Fifty Shades…the Movie?!?!

Yes, you heard that right! There are rumors going around the cyber world that the newly published novel Fifty Shades of Grey is going to be made into a movie. In case you live under a rock, that’s Fan fiction’s Master of the Universe by Snowqueens Icedragon. (click here for the news article) Now, whether this is true or not. Whether you love me or not…wait! What? (Sorry, Rob quotes get jumbled in there now and again.) No really, whether this is true or not, it brings up a lot of questions. Here are some of mine:

How the HALE is this going to be just rated R?!?!!?

Who in the world would they get to play Christian Grey?

Would Rob even consider the role?

Would it even make it in theaters or just go straight to DVD?

Would any of us survive the film even if Rob wasn’t cast?

Let’s look at some great quotes of the story with some wonderful Melbie Toast edits and see if it’s even possible.

See? We’re barely getting started and I KNOW I’m already losing a few of you!!! Hang in there! There is much more to come (twss).

Gulp! Do we need to take an intermission? And we thought seeing Bel Ami in the theaters would be tough!! Rob as Fifty would kill us ded!

Oops! I am so sorry, sir! I didn’t mean any disrespect. It’s just that this is oh so hard! (twss) But you do know we have our own RRoP here at the RA mansion to help with discipline problems, right?

Well, the only question that I CAN answer is this. Yes, we will all surely die a wonderfully slow death if this ever were to make it to film. Rob, or not. Because that’s who will be in our minds the entire time!

And how about a f*ckhawt video also by the uber talented Melbie to finish this off right? (NSFW, it’s Fifty. So you know…)

So what to do you think? Can you handle this as a movie? Who would you want to play Christian/Edward if Rob didn’t do it? Share your opinions in the comments! But please remember that we here at RA don’t mind a difference in opinion but we do ask that you be polite and courteous to all. We all love Icy and the wonderful fic that she has written. So let’s show our love and encouragement to her even if this film is never meant to be! Thank you!




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48 responses to “Fifty Shades…the Movie?!?!

  1. dazzledbyrp

    Uh…..did you say something RFM? Where am I???………. I think I just lost my mind !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ll have to think about who could play 50 other than Rob once I recover from this post!!!!!!!!!!

  2. rita01tx

    HOLY HELL IN A HANDBASKET!!! If not Rob, then who else? NO ONE! Fifty HAS to be ROB! He’s who see in our minds when we read Fifty and he’s who we all want! If he can’t or won’t do it, then what’s the point?
    Since the powers that be will obviously need Icy’s permission to do this film, do you really think she will accept anything (anyone) less?
    And the screenwriter better be someone with more scope than MR cause the Twilight Saga films could have been sooooo much better.
    Who would be able to direct this to our standards and expectations?
    Biel on camera anyone?
    I don’t know BB…I’ll believe it when I see it signed on the dotted line!!!

  3. Oh for all that is Holy…. I would literally DIE and go the Rob HEAVEN if Rob were to someday portray Christian Grey as Fifty Shades…. my very very favorite fanfic of all time and forever!!!!! I have to admit that it would be difficult for me to picture Christian/Fifty Shades as anyone other than Rob… and I can’t imagine another actor in the role…but if it is not Rob, the actor would have to be someone who is very handsome, tall, sexy, and uber talented to capture the many-faceted and deeply troubled personality and character of Fifty Shades… who that could be I haven’t a clue… but he’d have to be a damn good actor!!!! Of course Rob would ROCK the role of Fifty Shades right out of the park and into orbit around the f*cking sun!!! So I’ll keep dreaming that (1) Fifty Shades of Grey is made into a film and (2) that Rob plays the role of Fifty (OMFG YES) and (3) that if Rob is not cast in the role of Fifty Shades, then whoever he is…is one damn fine looking and very very talented actor!!!

    Thanks so much for this post ladies!!!! WOW! You know I have over 200 Fifty Shades quote/edits in my stash but many are rated too XXX for the internet, so if you want to see some and promise to keep them private and off the grid, you can email me at and I’ll send you some of my favs… 😉

    No, I don’t think there is a more enthusiastic FiftyH00r than your old Retro-Baby-Boomer-Cougar-Momma MelbieToast… and you know what? Even though I’ve read MOTU many times, I started reading it yet AGAIN a few days ago and I’m still LOVING it!!! and inspired to create even MORE pic/quotes! I’m such a crazy old lady!!!

    Laters, Baby!
    xoxo from Melbie

    • Sus

      Your description above fits me, too! OMG, how I love Fifty! I already sent a request to you! LOL!

      Laters, hOOrs!

    • Melbie, thanks for letting us pimp/use your work time and again!! You are the Master and we are honored to have you here! Please keep creating, you’ll fit right in with us crazy blogging ladies 😉

    • Melbie! Welcome BB, glad to see you again. And ITA with you. Please do create more pics and Quotes BB! You are an inspiration to bloggers and FF readers everywhere!!!

      Great post RFM! Of course! (Read my mind again! LOL so I am desperately seeking a topic for thursday now LOL)

    • OH and Melbie you have six of my top ten Video list!!! LOL Keep on creating Darlin cause you Rawk! And to repeat what RFM said it is ALWAYS an Honor to have you here! I don’t think my Robsession would be what it is or if it ever would have become an obesession At all if i hadn’t been LUCKY enough to have stumbled onto your creations and edits in the very early days of my Roberocity! (Rob+curiosity) Or should that be Robgenisis??? LOL

      • Thank you so much dear RobsFantasy, I am honored every time you use any photo I’ve enhanced or any video I’ve created… I just love sharing our love of Rob all over with everyone! Mmmmmmmmmmmwah!!!

