Monday Madness…Works of Art


Hello Everybody *waves*



This was not the post I intended for today, However I think I must be one of the luckiest people ever when it comes to Stumbling onto great things! “Happy Accidents” as I call them. Some of you may know that I made a living for many years on art work and other creative/crafty things. And if you know that then you know that I greatly admire true artistic talent.

Well I was searching for specific things for a post on google when I stumbled onto an Artist with a talent for drawing Rob!! Now I have no clue if these are hand drawn or done on PS or what but either way this Lady has a true gift and I thought it should be shared!


Ladies, I bring you  The art work of CezLeo…



Amazing Right? I Thought so! 🙂 She has other amazing drawings of other stars such as Michael Jackson so you should really go check out her page and leave her some love!

For those of you who do not know you can find more art work by other artists at the top of the page under the tab “Art.” While you are in there if you happen to know any of the Artist responsible for the drawings let me know in the comments on the art pages. I had many of them saved before I even started a blog so I have no idea who they belong to. Thanks!

Feel free to share your art work Poetry and great finds in the comments.

Much Love to you all!

Laters BBez



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13 responses to “Monday Madness…Works of Art

  1. edwardsvamptramp69

    Absolutely amazing. The one wth the cigarette up to his mouth looks exactly like the actual photo. Of course, how could you go wrong with a muse like THAT?! 😉 My brother is also just as talented and his drawings you’d swear were the real deal. I wish his muses were the Pretty, but alas he usually draws Clint Eastwood or Charles Bronson. Oh well………..*sighs*

    Thanks for the pictures. I will have to check her out. 🙂

    • IKR? She’s dead on or damn close on almost all of them. I wish I could draw lke this cause would LOVE to paint these in myself!! You should schmooze yur brother into drawng a pic for you LOL.

  2. dee602

    These are beautiful. I would think they’d be hand drawn as some are close but not perfect. The one in the leather jacket knocked me off my seat. I loved those pics as you an see from my avi. My Tattward LOL
    Thanks for stumbling on these. I’m going to check her out now.

    • ITA BB! When i first saw that photo shoot, (before I knew about FF and such things as Tattward and Domward etc.) My first Thought was “Rock~N~Roll Rob is hawt! It’s a good look on him” Ad I love when Rob wears jewelery. Some how even that tiny gold chain makes him sexier! she captures every detail, even the necklace.

  3. These are amazing!! Most of the time I feel like the artists are not able to capture the essence of Rob. That it’s something you can only see in the real thing. But this artist pulled it off! They are so realistic. Great find, boss!

    • IKR? seen hudreds and hundreds of “art” works of Rob and the Twilight cast but very few have that lick and save quality to them for me as an artist or a Rob fan (perv LOL) But these are really great.

  4. ilovealion

    Those pictures are amazing. I agree, the one with the cigarette is phenomenal.

    Can you imagine how long she had to sit and stare at pictures of the Precious to get her images so precise. Maybe i should take up drawing… it would give me an excuse to gape at him (a reason other than pure unadulterated pleasure). hehehe

    Thanks for the post, sweets.

    • Thanks for stopping by ILAL!!! I really like the Rome one too! I was hoping there would be more from the Rome Rob days but these are the only one I found. She has the eyes down pat n all of them but two and that’s not easy to do. Especially for our boy’s unique and beautiful eyes!!

  5. Oh wow, the GQ one of him lying down, second from the end is stunning. Like Robsfuturemate, I’ve seen a few of this kinds of drawings and they just don’t do it for me as a rule, but these are extraordinary. What a talent.

    • rita01tx

      I’m with you, Fluffy darlin’! They are all awesome, but that’s gotta be my favorite! I think it’s the touch of blue for his eyes that makes the whole thing just sexy as hell!!

  6. I love the Dali one as I have a soft spot for that hairstyle. Oops, sorry RobsFan-tasy, I shouldn’t have mentioned the hair lol.

    • DOH! The HAIR!!!!! WWWWAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!

      Thought you all might find this interesting. I found it almost a year ago. This in “Real time” actually takes hours upon hours to do even in photoshop But damn you get to see it all done in just around 3 & 1/2 mins and it is fascinating (at least to me)

      I so Want to do PS but unfortuneatly I’ve heard it doesn’t work with my version of Windows! 😦

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