FanFiction Fridays – “180 Degrees of Edward”

I am very excited to be able to offer you a special post this week. FanFiction Fridays – “180 Degrees of Edward” is a Guest Review Week post and was titled and written by the lovely ilovealion. She is also the co-author of the fic Pure Revelations. So, please enjoy this indepth post encompassing the “180 Degrees of Edward”

Hello. Guest reviewer ilovealion here. I’m a total newbie in the realm of fic-recs, so be gentle. lol

180 Degrees of Edward

*Banner by Cared/Viggo my fic friend and so much more.*

From the title of this post, you might think I’m referring to the general hotness of our favorite Twific character… but I’m not. I’m actually referring to the wide-range of “Edwards” that we encounter in our daily fic reading (yes, I need my fic-fix every single day-don’t judge). Our fandom is truly blessed with authors who test the boundaries of canon and write Edward in various and sundry ways. From Vikingward to Nerdward, I love them all.

The three Twific stories I’ve chosen to spotlight today span the spectrum of Edward, or spectrumward (yeah, I made that word up, but I think it’s fitting). We have an Edward who’s just too good to be true, an Edward who’s on the really naughty list, and an Edward who’s “just right.” I’m sure it’ll be easy for you to figure out who’s who as you read the synopsis of each story.

My first Edward can be found in the WIP String Theory by theladyingrey42.

I realize that I could probably stop here since you’ve seen the author’s name. Yep, our lovely lady who wrote Love Amongst the Ruins and Our Lives Unbound (plus 28 other stories) is back in the saddle, so to speak, with this new fic and an adorkable Edward.

He’s a gorgeous, but nerdy grad student who pines for his fellow classmate, the studious and aloof Bella Swan. Even though they are both working toward a Masters in Physics and have classes together, they have very little interaction… okay, they have no interactions. Despite his carefully timed coffee breaks and occasional strolls by her cubicle, she never acknowledges his presence. It seems as if they exist in completely different dimensions. While many of their fellow students have written her off as a snob, Edward sees something more and is determined to befriend her.

After almost two years (yes, two years) of stalkerish tendencies, he finally works up the nerve to talk to the brilliant brunette who haunts his every thought. Even though their “chance” encounter doesn’t go exactly as planned, the result is far better than he ever expected. It seems that she has noticed him; she even knows his name. Hmmm

Their friendship quickly gathers momentum and Edward soon discovers why Bella keeps to herself; it seems she has more on her plate than the average grad student. He’s not deterred. After several shared coffee breaks and an outing to see The Muppet movie, Edward finds himself even more determined to be a part of her life.

Here’s an excerpt from Chapter 20:

When I’ve got more toweling wadded up in my hand than I know what to do with, I tear it off and crouch over by the still-open fridge door, finding just enough presence of mind to close it before I start trying to soak up all the mess. I gather up shards of glass and set the milk carton upright, toss everything in the trash. And then I go back for more.

By the time Bella slinks back into the room, arms crossed over her chest, I’ve got the mop out and I’m going over the sticky tile.

“You didn’t have to do that.”

“I know.” I keep my eyes on the floor. “Is he okay?”

“His pride’s more wounded than he is.”

I nod and keep mopping. While my back is turned, Bella moves over to the sink, but she doesn’t turn the water on.

Then I hear the faintest, shuddering breath.

I drop the mop.


She’s standing there, arms braced against the counter, eyes down, just shaking her head. I take a tentative step toward her, watching as her whole torso shakes. It makes my heart ache.

Her voice breaking, she cracks out, “You sure you want to get messed up with all this?”

Oh, hell no. We’re not going there.

In the instant it takes me to cross the kitchen to her, I hear my mother’s warning. Her plea for me to use some caution.

It seems nonsensical now.

“Oh, Bella,” I breathe. I put my chest to her spine and rub my hands up and down her arms, silently begging her to take some strength from me. “Bella, of course I do.”

Her quiet laugh is really a sob. “I can’t do anything normal.”

“You take care of your dad.”

“You deserve—”

I can’t even listen to this. “I want you.”

It’s too much. Entirely too much. But I can’t even bring myself to regret it.

Instead of tensing or pulling away like I half-expect her to, she finally lets go, sagging back against me. I don’t hesitate to wrap my arms around her and pull her in close. So close. In the next instant, she turns inside my embrace and buries her face against my chest. Her arms come up around my waist, and we just hold each other. She cries and I kiss her hair, murmuring random words about how it’s all going to be okay.

Somehow, someway, it’s got to be.

I lose track of time as I stand there with her, but eventually she calms herself down. With a few shuddering, sniffling breaths, she makes herself steady and pulls back enough to look at me.

And then she says the last words I ever could have expected.

“Are you real?”

And I smile.

Because all week long, every time she’s touched me, I’ve been asking myself very same thing.

Based on Bella’s words above, I’m sure that you can guess that this Edward is just too good to be true. *cue sigh*

Theladyingrey42 updates this fic daily… and I find myself anxiously awaiting each and every chapter. So far, it’s entirely in EPOV, just so you know.

Summary for String Theory by theladyingrey42: “”Eleven dimensions. Infinite parallel realities. And in all of them, I love her.” Muppets, math, and physicists falling in love. Fluff and eventual lemons. ExB, AH.

