Thrill Me Thursday ~ Apologies!!

RF asked me to post an apology on her behalf.  She’s having major computer issues and won’t be able to THRILL us today *sob!*







I'm soooo sorry!

She promises to make it up to us next Thursday and I believe her on that…she told me the concept and it’s gonna be goooood!

Anyway, we didn’t want to leave you hanging, wondering WTF was going on!

None of us had something to post at such short notice, so we ALL apologize!!

That being said, Rob has been spotted in London (no photos) AND he’s confirmed for the Berlin premier of Bel Ami on February 17th…YAY!!!!

Love ya!

Rita and Robs Fan~tasy



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2 responses to “Thrill Me Thursday ~ Apologies!!

  1. Sus

    No apologies needed, bb! You all do a great job here! We can live for one day (I think)….LOL!

  2. rita01tx

    Thanks for understanding, Sus darlin’!

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