Tonguing it Tuesday Robporn: Bel Ami Edition

Yes, it’s Tuesday again! And somewhere in the world (Belgium, to be exact) lucky h00rs are having multiple panty poofing moments watching Bel Ami on the big screen. If only we all lived in Belgium or could get there easily. Most of us unfortunately have to wait til March, or later. So let’s brighten up the day with our own little DuRob fest! (all quotes from the novel)

“And there’s no mistake. He’s Georges Duroy. I’m still covered in bruises from the awful old bed of his”

Not that any of us mind being bruised by him or his bed

“And what do you enjoy?”

gulp...You, we enjoy you

“I wanted you so much.”

Really? We have been waiting for you to say that.

”Oh my darling Bel-Ami, I love you more and more every day.” ‘Their cab was rocking like a ship at sea. His mind was on Madame Walter’

You can call us Madame Anything with a stance like that

  ”Why not?  It’s fools and innocents who are always being taken in”

So you're game? There's a whole mansion of h00rs here ready to be your Madames.

“Yes you’re right.  I am a fool – no, an idiot.  Isn’t that what you said?  Love makes idiots of us all”

Well, if you're going to be upset take it out in the RRoP.

 ”When can I see you on your own so that I can tell you how much I love you”

shhh! Don't tell the others but I'll meet you in the penthouse.

“I will never be your mistress.  Do you understand?”

Well, maybe you can persuade me.

So while I spend some time in this little ole fantasy world, why don’t you ladies enjoy this wonderful video someone posted on facebook.

Robs Fan~tasy

So who’s lucky enough to live in Belgium? Give us your Bel Ami review in the comments! If not, what are looking forward to seeing? And show us YOUR favorite BA moments so far!

All gifs from Robert Pattinson Life



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51 responses to “Tonguing it Tuesday Robporn: Bel Ami Edition

  1. Sus

    I can’t imagine sitting and watching this movie, and not totally losing it! So far, I like Chlotilde (sp?). She seems to be the most passionate, and the one who really loves DuRob….

    Won’t it be fun when BA comes out on DVD? Won’t we hOOrs have a great time with that?

    Love the post….love the gifs!


  2. @Sus, it’s spelled Clotilde :). I agree, Bel Ami will be the death of us! Thanks for a great post RFM.

  3. dazzledbyrp

    Yummy post, RFM. I think we all know that he will finally kill all of us with the movie. I agree with Sus: If I survive the 20 times I plan to see it on the big screen (if it ever gets there in the US, that is), I can’t wait to get it on DVD so I’ll have it at home to watch every night for the rest of my life.

    Aside from the obvious (naked Rob, Rob having sex, Rob thrusting, Rob stripping, Rob seducing, angry Rob, and did I mention Rob?), I’m looking forward to the desperation of Madeleine and Virginie as Rob seduces them and then leaves them. Both actresses are great and it should be fun to watch.

    I can’t wait: I can’t decide if:

    or if:

    I knda think it’s the latter. In any event, I think we can all expect this:

  4. Oh Hell….this film is going to kill me for sure…. OMG the 4th gif…where Rob / Georges is pressing his knee onto the bed…getting ready to ravish Uma… it KILLS ME!!! Holy Crap!!! So damn sexy hot!!! Of course the “thrusting” gif is a killer too… Oh f*ck, the whole film is lethal!!! I will not survive…. Thank you dear for your great post and I LOVE your captions!!!! “There’s a whole mansion of h00rs here ready to be your Madames.” LMAO! Ain’t that the TRUTH!!! xoxo

  5. I love the way your mind works Robsfuturemate. People were dancing in the aisles for Rock Around The Clock – for Bel Ami I don’t want to imagine LOL.

  6. Honestly all I care about is hearing a firm date for a U.S. release. I’ve heard it’s March 2nd. Does anyone know if that’s been carved in stone?
    Seeing this finally in the theaters will be like a dream come true. I plan to take opening day off and planting my butt in a theater for repeated viewings. When I walk (if I can still walk) out of that dark theater, I’ll be able to recite every line and relive every glorious on screen moment of seductive Rob. We need DuRob!!!!!

  7. *runs to the RRoP and waits for angry DuRob*

  8. miniaturemom12

    I am not going to survive this movie in the theater. There’s no ‘holding it together’, I will absolutely forget I’m in public and need to be escorted ( and probably banned) from the premises. I’ll have to wait for the DVD.

  9. I think that I’d totally combust in the theater since my panties and girly bits would be on fire!! Do they know what they are doing to all of us? It’s torture to not know when it’ll be and torture to see it as well. The DVD’s will be the source of more obsessions than we already have.

    • Thanks MDOS!! I’m not reading them all just to keep some suspense for myself. But what I did read was this:

      RP’s best performance ever (not from Rob fans)
      and…saw Rob’s naked ass!!!

      Srsly?! This movie can NOT get here fast enough!!!!

  10. dazzledbyrp

    OMG! Thanks for sharing the link to the reviews on robsessed, mydenofsin. I always knew this was gonna me unbelievably terrific. I don’t know what got higher praise from the lucky women who saw Bel Ami today – Rob’s acting or his ass. Either way, I can hardly contain myself waiting to experience this movie!!!

  11. Great post RFM as always! *fist bump* Thanks!

    Thanks to all the new ladies for your comments and imput! Don’t be starangers now! *Wink*

  12. OK, why didn’t I know that you had a blog, missy???? this is great! I hope that we all get to go see this movie together! then we can hold on to each other and the old men and women in the theater who think this is a nice foreign film to see on a weekend won’t be scared of us!!!! LOL!

  13. smittenkitten

    This movie is going to kill hOOrs worldwide…we’re gonna be dropping dead faster than DuRob can thrust!!! 😉

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