Twilight – Rated: M – English – Romance – Chapters: 41 – Words: 60,692 – Reviews: 5249 – Updated: 1-11-12 – Published: 11-27-11 – Edward & Bella”


My second Edward can be found in the angsty WIP Unrequited by Perry Maxwell. This is PerryMaxwell’s first Twific, and boy is it a good one.

The opening chapter finds our favorite leading man leaving his wife, Bella, after ten years of marriage. He’s a rich, gorgeous doctor who seems to change overnight from a caring, devoted husband into an unfeeling, pitiless absconder. In true New Moonward fashion, he flees with her heart—and his family—and seemingly never looks back. Can you say arsehole?

One year later, just as Bella is starting to crawl out of her despair, an alarming call from her ex-sister-in-law, Alice, brings Bella face-to-face with the man who abandoned her without cause. Even though Bella has traveled many miles to be there for her ex-family, Arseward has no kind words for her. In fact, he’s brutally insistent that he doesn’t want her there. Against her better judgment, Bella stays on to help out during the crisis. Before long, regrettable circumstances force her to head home, leaving the Cullen’s behind for good… or so we think.

You may be thinking, “Why would I want to read this story if Edward is such a jerk?”

Well, he hasn’t always been like that. The story, which is entirely in BPOV, gives us glimpses of her husband-that-was through a series of poignant flashbacks. The stark contrast between the two Edwards makes you ache to find out what happened. Why did he make the 180 degree change from perfectly devoted to horribly detached? Has Bella been fooled into believing that he really doesn’t care, when in actuality, he’s done every dastardly deed in order to protect her?

Here’s a quick look at the Edward she fell in love with.

Chapter 8 finds Bella at her doctor’s office for her annual GYN exam.

I climbed back up onto the table and turned to face the door, and then I noticed him.

No way. No freaking way was the ER doctor from my last visit right here. The same doctor who gave me his phone number. The phone number I had never called. No freaking way.

You don’t work here!” I blurted out.

He cocked his head to the side, raising one eyebrow. “I don’t?”

Flustered at my rudeness and my current predicament, my face flushed. There was no way I was letting him look at…at…my girly bits. Not like this anyway.

Um…no. You…you work at the ER.” My voice rose toward the end as if I were questioning him…and myself.

So let me get this straight. Because I work at the ER, I can’t work here?” He gestured around the room before crossing his arms over his chest. He was a hand talker, and it was kind of cute. He had long, slender fingers. I wondered if he played the guitar or maybe the piano or maybe something else entirely.

I shook my head to clear it of thoughts of his hands, realizing the room was quite chilly and just how little the disposable gown covered. I suddenly found myself mimicking his posture and crossing my arms over my chest in embarrassment, but that only managed to scrunch up my tissue-paper gown in the front. I dropped my arms to my side, trying to close the gown around me.

I gave up, placing my hands in my lap, hoping my breasts were as covered as they could get. I looked up to find he had moved closer, standing next to the table where I sat. He had this knowing smirk on his face – like only he was in on the joke – which only managed to frustrate me. This man truly unnerved me. And I hadn’t yet decided if that was a good thing.

You know what I mean,” I whined. I kicked my feet a little. Apparently, I was channeling my inner five-year-old.

Edward chuckled and casually leaned against the wall behind him. He was poised to speak before my regular OB/GYN interrupted him. I sighed audibly, showing my relief that she was going to save my hoo-ha from the viewing public. Or potential suitors. Whatever.

I mumbled under my breath, “No hoo-ha for you. No sir-ree. Not like this, anyway.”

Edward raised his eyebrows at me. Oh shit. Had he heard me?

I was certain my face showed the mortification I felt.

Ah, Isabella. You’ve met Dr. Cullen. He’s doing an eight-week rotation here, and he’ll be assisting me today. Is that okay with you?”

Of course it wasn’t okay. I didn’t mind male doctors, even when it came to my lady parts. Yet it mattered with this particular doctor.

I was frozen in place – still as a statue, contemplating an escape. Maybe I could fake an emergency?

Then the very person I was trying to evade, at least for the moment, saved me.

Edward leaned down from his stance on the wall and whispered so softly I could barely make it out. “Don’t worry. Your…um…hoo-ha…is safe.”

He had heard me. I had no words. I sat there and gaped at him. He winked at me and cleared his throat.

Dr. Bennett, I actually have some charts I need to look at before I leave. Would it be okay if I got Nurse Crowley to assist you?” And then he flashed the most beautiful smile I had ever seen.

He was gorgeous. And a charmer.

Dr. Bennett waved him off. “No, that’s fine. Go on, dear. I’ll catch up with you later.”

Edward reached behind me and opened the door. “Goodbye, Ms. Swan.” He exited the room as I remained speechless. He remembered my name?

Well, Isabella. Shall we?” Dr. Bennett asked, effectively breaking me out of my Edward Cullen induced trance.

Properly pap-smeared and prodded, I dressed and made my way to the counter to provide my co-payment. I expected to see the usual discharge nurse, but in her place was none other than a very smug Edward.

Hi, Ms. Swan. I’ll take those.” He motioned to the papers in my hand.

