG…..spank-bank material, for sure!

    Happy New Year’s Day, Ladies! And here’s to a 2012 filled with lots of Rob fantasies! What a year we have to look forward to! Bel Ami, Cosmopolis, BD2….shizz! *D*E*D*!


  9. dazzledbyrp

    Uh…Rita!!! UNF……….THUD. This post turned me into a blithering idiot, or I’d have something more intelligent to say. It was all kinds of win. And very (ahem) “Inspiring” – especially with the hints of 50 thrown in (sigh). After RomeRob, SexDriveRob is the ultimate example of Rob’s raw, animal, sex appeal in my book. The hair, the stares, the mouth, the chest………wait….., where am I? What a glorious way to kick off the New Year.

    Happy New Year, everyone!

    • rita01tx

      I agreee with you 100%, Maggie darlin’! That unbuttoned shirt…you KNOW he did that on purpose just to kill us DED!!!
      Happy New Year to you, too!!!

  10. Oh Holy Jesus on a Surfboard, you really got me goin’ Rita with this post… Sex Drive Rob is so sizzling HOT and you are right to start this series off with dear Ubervamp’s flaming frame for Mr. Sex on Legs… oh she would have loved this!! I don’t know what Rob was trying to do at this event (KILL US?)… he was shooting us such flaming hot sex stares (fuck me stares) right and left and when he wasn’t doing that he was giving us such pantie melting smiles…. GAH!!! Thank you so much! Happy New Year!!!

    • rita01tx

      Any doubters of his UberHAWTness fell by the wayside that day, Melbie darlin’! Now you see why I wanted your permission to use Ubervamp’s awesome flame edit of The Pretty for this post! Thank YOU and Happy New Year!!!

  11. neneluvsrob4ever

    He is the most beautiful man I’ve ever seen! I literally feel light headed after looking at these pics – his stare is hypnotic! Thank you very much for posting these. This is a great way to start the New Year!

    • Thanks for Commenting nene. Welcome to the RA Mansion! He is verra beautiful for sure! AITA on the light headed feeling when you look at him.

    • rita01tx

      Welcome to RA, nene darlin’! Rob literally takes my breath away in these photos, he’s so gorgeous! But, you know, his f*ckHAWTness isn’t everything, although it’s partly what lures us in to begin with. Mostly, we love him for the wonderful man he is, right ladies?

  12. ilovealion

    Yes, yes, and yes.

    May 2012 be filled with more Rome-esque moments.

    Thanks for the gorgeous pics, sweets.

    See ya’ll in a week. The Mouse is expecting us tomorrow 😉

    • rita01tx

      Well now, your wish is our command here at RA, darlin’! We WILL be posting the best of The Pretty in 2012!
      Have a great time in Orlando…it’s pretty awesome!

  13. smittenkitten

    F*CK ME! Wow bb, what a way to start off the new year!
    *Happy Birthday, Rita*

    • rita01tx

      Thanks, Smitten darlin’! I’m glad everyone enjoyed my first post of 2012! I’ll do my best to make the rest just as droolworthy!

  14. Sorry I’m a little late in commenting but epic post and the perfect start to the year of R rated Rob #fuckyeah

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