FanFiction Fridays – Recs for Jan 6/12

Happy New Year RA ladies, here we are in the year 2012 *WOW* and I am so ready to get into another fantastic year of FanFiction! I actually haven’t been reading as much lately because I have spent most of my free time catching up on Beta duties that had piled up from my absence – my “Updates TBR” Folder is overflowing too!! *tsk tsk* on me. 😉

I know I have said this before, but I would like to take another moment to THANK everyone for all their love, well wishes and support during my absence.   I am recovering well and very humbled by the response from so many RA friends to write Guest Review Recs. Everyone was so generous that I have some more in queue and plan to thrill you with those in the near future.

As for this week I am going to ease back into posting with two recs, a new WIP and a One Shot from myself and a Guest Review Rec from  the lovely FanFiction author Perry Maxwell.

One of my favourite authors, FictionFreak95 (a.k.a. Jo FicFreak) – you may recognize her name for her legendary fics  Edward Cullen Dick for Hire or Vines, to name a few – has started a brand new WIP this week entitled Blind Spot.

Blind Spot just began posting January 3rd, 2012, so far giving us a captivating Prologue in BPOV and an intense first chapter in EPOV. Jo explains, “There’s gonna be two POVs to this fic. Because there’s two stories to tell… at least.” Personally, I enjoy a story with multiple POV when they are telling two different storylines because I find it really adds dimension and depth to the overall development of the plot and subsequent meshing of storylines.

After reading the Prologue you might get the first impression, as I did, that this is not an AH (All Human) fic, but in an A/N Jo states, “It’s definitely all human, with just a sprinkling of a slightly gifted Bella on top. And maybe a few other “things” here and there.”

Knowing how wonderful an author Jo is, I’m certain we’re in for an excellent ride with this Romance/Drama story, including  some steamy dreamy lovin’ with a twist…In the Prologue, we find Bella at her Grandmother’s house, trying to analyse what the hell is going on as she wakes up from “…a re-occurring sex dream…”

Excerpt from Prologue:

His fingers did things I’d never known fingers could do before and when he entered me, I gasped from the overwhelming bliss of it all.

“So good,” at my ear, as the stubble from his beard scratched lightly against my cheek.

I agree. So good.

Soft, desperate whispers raised goose flesh along my shoulders, traveling quickly down my back and experienced hands guided my body, leaving me completely breathless underneath him.

“I will always love you.”

I’ll hold you to that.

He pushed into me deep and I met him, hungry for more of him.

My orgasm began and I begged him to stay this time as the moments escaped us.

“I can’t.”

Not again.

Tears pricked at the corners of my eyes as I came. I couldn’t even begin to stifle the sounds I let out as his strong arms surrounded me, making promises I knew better than to hold true.

Colors faded.

Soft touches receded.

The scents abandoned me.

And then he was gone.

My eyes were damp when I awoke, my hand grasping at the hot spot between my legs where I’d just cum harder for an imaginary man than for any real live person I’d ever afforded the opportunity and as consciousness crept back, I reminded myself that it was just a dream.

I breathed in and out. Or tried to, at least, as I rolled over, peering out of my bedroom window at the morning as it peeked through the trees. Just like every other time I’d had the dream, I attempted to recollect the details, but it was useless.

I’d been having the damned thing off and on for weeks. Every time he’d haunt me, I’d wake up with my fingers completing the actions he committed inside my mind and every morning I tried to envision him, to remember him. Anything about him.__________

On Jo FicFreak’s Blog she has given us a bit of a back-story into her inspiration for Blind Spot. Quoted from the Blog:

Bella's Gran's house

“Once upon a time…

Or rather, 4 months or so ago, I *mentioned* to mama that I’d just caught this preview on TV for this show I have grown to… “dislike” because of the leading actress and how it made me start thinking about a psychic Bella and oh man how cool could that idea be?

Since then, she has never let me forget it.

Bless that woman for her pic teases and random ideas for moments throughout this story.