I thought you had charts or something.”

He answered my rude inquiry by waving said charts in the air. Did that smirk ever leave his face?

I need to learn all the office procedures, so I offered my help today.” He fought off a grin before he spoke again. “Besides, I wanted to make sure payment was all settled.”

Somehow, I didn’t think he was referring to my insurance co-payment.

I leaned in conspiratorially, handing him my credit card. “Look, what do you want?” I whispered.

Well, when I give my number to a pretty girl, it’s only natural to hope she uses it,” he answered nonchalantly as he ran my card through the terminal before handing it back to me.

You think I’m pretty?” I blushed. “Wait!” I paused, shaking my head. “How many girls, pretty or otherwise, have you given your number to?”

Wow. Let me think.” He pretended to count on his fingers before leaning toward me, his head crossing through the glass divider used to separate the patients from the back office. “I’ve given my number to exactly one girl, pretty or otherwise. Although, I happen to think she’s quite breathtaking if I do say so myself.”

Again with the gaping. “One?” I asked in stunned disbelief.

Should I do a recount?” He held up his fingers, prepared to repeat his mock count.

I playfully smacked at him. “Oh, shut up.”

In all seriousness, Isabella, just one, in at least four years.” His face reflected the seriousness that his tone of voice had just taken.



Okay, I’ll call you.”

He grinned and pointed his finger at a sign posted on my side of the glass divider. Payment is due upon checkout.

What?” I had already paid.

He just stared at me, arching an eyebrow.

Realization suddenly dawned. “Okay. Fine!” I grumbled, reaching into my purse for my cell phone and the prescription note that had Edward’s number on it. Yes, I kept it, and the look currently displayed on his face told me he knew I had.

I punched the numbers into my phone and hit send.

Edward reached into the pocket of his slacks and held up a finger as if to silence me. “Just a second, please,” he said, completely earnest.

He put his phone to his ear and answered with a simple, “Hello.” He waved his hand at me, pointing to the phone hanging in my hand, encouraging me to play along.

Once I put the phone to my ear, he continued talking. “Sorry, but I’m at work right now. Could we possibly continue this conversation later?”

I just stared at him. Was he serious?

He waved at me again, indicating it was my turn to talk. “This is ridiculous,” I groaned, burying my face in the palm of my other hand.

Oh, it’s just dinner and polite conversation. Nothing to fret about. How does seven tonight sound?”

The slight reverb caused by hearing his voice in duplicate was somewhat distracting. I sighed and looked back up into his eyes. Shiny green eyes where only truth could be seen.

Seven is good.”

Perfect. Bye for now, Isabella.”

He ended the call and placed both hands in his pockets, rocking back gently on his heels. He seemed really proud of himself. Cheeky bastard.

I couldn’t help but smile. He was so damned cute. And I had to admit, he was smooth.

I hoisted the straps of my purse over my right shoulder and turned to walk away. Before exiting through the door, I glanced back at Edward. “And you can call me Bella.”

Noted,” he replied simply.

I left the office on a natural high that stayed with me the entire trip home where I began getting ready for my date.

You see, he wasn’t always such a brute.

So where did their love go wrong? We’re still waiting with bated breath to find out. *cue huff in frustration*

Perry Maxwell updates this gem every Saturday and her last update added another unexpected twist that could change everything. Even though this story makes your heart ache, it’s one of those rare fics that grips you and just won’t let go. I, for one, am dying to see how she redeems this very naughty Edward.

Summary for Unrequited by Perry Maxwell: “AH, BPOV: Edward left Bella almost a year ago, upending her whole world. What happens when Bella receives a phone call that just might shatter it? “Wait, Alice…Edward is dying?” I choked out.

Twilight – Rated: M – English – Angst/Hurt/Comfort – Chapters: 13 – Words: 56,863 – Reviews: 1680 – Updated: 1-6-12 – Published: 10-8-11 – Bella & Edward”


My third and final Edward can be found in the WIP The Demon in My Dreams by littlecat358. The same author who brought us Unplanned Perfection has written another Edward to die for.

He’s a tortured soul, riddled with guilt over past indiscretions, who tries to move beyond his ex-con status. Working as a group leader in the family business, a home for troubled and displaced teenage boys, he tries to make peace with his past through service to others. Although he feels that he doesn’t deserve happiness, he does find some solace in the fact that he can provide the teens with a real-life example of how to be a productive citizen despite set-backs and mistakes early in life.

Enter Bella Swan, a social worker with a past of her own. She’s beautiful, tough and, above all else, dedicated to the children who are placed in her charge. When Edward and Bella are forced to work together to save two brothers from dire circumstances, the UST begins almost immediately. Edward doesn’t want to fall in love. He pushes her away at every turn, but he can’t stop the feelings that surface every time they’re together.

Here’s a little taste from Chapter 6.

I turn the corner to the hallway that leads back to the bathrooms. I’m still sort of trying to figure out what the best thing to do is when I hear voices. They aren’t shouting or anything, but they’re loud enough.

“Don’t touch me.”

It’s Bella, I know that much, but she’s not in the hallway that I can see. I stop walking in hopes of hearing where she is.

