Thrill Me Thursday… Finger Fantasies

Hello Everybody *waves*


 It’s all RFM’s FAULT!!!!  She did it!  She got me going and now I’m off on a tear!  Ya just had to do it, didn’t you girl?  I had this vague idea for a post and there was this one little gif that I couldn’t get outta my head.  Then RFM went and posted about musical Rob, and those magnificently talented fingers of his, and now I’m all wound up about them ~ AGAIN (or should I just say S’MORE?)
And so, my friends, we are here for ONE reason today.
source robdays

Rob's hands and those long, elegant and gifted fingers!

You see, when I think of Rob and music, it makes me think of things like this…

Rob's fingers IN the guitar!! *UNF*

And the shape of the microphone does NOTHING to get me outta the RobGutter *snickers!*
You DO notice the microphone, don’t you?  Rita didn’t…her eyes were locked onto his hands LOL!
Can you handle this, ladies?
“There’s no way”
Rob, I totes agree with you! They won’t be able to handle that.  Seriously?  FingerPorn AND your Stoli T?
Complete overload…especially when I insert (Gah! I love that word!) this Melbie vid, just to be evil *witchy cackle.*
spunk ransom and kstew tumblr
Those hands get to touch his shoulders…
spunk ransom and kstew tumblr
his face…
his body!!!

Those fingers get to touch his lips...I wanna touch those lips! Oh, what he could do with those hands, those fingers....Too hot to handle! I am DIED!!

I know where I'd like those fingers to be pressing *shiver!*

OMG!   Fondling Fingers!!

 Let the fantasies begin…
Much Love to you all,


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32 responses to “Thrill Me Thursday… Finger Fantasies

  1. “AGAIN (or should I just say S’MORE?” – You crack me up every time RobsFan-tasy. Love the Melbie video, that’s a new one to me.

    • Hehehe you should hear the stuff I don’t Won’t say *Snickers* Very Pervy minded but My Angelic side keeps control *HALO GLOWS BRIGHTER*

      You should Check ou her Channel Melbie makes some of the best Vids.

      OH I got to add also Thanks to Rita for her editing touch. And also let every one Know that RFM Added a page under Photos Called Music Rob. Check it out.

  2. edwardsvamptramp69

    Those fingers do me in EVERY TIME! Especially when they’re by those delicious lips. YUM. And the vid by Melbie???????? OH. MY. GAWD! That was incredibly HOT!

    Thank you, Ladies!

  3. rita01tx

    I can’t take my eyes off the gif of his fingers stroking and fondling that microphone stand…GAH!!!

  4. ilovealion

    I noticed the microphone right away… and yeah, I had naughty thoughts. hehehe

    Thanks for another awesome post, sweets.

  5. Hey! If this is what my post inspired than I’m all for it. I too love those long, lean, flexible, talented fingers!!

  6. dazzledbyrp

    The ultimate in fingerporn. ‘Nuff said:

    (Hypnotizing, isn’t it?)

  7. dazzledbyrp

    We must all have Rob’s fingers in mind today. On Robsessed, there’s a blog entry about Rob playing piano in BD2. Here’s a quote from Carter Burwell about Rob playing duets with Renesmee that I loved:

    “Rob is a musician, so he prides himself on working out the fingering for these correctly.”

    I’ll bet that goes for other things he “works out the fingering correctly for”. {{wink, wink}}.

  8. OH my GAAAWWWD RF! This post just really killed me DED!!! Especially Manu’s video…. This man’s hands, his long sexy fingers… the way he moves them …. Jesus H. Christ in a Hot Tub, I’ve never seen anything so sexy in my life. I love you for this post… thank you for using my vid but Manu’s video is a far superior tribute to HIS HANDS and those FINGERS…

    Here’s a photo I posted last night, an oldie from 2009… and I know there is a lot of sexy to look longingly upon, but my eyes went straight to his hands, his fingers… look how long those fingers are! JESUS!!! Rob!!!

    Just like Kristen said, your fingers are “magical”, and SHE should know…. THUD.

  9. The last gif…they were not together on Jimmy Kimmel this go around, were they. I just rewatched Kristen’s interviews on JK and I don’t see where she says his fingers are magical. I would love to hear that. I saw a small clip of her recently and she refers to Rob’s hands as flippers.

    • I found the gif on favnia’s Tumblr. I don’t know if it is genuine or if it is fan made. You can always look her up on tumblr and ask her personally. I did not get to see the interview in full but i do have to research it for a FF. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Let me know if you find out!

    • Ladies, the gif is indeed a manip. They were not on Kimmel together this year. I think I would have noticed K while I was sitting in the taping. Even with HHH in the room!!

      It’s from her Kimmel interview after Rob’s. She’s not even talking about Rob at that time. She’s talking about not telling her dad about Grauman’s until the night before. If you want to see the interview, go to Youtube. It’s very common 😉

    • Here is The Interview Kristen did that includes the part with the fingers. You can see for yourself that Rob is not there and that it is indeed the same shot.

  10. OMG there’s my vid too!!! Thanks so much ladies, so happy!!!! I live for His hands ……Big Kisses to all of you . Manu 😉

    • HI HHO!!! WELCOME!
      I did not know you were manu!!! Wow! You make great vids BB!! Even Melbie thinks so 🙂 Great skils! What Program do you use? As you can tell I Love his hands too!!

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Hope you’ll come back again sometime.

      • manucullen

        Hi Darling Thanks for welcome!!!! Happy to stay here with you… Now i used vegaspro10 but the vid you posted here is made with AVS!!!
        I leave you the first part if you want to see 😉
        thanks for all, kisses

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