Thrill Me Thursday…Welcome Home!!!

Hello Everybody *waves*


Good Morning Ladies,
With the New Year here I thought I’d throw us all a little Welcome Home Party and show you all just what the RA Mansion looks like. Everyone can have their own room (post yours in the comments) and there’s lot’s of room for hanging out, partying and well, heh heh whateve…
So Follow me  “Ladies” and I’ll take you on a tour of Our New Home here at the Rob Attack Mansion…

The RA Mansion

  Rob has graciously volunteered to escort each of you to the room of your choice…feel free to show us which room you’d like to have for your very own! And hands off The Pretty..well, unless he makes the first move {snickers}!
(Hey nobody said we couldn’t flirt! LOL)

"Ladies," *nods and grins as he opens the double doors*

 “Come…on in…”

Welcome Home!

I Knows You all like a view from the rear *snickers*

Uh....That's not exactly what I had in mind Rob but heh heh I'm not complaining.

Lovely in the day time, but beautiful at night…

Party Anyone?

We can all catch Rob’s eye as we descend these backstairs stairs…

A Grand Entrance

Anybody up for a dip?

Pool Party With Rob? Hell Yeah!!



I thought you might you might all like to see each of our rooms in the RA Mansion. I’ll start with TheMissMod’s room and a direct quote from her,

“All righty! Here tis, The Mod Suite! I picked this room because it’s the epitome of 60’s cool and I can just see myself grooving to records on the Dansette before settling down in the evening (perhaps waiting for a visit from the House Master) XD All ladies are welcome to share my space and drop by every once in a while, no biggie!


An our Wandering RFM’s Suite, with a direct quote from her, 
” I love the cozy but chic bedroom and I’m all ready to curl up with a book by the window. The only thing that’s missing is this inspirational saying on the walls. Keep Thrusting and Carry On. The sitting room is also a fab place to entertain guests! I can see a night of video game annihilation going on in there, hehe. And if we get a little hungry after all those shenanigans, the kitchen will be fully stocked with hot pockets, Heinekens, cereal of your choosing and and anything else that I don’t have to cook! So whether your into book clubs or slayer games, come hang out with robsfuturemate!  I love the cozy but chic bedroom and I’m all ready to… Keep Thrusting and Carry On hehe… come hang out with robsfuturemate!

Passionate purple

And or very pervy and lovable Rita01tx’s room,
You know, I’m a country girl at heart and my ideal bedroom would have…”
Grandma’s Feather Bed ~ John Denver
“It was nine feet high and six feet wide
Soft as a downy chick
It was made from the feathers of forty-leven geese
Took a whole bolt of cloth for the tick
Itd hold eight kids n four hound dogs
And a piggy we stole from the shed
We didnt get much sleep but we had a lot of fun
On Grandmas feather bed”
To my mind, there’s just nuthin’ better than sinkin’ down into a big ol’ brass bed made up with a soft, thick mattress covered by bout a hundred quilts and lots of downy pillows.
“I can just imagine burrowing under the covers to *ahem* cuddle up to a warm Rob on a real cold Texas night!!”

"We wouldn't get much sleep but we'd have a lot of fun" ~ Rita

 You know what they say Rita, “Save a horse…” heh heh heh. This pic reminds me of a certain FF called “Another Fine Mess!”

 And Of course, Rob has a Penthouse Suite all his own, With a bedroom and a room to relax in.

Had to give Rob a head board he couldn't break *snickers* Unless...


Lastly we have My room.


And Just in case you ever hear this from Rob,…

Wheeee… errr um I mean, We have a room for that here at The RA Mansion too

RROP for Bad girls!

And I know just what your reaction will be to this too…

"Yee Haw!!!"

We have full accomodations here at RA, Music room, game room, kitchens, on suite baths, wine cellar, ballroom and more so you can imagine I had to draw the line some where. I am going to make this a page at the top with all the other rooms I mentioned showing a slideshow so show us how you have chosen to decorate your RA bedroom and stake your RA Mansion claim!!
Much Love to you all,


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50 responses to “Thrill Me Thursday…Welcome Home!!!

  1. Here is my perfect bedroom, I can see myself rolling around with Rob on the blue rug he he…;)!

    Thanks for an excellent post, RF, great idea!

    • MDOS, Boy you like it “rough” don’t ya girl LMAO!!! Hehe heheh that’s ok Darlin. I’ve spent months on this post trying to find just the right pics and i had a total of 9 different “perfect” rooms for all my different moods but had to settle on just one *sigh* Why I even considered this one for awhile…

  2. dazzledbyrp

    I’ll make this my room for now. I’ll be needing to add some more decor like a comfy sofa for readiing when I’m alone and for cuddling when Rob comes a calling. Also I’ll be needing a fireplace and a footed bathtub and some mood lighting. (Where did you put that contractor’s phone number, Madame RF?) For now tho, all I want is Rob in this big white bed-of-my-fantasies and I’m one happy resident of RA Manor.

    Love this post. Brilliant! And the mansion is to die for!