“Come on, Bella. I said I was sorry. How many times do I have to apologize?” A male voice asks. It sounds like they’re further down the hallway. There are chairs back there and it’s really dim, but I’m sure that’s where they are. I walk forward, listening.

“None, Mike. I don’t care anymore.”

“Good. Then let me take you out. We can go dancing, get drunk, go back to your place. Like old times.”

Bella laughs. “Oh my God! Are you serious?”

There’s a bang and the chairs between me and them rattle.

“Yes, I’m fucking serious.”

“I said don’t touch me. Get off.”

That’s my cue.

“Hey,” I say, making my presence known. “Everything okay?”

“Mind your own fucking business. Everything’s fine.”

I look over at Bella. I don’t know if she wants me doing what I’m doing or not. Her expression tells me that she doesn’t need me. . . but she wants me. At least, that’s how I’m going to interpret it.

“Baby, what’s going on?”

Bella’s eyes go wide, but she recovers quickly.

“Nothing. Mike was just leaving.”

“Baby?” The Mike dude scoffs, looking between the two of us.

“Who the hell is this guy, Bella?” I growl.

I approach them with an overconfident swagger, pushing up my sleeves. It’s a punk move, but it always works. My mother’s right, I look like a hoodlum. There’s very few on the outside who mess with me.

Slipping my arm around Bella’s shoulders, I purposely let my hand dangle over her collarbone. I wait for her to tense; to pull away. She doesn’t. She plays along, leaning into my side as if she belongs there.

I watch Mike scanning my ink and the way I’m draped over Bella, his eyes darting around trying to figure out if I’m really a threat. If he pisses me off, I could be.

Suddenly he snorts.

“Nice try, but I know Bella. You’re not her type.”

“Oh yeah?” I laugh. “And what is her type? You?”

Mike pulls himself up to what I assume is his full height, although he’s still a good four or five inches shorter than me. He can’t be that sure of himself. My forearm’s probably bigger than his bicep.

“Yeah, actually. Bella’s a high class girl. Wealthy and privileged. Last time I checked, she wasn’t into slumming it.”

Mike reaches forward, putting his hand on Bella’s wrist.

The fuck? I’m not sure who he insulted more with that comment, me or Bella, but the way he’s gripping her is out of line.

I lurch forward, shoving him into the opposing wall. He grunts as the wind is knocked out of him.

“Edward!” Bella yelps. She’s jumped in front of me and I feel her hands against my chest, trying to push me back.

I know I could get in trouble for this, but right now I’m acting on instinct. He put his hands on what’s mine. Sort of.

“Touch her again and you and me are gonna have a problem, got that?”

“Edward.” Her voice is calm now and her fingertips curl up and around my neck. “Babe, you have to let go.”

I like hearing her call me that. It rolls off her tongue as though she means it. I release Mike but don’t take my eyes off him. Reaching up, I take Bella’s hand and bring it to my lips. Her skin is soft and smells of soap. I know this is a show, but I need to make it convincing, right?

I press a kiss against her palm. And then another. And then another. I hear her let out a small whimper.

Mike is glaring at me, but I don’t think he’s stupid enough to push it. Just in case though. . .

I put my hand on Bella’s hip and pull her into me, watching her face to make sure it’s okay. I can hear her breaths; feel the warmth of her body against mine. My own body reacts. My dick is not in a comfortable position to get hard and I hide my wince by pressing my face into the side of her head. I’m going to have to shift it really fucking soon.

I’ve almost forgotten that we have company when Douchehead Mike huffs and starts to leave. I throw my free arm out, blocking his path, without letting go of Bella.

“Do we have an understanding, Mike?” I enunciate his name condescendingly.

His jaw is set, his eyes blazing. He’s pissed. Good.

“Yeah, we do.” He glances at Bella, who is tucked up so comfortably against me that he couldn’t possibly question us. “For now.”

He walks away and I drop Bella’s hand, making a move to react to his implied threat, but she stops me


“Why?” I ask, looking down at her. Big mistake. She’s so fucking gorgeous. Her cheeks are tinged pink, her lips full. She swipes her tongue over the bottom one and I’m mesmerized. It’s her eyes that get me though. I’m afraid if I look into them too long, I’ll get lost. Just thinking like that makes me feel like a pussy.

She pulls me back so that we’re chest to chest. Once again, I’m aware that my dick feels like it’s being bent in half.

“What’s the matter?” she whispers.

I’m not shy. I’ve never had an issue letting a girl know when she turns me on, but I’m warring with myself right now. I have no idea where I stand with her. I have no idea where I want to stand with her.

I feel her hand slip slightly under my shirt, brushing my bare skin. My cock twitches and my decision is made by the sharp pain of being crooked in a confined place.

I move my hand to the crotch of my pants and adjust so that I’m not in an awkward position.

Bella watches me.

“Problem?” she teases.

“Depends on how you look at it,” I smirk.

“There are so many places I could go with that,” she laughs quietly.

I have no idea how we got in this position, but she’s pressed against the wall, one of my hands caging her in. Our mouths are so close, I can taste the Jack on her breath. There are people less than ten feet away and yet, we’re hidden from view so it feels like we’re the only people here. I gotta stop this.