    • simplydazzled1

      Fair point well made Ms Toast!

      Also re reading MOTU yet again hehehe

  4. Sus

    Where did you hear this? OMG!! Amazing, if true! Rob HAS to play Fifty…he just HAS TO!!!

  5. Hello Dear Ones! I just was asking Cared if she had heard about this. It’s
    Hard to believe in ways considering the content of the novel. (How could they make it a movie and do it justice with out making it a porno???) No one will be able to play the part but Rob cause all of the thousands of ff readers who know the part was written for “Edward” will not accept anyone else in the part (I KNOW I COULDN’T) and for that reason I fear if they do make it a movie without Rob it will fail. Just MHO. I adore Icy and her story and only wish the best for her. I hope they do find a way to make it a normal, “R” rated movie and Rob gets the part. That would be phenomenal.

    I guess, they could make it a normal movie now that I think about it, I mean they did a good job with making you understand what Julia Roberts had to endure in “Sleeping with the Enemy”. In the right hands I suppose it could be done quite well. The key to success here (I think) is a great Director, great screen writer, great producer, Icy insisting on having her say and ROB in the leading Role!!!!! Regardless of cost IMHO Only Rob could play the part.

    • The question then becomes, Would Rob take on this role? I think he would be amazing and he has done some different roles. But this? Not so sure if he’d sign on for some reason.

      (glad to see you boss!)

      • You know, I think he just might IF it was only rated R and not made into a porno. I mean think about it. he had no problem with nudity (the tuck *giggles*) and showing his add in Bel Ami. and we all know he has no probs with a sex scene.*swoon* and he said himself he likes to do odd, and uncommon movies. Frankly I think this is right up his alley and I can honestly say with knowing what I know to be fact about Rob that i would still say the same thing if I had never pictured Edward/Rob in the role. MOTU is just too unusual and that would be a MAJOR Draw for Robert!!! Why I wouldn’t be surprised if he hasn’t already hear about MOTU in the past and already read it AND if he hasn’t, I wouldn’t be surprised to learn he is reading it now!

        (Thanks RFM it’s been a trying coupleof weeks and I have to go back on previous blog days and comment. YOU ALL have been doing a fantastic job with your posts BB and I am grateful to you all.)

    • Belated Happy Birthday to you Robsfuturemate; I think it would be all our birthdays come together if this film was ever made. Would our significant others believe us that we moved into the cinema purely because of the film’s excellent plot line, moving dialogue, outstanding costumes and beautiful scenery?

      Yes you are right RobsFan-tasy it would be a difficult story to translate to the silver screen but I think with the right director and screen writer it could be possible. Please nobody let MR near it! Of course the ideal man for the job is Rob, there is no question about that. The only other person I can think of that could possibly fill his large shoes is Henry Cavil. Any thoughts on that ladies?

      I love those pictures Melbie, I may have play that video one or a hundred times!

      • dazzledbyrp

        Hmmm…..Henry Cavil…… Now I know that I could never picture anyone but HHH as Fifty. Howevah….taking a little side fantasy trip and envisioning Henry Cavil in the RRoP, well, that’s quite a little picture you get there. RF, bb…..maybe it wouldn’t be a bad idea to invite him over every so often to keep some of us Hoors entertained while The Pretty is busy in other rooms.

        Just a suggestion………

        • Good thinking dazzledbyrp, RF know who else is on my Free Card,js.

          Have a great time robsfuturemate, we’ll have to live vicariously through you.

          • Ya’all can invite whoevah ya want but I’ll keep my bed(room) just for Rob Thanks! If I can’t have the Best I don’t want the rest LOL #truefacts

            • Yeah, me too. I’m a one celeb crush kinda girl!! 😉 But the Britpack is welcome at any time for shenanigans. Love the accents and the nonsense they come up with!!

            • dazzledbyrp

              Oh, I agree – no one is in the same stratosphere as Rob in my book. As I’ve often said, my life is completely one dimensional (and that dimension’s initials are R.P). However, have you SEEN Henry {*cough* JerichoBarrons *cough*} Cavill?

              Good luck, RFM and have a blast. Keep us informed!!!

      • Thank you for the birthday wishes Cared!! Hoping I get my final present tonight at the After Party 😉

  6. And on a totes separate note:

    I just found out that I’m going to the People’s Choice Awards After Party tomorrow!!! And you know I will report back 🙂 Your wandering RA blogger, at your service!

  7. HELL TO THE YES!! & what a movie it would be….& if Rob played Christian *swoon* Oh RFM what an awesome post! Remember reading MOTU together? 😀 We had so much fun & it was quite a learning experience for us!! *giggles*

  8. *Wanders along barren land, the occasional body of a fallen h00r passing me by*

    THIS IS WHAT THE MOVIE WILL DO TO US!!! Buckle into your protective gear and get behind that dumpster, ladies! I’m sure that with a little *ahem* persuasion, Rob would consider the role…. 😉 Failing that, we could hold a sermon at the Church of St Mattress!

  9. somanywards

    Bring it on baby*
    *le sigh*

  10. Ta-ta! I’m off for another Wandering Adventure!!! Will keep you posted, fingers crossed for a glimpse of theMan himself.

  11. dazzledbyrp

    A buzz cut??? Still gorgeous!

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