    • Nothing more romantic and sexy than a canpopy with a sheer curtain BB! Tried to find one of those as well! Post those other Pics Darlin! I’ll add them to our “Family Album”!
      as for the number for the contractor well uh that would be in the RROP BB! We uh had to do some repa…er Modifications yeah that’s it Modifications after Robs Last visit.
      “Madame RF” LMAO! finally somebody picked up on that LOL

      Thanks for liking the post, we all put alot of work into it including Cared and I couldn’t have done it without the RA Staff’s Help. I’ve been thinking about doing this since everyone started coming here. I think it was TMM who gave me the idea in the first place with a comment she made shortly after we opened our doors. I’ve been plotting this one ever since.

      • dazzledbyrp

        Okay. Here’s my bathroom – minus the book, of course when Rob is visiting!

        • Nah Leave the book BB. Having Rob read some thing sexy and poetic “OUT LOUD” in his sultry voice while wrapped in his arms in the bath tub could be quite sexy indeed. *thinking of him quoting Romeo and Juliet*

          besides you could always drop the soap LOL

      • I love the white house RobsFan-tasy, very suitable for all the Angelz (not so much for the others) who live here LOL.

        You know the kind of bedroom I’d like and I’ll find a picture of it for you but in the meantime here is my RPR. What’s a RPR? It’s my Role Play Room par excellence – we are currently having a little bit of fun with 19th century Paris. The monsieur in this scenario has a certain je ne sais quoi, n’est-ce pas? Il est le crème de la crème, his kissing skills are his pièce de résistance. Oooh La La!

        • Hi BB! Now that you’ve tortured me with Bel Ami, I’m looking forward to seeing your pic. And yes indeed our Man do have that certain something that just mesmerizes us all. I’ll be glad when this weekend is over and I can get back to my normal life. I miss chatting with you about well, everything! LOL

        • WHUT? Cared you think my RA mansion is too “Angelic” for you? hahahaha That’s ok but mebe you should take a closer look at a few of the pictures…like my foot board *snickers* Cannot BELIEVE you pervy girls did not catch that one!!!

    • RE: Madame RF? Can I put that onmy resume’ ??? LOL

      • dazzledbyrp

        LOL, Madame RF! I’ve always known that the RA Mansion is a big, happy HoorHouse that caters to just one special client.

        • Indeed it is Darling, Indeed it is! Only One is fact. The Rooster for this Hen house LMAO!!

          (Why do I get flash backs of Dolly Parton singing hard candy Christmas? *giggle*)

  3. *Dribbles yogurt down chin from laughter* Aha! You ladies crack me up, which is why I love workin’ with ya! It’s a great house, innit? My first thought was that it would be kind of like the house in ‘Help”!’ where it looks like four separate doors/houses but they all connect to one big living space!THAT’S TMM’s RA Holiday Home! XD

    • I think so. 🙂 You should see som of the rooms I had to omit due to space on this page so I didn’t run on forever! But I will include them in the page! That was exactly what I had in mind. A uniform building on the out side, elegant and refined for all in the “common” rooms such as the pool room and main living quarters ie: house hold kitchen, living room, but behind each persons private room doors was the room of your dreams…

  4. edwardsvamptramp69

    Beautiful mansion for all of us h00rs and PattinAngelz…………….something for everyone to hang out in while perving and dipping into our Spank Banks when the Pretty is otherwise *coughs* occupied.

    But I got tell you, Ladies,……………….I plan on being a VERY, VERY BBBAAAADDDD GIRL. The RROP will be where I plan on spending most of my time and Rob can play the role of Fifty. *licks lips*

    Thanks for the pics of our new pad, BB’s! I’m super psyched!!!!!!

    • You’re welcome Darlin! Badd girls (and their toys) welcome too!!! LOL You may have to wait in line for that RROP hehe hehe either that or do something really bad to gt moved to the head of the line LOL

  5. can’t wait to inhabit the RA mansion and I’m never leaving!

  6. newyorkkisses

    Love this post sooo much, RF! What a beautiful mansion we have. And having Rob as a tour guide?! *drooling, ded h00r*

    I’ve already settled into my comfy, yet elegant bedroom. The muted lighting sets the right mood 😉 and I love the open fire in the bathroom.×300.jpg
    I don’t have a kitchen, because I’m planning on not having time for those things, more important things (Rob) to attend to, lol. 😉
    *raises glass of champagne* To fun times ahead, ladies!

  7. miniaturemom12

    Ok! Helllloooo! I’m waiting at the airport for a h00r/angel to come pick me up!! I have my trunk and my kindle so I’m all set. I’ll pick my room when I get there.
    I love these pictures, such lovely bedrooms and kitchens.

  8. Can I just say that I really FLOVED picking out my room!! And all of your rooms are to die for. I want to stay at theMansion and never leave!!!

    Love the swimming Rob manip! Pure awesomeness!!

    And do you know how well RF knows and loves me? She added a NAKED Rob with a guitar to my room!!!! Now, that’s a true friend! Thanks, boss ❤

  9. smittenkitten

    I love this post, how fun & great rooms RA gang!
    RRoP FTW! *wicked grin*

  10. Hey has anybody seen Jolori lately? Is she ok?

  11. Yes, I’ve “seen” her on Facebook last night, she seemed alright :).

    • annettepattinson71

      How do I post the photos here?

      • If you are getting a photo from a website click the picture IF it opens up on a new page of JUST The picture then copy the address (http://) at the top of the page and then post That in the comment box. If the picture does not open up then save it to your computer and up load it on tumbler or photo bucket and then paste the address for that photo in the comment box. Happy posting!!!

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  13. http//,

  14. http//

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