I think the plot changed slightly (and not so slightly) round about 10 times and I might have wanted to bag it, then adopt it, then bag it, then love it, then bag it, then ADORE it about another 20.

Now I’m so far into it there’s just no turning back.  I simply HAVE to see how it all pans out for our girl (and guy).   It’s outlined (roughly), a lot of it’s written (roughly) and it’s completely under my skin….

And so, without further babbling, I’ve posted the prologue (finally), will most likely post the first chapter this week, and then my *plan* is to post this fuckery on Wednesdays.  A little something for me to get through the hump days with, I suppose.

Anyway, I can’t say it’s going to be the most epic love story of all time, but it is a story about love.  Different types of love.  And how those loves can affect our lives in the most unexpected ways.   To quote my boy, Ewan, who quoted the Beatles in one of my all time favorite movies ever… Moulin Rouge, “Love is a many… splendored things…love… lifts us up where we belong, all you need is love.” *sigh*”

I really hope you enjoy it.   And I hope to see you ’round the water cooler for some gabbing.”________

In chapter 1, which posted yesterday, we were introduced to a lost and tortured Edward, along with some of the drama in his life, his vintage car and his brother Garrett. For pictures and more story introduction related to chapter 1 and a recap of what we know thus far regarding Edward, click here —-> Jo FicFreak’s Blog.

I think it’s lovely to know the method to  FictionFreak95 brilliant madness! This is a very unique storyline for Bella and I know we will not be disappointed. ♥ We have an update schedule of each Wednesday after yesterday’s chapter 1 posting and here is a Teaser for Chapter 2, which will post on Wednesday January 11/12:

Chapter 2 (BPOV)

“Can I do you?” Oh my god. Can you say someone is desperate for sex? “I mean,” I was flustered all of a sudden, “Can I help you… with something?” I finally asked, kicking myself for being such a bumbling idiot, but he just laughed it off.

“Actually I…” he said, looking up at the building I’d just left, “Kind of thought this was maybe some sort of an information center? I was hoping to find a place to stay for a few nights, and…”

This place? Madisonville? With an information building? HA! “No, this is just… well, I mean, I could probably help you with your problem. I know a guy…I mean, he’s my friend. Emmett McCarty, that is, I’ve known him forever and he married a girl who I’ve also been friends with forever. Fortunately, they had moved out of Emmett’s old boat house and into Rose’s much nicer estate.” I said that last part with air quotes and noted how tightly his brow knit together when I did it. “Anyway, Emmett hasn’t ever really been willing to let go of his old place so they rent it out from time to time and if you’d like to stay a few nights, I’m sure he wouldn’t mind at all.”

Emmett and I had met in Kindergarten. He was three times the size of anyone in our class and certainly at least four times my size, but we were fast friends after I’d stomped on Michael Newton’s foot for calling him Gigantor in front of everyone on the first day of school. The rest is history.

Our visitor’s perfect eyebrow rose at the end of my rant and I realized how much of a babble fest I’d just forced him to endure.

Nervous tick.

Then I pulled my key ring out and held it up to prove to him somehow that I wasn’t crazy.

“I have the key, I could show you right now if you want.”

Summary for Blind Spot: “All her life, Bella Swan saw things before they happened, until him. He was her blind spot. How do you stay out of someone’s life when you see it flashing before your eyes on a daily basis? AH,BxE

Twilight – Rated: M – English – Romance/Drama – Chapters: 2 – Words: 4,805 – Reviews: 158 – Updated: 1-5-12 – Published: 1-3-12 – Bella & Edward”  


I (MC) decided to add this because I literally lmfao when I read it! And so keeping with FictionFreak95‘s creativity in writing, I am also going to recommend her hilarious O/S she wrote with the talented BellaFlan.

TITLE: “Penal Code

Submitted to the Fandom for Texas Wildfire Relief

By: FictionFreak95 and BellaFlan

Additional Notes: Please note the word “come” also appears as “cum” depending on the POV. 😉

I can guarantee that after you read this amusing gem you will never look at a Pudding Cup the same way again. *giggles* So, if you want a short read that will make you literally laugh out loud than you will enjoy every word of this tale of Undercover Copward’s night of  adventure as a “John”!

