Sensual Sunday ~ Rob…Just One Look?


There were a couple of different directions today’s post could have taken:

1) All it took was “just one look” to hook me on Rob…true fact!  Case in point is the Twilight poster that made me sit up and go “WTF? Who is that guy?”


2) Does Rob have “just one look”… his own version of “Blue Steel?”

I couldn’t help it!  Honestly, the first thing that came to mind was Derek Zoolander’s “Blue Steel” look.  My daft side took over and there was just no stopping it.  I’m in trouble, aren’t I?

Rita, you silly woman! No one does Blue Steel like me...Derek Zoolander!

So I went searching for Rob’s “Blue Steel” look…

Oh no, she didn't just compare me to Zoolander *face palm*

I dunno, Rob.  Looks pretty close to me.  Let’s see Derek’s “Blue Steel” in action…

Game on, baby!!

THUD!!!  Oh, Rob!  You’ve definitely got the better lips…so soft, so luscious..I am DIED!!

OK! OK! Like, you wanna go head to head with me in a "Face Off," Mr. Robert I Don't Think So Pattinson?

Oh my GOD!  They’re gonna “Face Off,” ladies!  Hang onto your panties!!!!

Pffft! Don't worry, Rita. I can do "Blue Steel" without even thinking about it. See?

Gotta give it to you, Rob!  You’re a natural.  Whatchu got now, Zoolander?

Hah! Top this, Pattinson!

Oh no, Derek just ripped off from Rob’s 2006 Wonderland photoshoot!  I cry “Foul!”

Really, Derek? You gonna go there? How unoriginal!

Derek, you little shit!  I’m giving you one more chance to play fair, here!!!

Nobody, but NOBODY can beat my..."MAGNUM!!!"


Shit, Rita! I don't know if I've got any more to give...I'm choking up! HELP!!

DON’T GIVE UP, ROB!  {crap, crap, crap…I know I have it here somewhere…I just SAW it!!}

Eat my dust, Zoolander!!!!

YAY!!!  The “eyes” have it!  Rob is our WINNER!!!

Sour grapes, Derek!  Now suck it up and go HOME!!!!

That was actually kinda fun, Rita!

Glad you enjoyed it, Rob!  Just don’t let him challenge you to a “Walk Off!”  LMAO!!!!

Why not????

Oh, Rob!  You are sooooo Adorkable! 

Happy Sunday, ya’ll!




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20 responses to “Sensual Sunday ~ Rob…Just One Look?

  1. edwardsvamptramp69

    Rita! You are definitely off your rocker with this post, Woman!!!! I was choking on my hot cocoa while I was reading this!! Zoolander????? My poor computer screen can’t take any more accidental spit takes or stuff flying out of my nose from laughing so hard!

    Oh, and by the way………………does anyone else see the resemblance to Gumby in that last photo of Rob? *looks around sheepishly* Anyone? Anyone?

  2. rita01tx

    I SWEAR I don’t know what possessed me! I had to get RF to take a sneaky peak before I dared post it LMAO!!!

  3. Yeah Reets One look was all it took

    (source is carolines Graphics)

  4. HILARIOUS! Great Sunday morning laugh! Gotta love those Rob lips! Sigh….

    • rita01tx

      Thanks darlin’!
      One of the first “sayings” I learned here in Holland was:
      Een dag zonder lach is een verloren dag
      { a day without laughter is a wasted day }
      Gotta agree that with one LMAO!!!!

  5. That was freakin awesome Rita!! I love me some Zoolander! I’ve always thought Rob had the Blue Steel look down PAT!!! 🙂

    • rita01tx

      I made the mistake of letting a friend pick the movie on our Movie Sunday one time and she took us to see Zoolander.
      OMG! It was horrible! Except that the next time I saw it on TV I started to see the humor behind the horribleness.
      Now I just think it’s so bad it great!!!

  6. HILARIOUS, Rita! (if a little painful for Rob to have to share his spot with Derek Zoolander!) You are so creative. I love how you pull together your themes and you’re not afraid to post the dorky pics when they work. Thanks for the entertainment! ~BOH

    • rita01tx

      Thanks BoH darlin’! Glad some of you appreciate my weird and twisted sense of humor LOL!!
      I told RF when she and the others talked me into posting here that they had no idea what they were unleashing on their unsuspecting followers.
      They should have taken the hint when my first post was that tiny vid that Rob made of himself crunching ice backstage on Ellen.

  7. ilovealion

    OMR!! I love this post! Maybe i am completely wacky, but Zoolander is HILARIOUS to me. It is so ridiculous that it’s funny. The thing is, Ben Stiller is not attractive to me–at all. Neither is Owen Wilson. The premise that they are male models is just beyond funny.

    Now, the Precious on the other hand, he is just delicious. His “blue steel” is panty-dripping… er… um… I mean panty-dropping hot.

    The sweater pic comparison made me laugh out loud!!! Still giggling, actually.

    Say, did any of you notice how freaking HUGE his feet look in the gumby pic?? OMR, seriously, what size Nikes does he wear?? No wonder those button fly jeans are always tight in certain areas. lol

    Thanks for the post, sweets. I’m still laughing. hehehe

    • rita01tx

      Hi Deanna darlin’! I agree…Stiller & Wilson are not attractive to me either, but I still watch their movies. Especially Owen has a special charm about him that’s hard to describe. Funniest nose, but hats off to him for not “fixing” it to conform to so-called Hollywood norms.
      Gotta say Rob’s sweater photo represents a facet of his playfulness that I absolutely love about him.
      As far as his feet…seriously, you are just now noticing how big they are? And YES, the size of his feet stirs our imaginations as to the size of HHP to this day! LMAO!!!

  8. ilovealion

    Hehehe. I’ve noticed his feet before. Many times… They just sorta jumped out of that photo to me.

    And, Rita, I agree that his soul is his prettiest feature. He’s a musician and an animal lover… GAH!

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