It takes everything I have to pull away, but I do.

Oh, yeah. That’s what I’m talking about. I love UST, and in this case, the resolution of said UST is sooo satisfying. *cue change of panties*

Littlecat358 doesn’t have a regular updating schedule, but she usually gives us a really long chapter every 3 or 4 weeks. Her perfectly imperfect Edward is “just right” in my book.

Summary for The Demon in My Dreams by littlecat358“27 y.o. social worker Bella Swan has seen her fair share of troubled souls, but nothing like Edward Cullen, part owner & manager of The Cullen House Group Home. Will he allow her into his life? And can she survive the demons that haunt him? OOC, Lemons .

Twilight – Rated: M – English – Hurt/Comfort/Drama – Chapters: 17 – Words: 174,729 – Reviews: 3220 – Updated: 12-29-11 – Published: 4-26-11 – Edward & Bella”



So, there ya go… my first foray into fic-recs. I hope you enjoy these stories as much as I do.

Special thanks to my friend Cared who made the awesome banner for 180 Degrees of Edward and provided beta services. I appreciate you and heart you with all my love.

Special thanks to Melee03 for letting us use her Tattward manip for the banner, as well. You rock, sweets.

Thanks RA ladies and readers. I’d love to hear your comments on these stories.


Wow, what a terrific post and a great topic. I would like to say a huge THANK YOU to ilovealion for taking the time to write this fabulous and interesting post and providing us with three excellent recs on the “180 Degrees of Edward”!

I really appreciated it! xo MC

*FFF HOUSEKEEPING: On last week’s FFF post  katiebirdie said, in the comments to me, “I was hoping that you would do a Best of 2011 list, when you got back. I would love to know what would be on your list!!”

Thank you Katie, and I had actually passed the idea through my mind, but wasn’t quite sure how I wanted to go about it, so when I read this comment it got me thinking……And this is what I propose…

While I am flattered that Katie would like to see my list, I also got to thinking I would like to know what would be on YOUR lists too, therefore I propose we do a Rob Attack FanFiction Fridays Best of 2011 List together. I would like to do a whole post in a few weeks, solely on this topic and have you all send me 1 or 2 of your favourites from 2011 to include in the list – the title & link  – to by Wednesday January 18th and I will put them all in a list format in one post. (Please see Updated info below.)

I was thinking a format like this: the title, author, banner (with link) and story summary. Then in MC’s FanFiction Library, I will put the link to the post for quick reference. I really hope you will all participate, I think it would be great to see what we all deem as the “Best of 2011″. I, of course, will include several of my own preferences/”Bests” and can’t wait to see what you all choose!! 😀

UPDATE/EDIT for 2011 FFF Best of 2011 List: After conferring with Cared and thinking a bit more on her suggestions regarding this…I would like to clarify how we will go about this: We will have One List but actually have two categories for the List – one category will be fics that completed in 2011 & the other category can be any fic from any year, that you read during the 2011 year and that owned you (or you are still reading, if it’s a WIP).  

I hope this clarifies things a bit, sorry for the ambiguousness of this topic. 




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  1. Hi Ladies!

    Fabulous stories this week! ilovealion you have done such a beautiful job – I have not started String Theory and Unrequited yet, but it will be very soon, and I totally agree with you about The Demons in My Dreams, I have been reading that one since I finished Unplanned Perfection – I am really loving it.

    The story that I have been loving this week is Defying Gravity by jenny0719 *complete* Summary: Edward Cullen moves to Seattle where he meets and falls in love with Bella Swan. He leaves all of it behind to travel the world, only to find himself lost without Bella. When he returns, he finds that his life is going to change forever.

    What I really enjoyed about this story is it has that connection between ExB that makes a fic stand out from the rest – Cared and I often chat about how important this is – and this fic has this it in spades. Even though this story is marked angst, I would not call it such (trust me, I read a lot of angst stories and this one is pretty mild). The bonus is that this story is written very well and is a lovely easy read.

    Can’t wait to hear what you are all reading this week!

    AV oxox

  2. kalaekalae

    Real good, thank you ladies

  3. Ilovealion you paint a great picture of all of these wonderful stories. If I weren’t already reading the three of them I would be persuaded to start straight away by your wonderful descriptions. I’m like you in that while I do have my favourites, I’m happy to read all Edwards that span across the 180°. Variety is the spice of life!

    This week I have enjoyed some light hearted fun stories including Penal Code by FictionFreak95 and BELLAFALN, and recommended by MC last week. It’s really laugh out loud funny though I’m still working out what a Pudding Cup can be LOL. In my youth I once attended a Vicar and Tart party and to be honest I did get some funny looks on the bus but I didn’t come across any potential Edwards.
    Undercover Cop Edward Cullen wants some excitement on his beat. Bella, whom he mistakenly thinks is a hooker, desperately needs to snap out of her funk. How deep is Edward willing to go undercover to get the girl?