Summary for Penal Code: “Undercover Cop Edward Cullen wants some excitement on his beat. Bella, whom he mistakenly thinks is a hooker, desperately needs to snap out of her funk. How deep is Edward willing to go undercover to get the girl? COLLAB with BELLAFLAN! AH/Comedy

Twilight – Rated: M – English – Humor/Romance – Chapters: 1 – Words: 4,606 – Reviews: 76 – Published: 1-3-12 – Bella & Edward – Complete” 


Now, for our Guest Review Rec on Expectations and Other Moving Pieces by chrometurtlegenerously written for today’s post by the lovely Perry Maxwell:

The beauty of chrometurtle’s Expectations and Other Moving Pieces begins with its title; in that, despite its namesake, it provides no insight into the story about to unfold.  Instead, the reader is thrust into the world of two seemingly mismatched lovers, seen through the eyes of the wife within this couple, Bella Cullen.

Right away, the tone is set as one of resentment, loathing, and maybe even shared hatred between our beloved Edward and Bella, and the reader is left wondering…why?  What the hell happened?  What could make Edward tell Bella, “I won’t forgive you.”?

Then through a mixture of current events interspersed with Bella’s memories, our questions are slowly answered.  These glimpses into the past help us understand and possibly sympathize with Edward, even though his vitriolic attitude toward his wife is often cringe-worthy.

Yet, we’re shown hints of an underlining devotion amidst the indifference and annoyance they harbor against one another.  It’s in the way Bella defends the ostensibly abhorrent actions of her husband to everyone that surrounds him, and the way Edward can’t seem to let Bella go.

Some have speculated that this story mirrors the tone and temperament of The Painted Veil’s Walter and Kitty.  Though Bella’s reasons differ from those of Kitty’s, they both marry men whom they don’t love to escape certain aspects of their lives.  And like Walter, Edward starts out unconditionally in love with Bella.  This love, eventually, turns into a contemptuous anger.

Much like The Painted Veil, Edward and Bella are torn from their everyday lives and forced to deal with thoughts and emotions they have so readily ignored and kept buried.  Will Edward learn to love Bella again?  Will Bella finally unreservedly surrender her heart to Edward?  Or will they just learn to peacefully coexist?

What I love about this story is the pacing.  Chrometurtle gradually details the past and present lives of our somewhat loveable duo without offering any allusions to their future.  For the first time in a long time, I honestly can’t predict, with any sort of confidence, the fate of these two.

I’m sure I’m speaking for the masses when I say; let’s hope Expectations and Other Moving Pieces’ ending differs from that of The Painted Veil.  It’d be nothing less than tragic if Edward and Bella finally figure it out only to lose it soon thereafter.

What I do know is; I trust the author.  She consistently provides thought-provoking and emotive chapters, often leaving me in tears.  Or I’m left considering the providences of the two main characters for days.

I know it will all be worth it in the end, whatever that might be.

This is a WIP, but at the current 40 chapters posted, you have lots of excellent reading to do before catching up!

Summary for Expectations and Other Moving Pieces “Everything I had done in my life seemed to lead up to this moment. The moment when I found myself bound inextricably to a man I didn’t love, trapped in a life I didn’t want. And if I left him, I would be entirely alone.

Twilight – Rated: M – English – Angst/Romance – Chapters: 40 – Words: 198,757 – Reviews: 12407 – Updated: 1-3-12 – Published: 10-13-09 – Bella & Edward”


Well, there you have it for this week, some intriguing fics to get you started on your FanFiction reading for this new year. I would like to say a huge THANK YOU to Perry Maxwell for offering write such an excellent Guest Review for our reading pleasure!

Next week we will have an indepth Guest Review Post on the topic of the “180 Degrees of Edward” by ilovealion. 😀

I hope you all had a wonderful Holiday and please let me know what’s been owning you in the FanFiction world this week!




