Saturday Club!

Well hello everyone! Sorry it’s been so long, bloody RL got up in my grill and I’ve been fighting it off! Now that you’ve been shown the RA Mansion, picked out your rooms and been shown ours, I thought I’d make use of my pad and invite you all to join me here every Saturday for Rob Attack Saturday Club, where all manner of things will happen!

This week, as it’s our first club meeting, I thought we’d do a little fun thing called

“The Lobster and The Barracuda”:

Close your eyes, relax and float downstream…and cast your mind back to when you were a young girl. A time when you were not a Cougar, but a Barracuda – a young girl hopelessly devoted to an older idol. Who used to fill your daydreams and schoolbooks? How did you come across them? Let me know in the comments!

Before we close this week’s edition of Saturday Club, I shall tell you my story;

I was five years old. It was just another boring trip to Tesco..or so I thought. Being five, I of course had the attention span if a gnat, so I waddled off to the toys aisle. That’s where everything changed – a black plastic, retro style phone caught my eye and I began pressing the buttons. Then I picked up the plastic receiver. A tinny serenade of “Can’t Buy Me Love” poured into my ears. I was grinning, enamoured with this voice I’d just found. I never did buy that phone, but eight years later, I knew that voice belonged to Paul McCartney of The Beatles, and eight years later, on my thirteenth birthday, I added to my collection of Beatles stuff, receiving a copy of the Beatles:Anthology book. Then the real fangirling started. All because of this picture:

20120121-021402 PM.jpg

SOLD! To the crazy thirteen year old with the bouffant hairdo!

So of course, we are now at a point where I am, as they say, “irrevocably in love with him”. I saw him in concert on December 19th and cried for the entire three hours *sigh* but adding Rob into the picture creates a little problem … Who comes first in the ranks?!

There’s only one way to find out – FIGHT!

TMM xoxo



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14 responses to “Saturday Club!

  1. rita01tx

    Whoa there, darlin’! You DO know this is a Rob blog, dontcha? There’s no comparison! Now, while I do admit to a Beatles obsession back in the day, I was more intrigued by their musical revolution / evolution than by the 4 lovely boys behind the music. Besides, I couldn’t choose.
    With Rob, you don’t NEED to choose…it’s a done deal the instant you see and hear him! Add HIS music to the mix and you have the whole package…and what a package it is *snickers!*

  2. Wow, this is kinda embarrassing but my first older crush had to be Grant Aleksander from the soap Guiding Light. (my moms favorite soap)
    Guess I always had a thing for a strong jawline.

  3. Yes, I agree with Rita. Nobody can compare to our Rob and as someone said (can’t remember who, sorry!), once I saw him, even Johnny Depp started to look like a troll ;)!
    Even though, I had two idols when I was young. The first because of his incredible voice (and he was pretty cute too he he), and the second because of the strange fascination teenagers always had for him.

  4. As Rita said, Rob is the whole package so you don’t have to choose! I never really had a crush on a much older man but I did have a celeb crush once. It was in no way comparable to what I have now with Rob. Which is obvious in this post I did a while back.

  5. dazzledbyrp

    My first celeb crush, like you TMM, was Paul McCartney. I was a child and had it pretty bad, but it was still nothing compared to what Rob does to me!! While looking for a pic of Paul Mc to add here, I came across this! Of course, I totally disagree with what it says, but I guess it just proves that I must have the hots for “pretty” whether I was a pre-teen or an old cougar!

    The only other celeb that ever got my girlie bits to tingle was Paul Newman. Something about that man in every stage of his life was just swoon-worthy.

    • *High five*

      Macca groupies FTW! LMAO at that picture! I found one the other day that said “Paul McCartney: hotter than you since 1942” which was pretty damn funny…and true, given the standard ofen these days, bar Rob of course! LOL

  6. as has been said no one can compare to our lucious rob but my teenage crush was fairly typial. christian slater (circa pump up the volume & young guns II)

  7. well as usual I stand alone in being the only one who NEVER had a crush on any “star” of any kind at any time for any reason. Posters came down off my wall when i got past the puppies and kittens poster stage. I was always way more “grown up” than either of my two older siblings and at least mentlly and emotionally I passed them by at the age of six LOL Rob is was and always has been my only obsession. so i guess you can see that my devotion to the man is intense LOL he has become my life, literally and no Twilight pun is intended it’s just a fact with no other way to say it.

    Nice to see you came back TMM

  8. Sus

    I crushed on Tom Selleck, when he was in “Magnum, P.I.” Lucky to have met him once….nice, nice man!

    But nothing has ever grabbed me like this Robsession….I never knew what hit me! LOL!

  9. When I was twelve I adored David Cassidy. He was my first fantasy.LOL. Every week I was so excited waiting for The Partridge Family to be on television, just so I could see David in his maroon velvet. I saw him in concert three times a few years back. You could never get a ticket to see him back in the day. At the recent concerts I just closed my eyes when he started singing and I was instantly transported back to 1971. Though these days no one past or present can compere to The Pretty..

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