    The Biology Project from solostintwilight, author of In Your World, had me tittering at the hard position unfortunate Edward is permanently in and I don’t just mean hard in the one sense!
    Edward’s a sex addict resisting treatment, Bella’s a girl who just wants to get laid already. What happens when they get paired up for a Biology Project? Bio Lab could get interesting…

    Saving Myself by 107yearoldvirgin is another laugh out loud story. I love this Emmett and not just for how he explained to Bella the circumstances of her waking up to discover her thong was backwards!
    He’s fresh out of the Army. She’s fresh out of luck…and her mind. They’ve just met, but when an opportunity to win 2mill on a reality show arises, can they pretend to be in love? And saving themselves for marriage?

    • Cared I’m glad you enjoyed Penal Code, Jo is a hilarious lady. Did you get the next chapter she posted 🙂

      And, I want your opinion please….. what do you think for the Best of 2011 List? Anything we read in 2011 that we thought was the best or only completed fics or both? Should they have been published/completed in 2011? Ally asked me that…. And, now I’m not sure how much we should narrow it down? Thoughts?

    • rita01tx

      The Biology Project cracks me up! Poor Edward, trying to hide his constant boners, never realizing (yet) that Bella just wants to get all up on that LMAO!!!

  4. I always think that it is so cool when authors take the time to rec stories they like, because their perspective is different than than the average reader, like me. I’ve not heard of the stories or authors ilovealion recd., but two of them sounded interesting enough to add to my TBR list. 🙂 Like her, I read some fanfic every day, but mostly completed stories.

    I gasped out loud when I saw my name mentioned!!! Shut the front door!! I’m honored to have inspired a future post. *blushing* I’ll send you what topped my list, and am definitely looking forward to seeing yours and everyone else’s. 🙂

    What I am reading this week is from earthprincess4. It’s called, Don’t Give up on Me. It’s an expanded one-shot that was written for The Haiti compilation early last year (yeah, I have stories that sit on my list for THAT long).

    Bella discovers that Edward has just died in a hurricane in the Dominican Republic. After finding out, she begins to have strange dreams of her past that all involve Edward. She starts to become obsessed with sleeping to figure out what it all means.

    Don’t let the idea that Edward isn’t technically alive deter you from reading. Bella’s flashbacks keep Him very much alive, and the premise is very interesting.

    • ilovealion

      Thanks so much for your comments. I will say that all three stories have me captivated at the moment… they are all WIPs, but I’ll let you guys know when they complete.

      Both theladyingrey42 and littlecat358 have completed stories that you would LOVE!! Please go take a look at Unplanned Perfection by lc358 and Our Lives Unbound by tlig42. You won’t be sorry.

      Thanks again. xoxo

      • I just have to share with you that ilovealion has written Honeymoon On The Prairie, a continuation of her one-shot Twilight on the Prairie. This story picks up after Edward proposed and extends through their marriage consummation. I’ve told her I can see some shades of Fifty coming through LOL. It has been written for the Fandoms4ME fundraiser, a worthy cause. Gingerandgreen has also submitted a wonderful contribution. It is a series of 10 vignettes linked to the historical drama/romance Plight Thee My Troth, written from Bella’s POV. They range in time from when Bella is 12 (in 1785) to the consummation of her marriage. You can see Teasers for both of these on the Fandoms4ME website here and there is still time to donate and sign up to receive the compilation.

        • ilovealion

          Awww. You are such a good friend. Thanks for pimping me, sweets. I will say, my Prairieward has the makings for an excellent Dom. haha They had plenty of ropes and ties and harnesses down on the farm to experiement with… hey, maybe I’ll write a sequel. Bound on the Prairie. hahaha

        • newyorkkisses

          Oooooh, will have to check whether I have those on my Kindle yet. Thanks for the heads up, Cared. 🙂

  5. ilovealion

    Hey MC. You’re welcome. I really enjoyed doing the write-up… and the concept of our wide “spectrumWard” in Twific worked out well with these three stories/Edwards.

    I’ll have to drop you a line with the other stories that commanded my attention in 2011. My “read” list is massive, much like the bulge in HHHs button-fly jeans at the PC awards. *fans self* Betty White is one lucky lady… hahaha And, it looks like the guy sitting next to him was getting an eyefull of arse, too. I know I’d have my eyes on the prize if he was standing in front of me. lmao

    Okay, I’ll get my mind out of the gutter. I can hear Cared reprimanding me now for letting my pervy thoughts loose on you guys. hahaha

    ’til next time,


  6. Three of my favourite people in the world are represented on here today, so I had to add my piece. Ilovealion, we are going to have so much fun in Vegas talking about our favourite stories; your choice today includes three of my faves, too. Cared, your banner is awesome, and thank you so much for reminding people about Fandoms4me. Even $2 or $3 – heck, just $1 – towards real research could make all the difference to a child like ours who can’t walk around the house unassisted some days (today). And lovely Perry, who writes Unrequited, is here too!

    I haven’t had much time to read lately and the updates are piling up in my inbox. One of the stories I’m looking forward to getting back to is by Lissa Bryan. Lissa is pretty awe-inspiring, her storytelling ability appears to be effortlessly flawless. This story involves real angels and super powers, but is written so realistically, you could almost imagine these things were true. And for those of you who love to hate Jacob – go read this. Trust me.

    • ilovealion

      Thanks so much for stopping by. You’re right about the Fandom4ME. It is a wonderful cause, and you KNOW that I submitted HOTP for you and Caitlin.