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25 responses to “FanFiction Fridays – Recs for Jan 6/12

  1. Ironically what’s been owning me this week was ALSO written by Jo!!! And since I have been loving Meet the Masens, I can’t wait to see what she has in store for us with her other stories mentioned today.

    Meet the Masens reminds me of a Mr. and Mrs. Smith type scenario. It is LOL funny and has some lemony goodness as well. Even if some it is only in Edward’s imagination!!

    • Sus

      I loved “Meet the Masens!” And if you haven’t read Jo’s “Dick for Hire,” and the sequel, “The Dick in Me” you must!!! It is a swearing, funny Edward who meets his match in a very sexy, funny Bella. They solve cases together and fall in love. Great reading!


  2. Great recs, MC thank you :)! I’ve just started a great drabble (well, kind of) fic called “the whole package”. It’s a relay fic and so far, I love it.

  3. Hello my lovelies

    First of all, MC, so glad to hear you are recovering well, I have been thinking of you!

    Fabulous recs this week ladies! I can’t say how long I have had E&OMP on my TBR list (a damn long time though) – I have been waiting for it to complete, as I know it updates less frequently than most, but I can’t wait to read it, as I have heard nothing but praise for it.

    I also look forward to reading FictionFreak95’s new story, I have loved her other stuff.

    What owned me this week was Through the Flames by sparklingtwilight *complete* Summary: One fateful night, 29y/o Edward must make the decision that haunts every firefighter’s worst nightmares. In choosing between his life and that of another, life altering repercussions arise. Rated M.

    What I loved about this story is the reality of it – in a way it reminds me of Itzmegan’s talent of taking a very “real” Edward and still making him the much loved character we all swoon over.

    I hope everyone is having a great first week of 2012!

    AV oxo

    • Ally, once again we are on the same page. Through the Flames is a very enjoyable read, Edward as a hot firefighter, a good plot, win win.

    • rita01tx

      Ally darlin’! Remember me telling you about “Dirt Roads” by Winehoes when it was a WIP? Well, it now COMPLETE!!!
      Trucker hats, possums, and dirt roads. Shenanigans ensue. Is there really less trouble in the country, or are the kids just better at not getting caught? ExB, AH. Story contains illegal drug use.
      Twilight – Rated: M – English – Humor/Romance – Chapters: 22 – Words: 156,730 – Reviews: 837 – Updated: 1-4-12 – Published: 8-19-11 – Bella & Edward – Complete
      This is, by far, one of the funniest stories I’ve read in a long time. And get me started on the LEMONS!! Woo hoo!!

    • newyorkkisses

      Ooooh, I have this sitting on my Kindle! Must move it up the list. Thanks for the rec, Ally!

  4. Thanks MC and Perry. I love all FictionFreak95 stories especially Cullen, Unscripted. She has a great sense of humour so I was delighted to see the new stories in my inbox this week. You are right about Penal Code, I laughed out load while reading it, the misunderstandings are hilarious. I’d never heard of a Pudding Cup before but I presume it is dessert or maybe cake and not the euphemism that Edward believes it to be. I hope this story will be continued.

    Perry, I have Expectations and Other Moving Pieces on my TBR list for some time now. I occasionally take a peek at an update and you know I’m a bit of a wuss but I will read it once it completes as it sounds so good.

    • Sus

      I feel the same way. I’ve had this on my read list for a long time, but it’s so angsty, that I start it and can’t keep going. Everyone raves about it, and I know one day I’ll be brave and read it! I’m a wuss, too!

  5. What do I even say after beautimous words like that MC? THANK YOU! And Perry wrote such a great review of EaOMP! Lovely!!!!

  6. kalaekalae

    Great recs, thank you MC

  7. Yes, Expectations and other moving pieces is great and I’m very anxious for the next chapter. Thanks Perry :).

  8. I loved Dick for Hire and the sequel, so I am definitely adding her new story to my reading list. 🙂

    Two amazing stories recently completed, that I was reading as WIPs. Can’t say enough about both of them. So well done. I will miss these characters dearly.

    Breaking News by WriteonTime

    On Your World by solostintwilight

    I was hoping that you would a Best of 2011 list, when you got back. I would love to know what would be on your list!!

  9. haystackhair

    Oh, more great recs, thankyou ladies! I have been reading E&OMP and it is soooo freaking good. you start out not sure you like Edward but not sure why he is the way he is, but then the swooning begins as the story unfolds. So beautiful. But I really wish it would update more than it does, it kills me waiting! LOL

  10. newyorkkisses

    Hi ladies!
    Thank you for these recs, MC, Jo and Perry.

    Wow, Blind Spot sounds like one of those fics that will blow your mind with its plot. Can’t wait to get started on it.
    Also love to read a funny O/S any time.
    And, as many others, I have had Expectations and Other Moving Pieces on my TBR-list for a long time, and I loved having an in-depth review for this one as I wasn’t sure what to expect from the summary, which would probably have initially kept me from taking the leap and just starting it once it was finished. After reading the review, I know I’ll be reading it as soon as it’s completed. So thank you, Perry! 🙂

    This week I was still busy reading “Loner” ( ), when abcoolie started reading Unexpected Circumstances and her excitement over it made me drop “Loner” for a while and get started on UC immediately. 😉 I was planning on reading it after I had finished “Loner”, but I just couldn’t wait a second longer, lol. I’m a total Savage-fangirl and love anything she writes, so I was waiting desperately for this to be completed.
    I’m currently 15% into it and my add is so totally pwned by it, I can’t wait to see where this will be going. I can see why it would be labeled “angst”, at the moment I kinda want to strangle Edward. 😉
    Hmm, do I really need to link this? Lol, I’m sure every one of you has already read or bookmarked it, but for those not yet aware of this fic, here goes 😉 :

    And with that, I’m off to read some more UC.

    Have a great weekend, ladies!

    • haystackhair

      ohh nyk! I just re-read Loner myself, and found myself crying and smiling through it again just like the first time I read it. It is outstanding! If you have not read this fic, run, do not walk, to read it!!!

      • haystackhair

        and I guess I should have said I read UC and had to stop until it was complete, it hurt my heart too much! tots worth it tho!!

  11. miniaturemom12

    So many fics, so little time. Thanks for the recs, downloading as usual.
    I also vote YES on the Best of 2011 List!

    Recently finished these (almost finished RedEye):

    The Red Eye » reviews
    It’s important for any private investigator to maintain a good relationship with local law enforcement and it’s representatives. Therefore, I am always cooperative and polite with Chief Swan. Also, I try not to drink his daughter Bella’s blood.
    Twilight – Rated: M – English – Humor – Chapters: 37 – Words: 89,291 – Reviews: 3230 – Updated: 12-23-11 – Published: 11-22-10 – Edward & Bella – Complete

    Night Must Fall » reviews
    COMPLETE. In a world of night, shadows known as the Volturi reign supreme. Their word is law, unquestioned and unchallenged. A doctoral student threatens exposure, and a Volturi Prince has been unleashed to silence her forever.
    Twilight – Rated: M – English – Suspense/Romance – Chapters: 25 – Words: 118,422 – Reviews: 3449 – Updated: 10-22-11 – Published: 5-26-10 – Edward & Bella – Complete

    Sibling Rivalry » reviews
    What if Bella was embraced by the Denali coven before the Cullens? After Bella finds happiness and sisterhood that she never had, how have would her relationship with Edward panned out then?
    Twilight – Rated: M – English – Angst/Romance – Chapters: 36 – Words: 101,077 – Reviews: 383 – Updated: 10-5-10 – Published: 8-31-10 – Bella & Edward – Complete

    All very well written. REd Eye is too funny, very tongue-in-cheek, but still very well written.
    Have a great weekend.

  12. Sus

    I look forward to Fridays for all these wonderful recs! Thanks, ladies….you keep my FF obsession going!

    Happy weekend….you chickies ROCK!


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