      I can’t wait to hear about Lordward from Bella’s point of view. I swear, PTMT’s Edward makes me swoon.

      We should come up with a list of our favorite Edward’s from other eras. Your Lordward would top my list… as would shevikings Vikingward.

      I can’t wait for Vegas either, sweets. I’m gonna fly in early Thursday (be there by lunch) and fly out late Sunday. My home flight will take me for a layover at LAX… I can only hope that the Precious will be flying in or out so I can get a glimpse. hahaha Wishful thinking I know, but anything is possible. Sigh…


    • rita01tx

      Hi GG! I recently discovered Lissa Bryan when I stumbled upon Written in the Stars (complete) and stayed to follow her current WIPs, The Better Angels of Our Nature and The Selkie Wife. Both of these run the gamut of emotions, from tenderness to love…from angst to gut wrenching horror!
      The extensive research and details that went into The Selkie Wife, set in the reign of Bloody Mary, is nothing short of astounding.
      Set during the reign of “Bloody Mary” Tudor. Bella is captured by Edward to raise his daughter. He promises to release her one day, but will he? Court intrigues and danger around every corner. Can they, and their new-found love, survive? Rated M/OOC/AU
      Twilight – Rated: M – English – Romance/Supernatural – Chapters: 26 – Words: 124,725 – Reviews: 1548 – Updated: 1-11-12 – Published: 11-30-11 – Bella & Edward
      Brilliant, brilliant writer!!

  7. I Updated the post above to clarify our Best of 2011 List requirements! Thanks for all the input ladies. I think I will have a list ready to post in a few weeks. 🙂

    • That sounds like a plan MC, I’m looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with. I might need to give up my job to stay home and read through the list as I’m sure there will be many tempting stories on it. On second thoughts, I wouldn’t be able to pay to travel to Vegas for the Twilight FanFic Meet up in June.

  8. newyorkkisses

    Hi ladies!
    Thank you so much for these awesome recs, ilovealion! While reading your first rec I thought “Gah! Have to read this fic asap!”, then the same happened with your second and then your third rec. 😉 What’s a h00r to do? These fics all sound soooo good!
    Congratulations on your first rec post, loved it. You have excellent taste in fics, bb.

    So, this week every free minute I had was used to read UC and I finished it yesterday. Another great work by Savage and even though the twist in the story had me seriously considering putting it down, I pushed through and got my HEA in the end. Savage really does “go there” with her characters no-holds-barred, lol.

    Other than that I’ve been devouring every update of Savage’s Transcendence.

    And MC, love your idea for the “Best of 2011” list. I’ll have to go through the list of fics I read during the last year (how on earth am I going to remember them all? 😉 ) and send you my favs in an e-mail.

    Have a great weekend, ladies!

    • Absolutely, send them on….we may end up with a LONG list ’cause I am having a hell of a time trying to pick… 😉 lol

    • I am a HUGE fan of Savage’s work!! Her stories always make me favorite stories list, by the end of the year. Right now, I’m reading her WIP, Tempt My Tongue. She writes the best EPOV out there.

    • haystackhair

      Hey nyk! I DID stop reading UC for a while, my heart couldn’t take it. I had to wait until it was done to finish so I understand completely! #wuss. I need to read Transcendence! I love savage’s work and I haven’t read that one!

      • newyorkkisses

        Definitely go for it, haystackhair! Transcendence is one of the best fics out there at the moment, IMO. So very unique in its plot and Savageward is the sweetest, caring caveman ever. 🙂 And the daily updates make the occasional cliffies easy to take. There are currently 60 short-ish chapters up.

    • Hey NYK!

      Glad to see you finished UC – great read wasn’t it! I wish I read it as a complete fic – that story put me in several bad moods! Sometimes reading WIPs can be a hazard!

      I have not started on Transcendence yet, but I will .. I can’t believe I haven’t started one of Savage’s stories – well there is a first for everything.

      AV ox

      • newyorkkisses

        Hey Ally,
        I just know I would have flounced the fic after that twist had it been a WIP when I read it. I had a hard enough time pushing through the chapters after the twist until everything was looking better again and I had tears in my eyes the whole time through.
        As for Transcendence, I can’t rec it highly enough (see my reply to haystackhair above 😉 ).

  9. haystackhair

    OMG these stories sound great, especially the last one! I am a h00r for ex-con tatted Edward. RAWR! Oh wait, I’m a h00r for ANY Edward. LOL. With all these WIP, I keep starting them, then forget to favorite, then forget where I got them. LOL. I keep hunting through FF Friday posts. I’m such a dope. LOL. Happy Friday ladies!

    • ilovealion

      Hey haystackhair. I’m a fool for reformed Tattwards, too. There’s just something about a bad boy turned good… but not too good (if you know what I mean-wink).

      Thanks for commenting. You know what review h00rs we authors are. lol

      Have a great weekend, sweets.

  10. I have another story to add. The Five Mistakes I Made That Led Me To You by Catastrophia just completed tonight (well it’s tonight for me). This drabble fic has updated every day for the last two weeks and from the first day I was drawn in and was rooting for Edward to get his head out of his thóin and woe and win Bella. I won’t tell you the ending but let’s just say I am happy with it.
    Summary: At 30, Edward realizes that he made five monumental mistakes in his life, but what he didn’t realize was that those mistakes would be profoundly life altering; leading him to her. A romantic drabble in EPOV.

    • rita01tx

      She just posted the last chapter…it’s complete and a DAMN good read! Loved it!!

    • I’m so glad you enjoyed it Cared, it turned out to be much more than when Cat originally started it. She messaged me one night & asked if I could Beta a O/S for her to post & then when she sent it to me I was like, um…this has SO much potential to be a great full story, maybe we should change the format on this, let’s drabble it…so we did..she had never drabbled before, so I helped her with the format & we divided up the chapters & VOILA 23 chapters + the Epi from what was originally a O/S. It turned out great! Thanks for mentioning it, I will let her know it was enjoyed in our Group. 🙂

  11. ilovealion

    I’m so glad you enjoyed the Recs.
    The stories really do “sell” themselves. you’ll have to let me know how you like them once you start reading.

    Thanks so much for commenting.


  12. I have to tell you ladies all though I don’t often comment on FFF I do come in and see who has reced what. I don’t often read the descriptions of fics(don’t hate me I have a reason why! LOL) I am an avid reader and once i get caught up in a fic I won’t do anything else but read until I stumble onto a really boring fic and as I told Cared last night With all the great recs we get I will Never find a boring Fic there fore I will never accomplish anything but reading! That’s why I am so grateful for MC’s Library. I know it will be there for me when I am ready to start reading. (and after I finish reading all the great fics I have going already Like PR and SG&SG and more. Then there is Cared’s personal recs for me) I already have over 50 Highly rec’d PDFs saved not to mention several others and my own TBR it would take me well over two Years just to get through them all. it’s already been almost a year of collecting and I started writing fan fiction just after I read fifty so since then I have just been collecting and I start a few but then i end up having to put it aside to write. Does any one have a suggestion as to how you manage to read so many especially if you write as well LIke ILAL?? Is it easier to just pick a day and dedicate it to reading?

    I mostly just wanted to say that I am grateful to all the ladies who have came in and guest posted on FFF and on other days as well. For That I thank you! And a special Thank you to MC for all the hard work she puts into FFF You all are awesome and I am so proud to know you all.

    • Thanks Boss! I love you too, you are the best Blog Boss ever, pretty much giving us free reign 🙂 Your trust in us is very humbling. xoxo

      I am actually behind on updating my FFF Library but plan to catch that up this weekend too.

      I was very grateful for all the Guest recs, & actually still have one full post in queue & have offered if anyone wants to do a Guest rec anytime, they are more than welcome 🙂

    • ilovealion

      Well, thanks for stopping by… I am very much like you in that once I start a fic I can’t put it down. That’s one reason I only have a few WIPs at the moment and no new completes open… We’re desperately trying to finish PR and if I read it keeps me from writing! I am soo ready to get back to my addiction in full force. lol


  13. dee602

    I can’t believe I’ve just found this site. Something to look forward to everday 😉 I have a question. I was hoping someone knows something about this video. I came across this yesterday and was wondering if there is a FF attached to it. It really is so well done. It’s Tyler/Mallory and would make for a great story but I haven’t been able to track anything down.

    Thanks and thanks again for the rec’s and the smiles all week. Feels like the good ole days 😉

    • Welcome dee 🙂 I have never seen this video, but will ask around for you in some of my FF Groups. The only thing I was able to find is this site

    • rita01tx

      Holy Hell in a Handbasket, Dee darlin’! That’s one fantastic vid…Biel quality I would even venture to say. Hats off to MexicanGirl for making it. Did a quick search and came up with something that, by the summary, looks to be a good match:

      Fix You by HeartK
      Tyler Hawkins is frustrated, his life is not what he wants it to be, he’s not happy then a chance meeting with a young stripper named Mallory makes him want to help someone other than himself, but Mallory warns him no one can save her.
      Crossover – Remember Me & Welcome to the Rileys – Rated: M – English – Romance/Tragedy – Chapters: 31 – Words: 86,578 – Reviews: 178 – Updated: 12-2-11 – Published: 2-6-11

      • dee602

        Thank you!!! Well I know what I’ll be reading tonight. The vid just sucked me in and I wanted to know more about Tyler and Mallory. That’s what all good fanfic does…sucks us in and we need to know more.
        Thanks again!

    • newyorkkisses

      Welcome, Dee! Make yourself comfy and enjoy yourself. 🙂 And thanks for amazing vid! It’s unreal how well everything fits together, it looks like a real movie that the two of them shot together, wow.
      And I’m pretty sure, rita found the fic attached to it, going to bookmark it immediately. Thanks, Rita!

      • rita01tx

        Me too! Apparently the author is (or was) 18 years old when she wrote it, but then I’ve read amazing stories by even younger authors, so I’m intrigued to get to it soon!!

        • newyorkkisses

          Oh, I didn’t realize it’s complete as it wasn’t marked as such. But in her last author’s note she calls it the last chapter, so: everyone who wants to start it, go for it, it’s not a WIP! 😉

  14. Welcome Dee! Stay and play for a while BB! We are here nearly every day and fic talk is always welcome here.

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