Sensual Sunday ~ Rob…Perfect in Plaid!


If there’s anything I love to see Rob wearin’, it’s plaid!  Don’t matter what color plaid…it all looks f*ckHAWT on our boy!

Well, as long as he NEVER wears plaid pants!  Those shiteous orange pants were bad enough, but PLAID?  Just…UGH!

Oh, shouldn't have said that! Now I'll have to dig up a pair just to tease you!

Don’t do it, Rob!  I’m watching you {2 fingers pointing from my stink eyes to his twinklies}!

OK, where was I?  Oh yeah!  So, beanie Rob gave us black plaid during rehearsals for Cosmopolis …

Purple, baby! It's plaid is so boring!

I dunno, Rob…looks black to me!

Well, I'm standing by purple. And, damn it, Rita! No dissing the red pants!

Soooory!  Must be the light cause those pants look orange to me…no need to pout, but I love the LipPorn, so go ahead and purse those pretty lips at me anytime LOL!

Now, as to red, NOBODY rocks red plaid like The Pretty!

Awww, baby! One photo wasn't enough? Looks like a "scatter shot" LOL!

Rob, honey!  We could NEVER get enough of you, and you know it!!

Blue plaid is so cooool on our boy!  Love the blue plaid jacket he wore for the Vanity Fair 2009 shoot!

Hey! It was cold that day, and I really liked this jacket. Too bad they wouldn't let me keep it!

Yeah, baby!  Looks good on you {and I’d like to be all cuddled up under there against your warm chest *sigh*}!

{Thanks for the multiple Robgasms on these 2 gorgeous wallpapers, Jolori darlin’!}

Oh hell, let’s have us some more blue plaid Rob!!

Uh, Rita? Hate to tell you, but this is check...not plaid!

WHAT? Noooo!  It’s plaid…ain’t it?  Crap, you’re right!  It’s definitely blue check.

That's what I said! Maybe you should get your eyes checked, Rita! Get it...checked?

Well, you can’t go wrong wearing blue AND red PLAID, Rob darlin’!!!

Um, Rita? Forgive me for that eyes remark? Didn't mean to hurt your feelings!

Sweetheart, I’d forgive you ANYTHING you look at me like that! {Damned ol’ Baby Boomer Cougar eyes!}

Good! Cause I was wondering what you thought of boring ol' BROWN plaid LOL!

On you, Rob?  Just looks waaarm!  {Gah! TonguePorn!  Just kill me now!!!}

So, brown plaid doesn't turn you off?

No, baby! It purely don’t! {will…not…get lost…in the EyePorn!}

Hmmm...well, what color plaid DON'T you like, Rita?

I dunno, Rob…yellow’s not really my favorite color, so maybe yellow? {GAH!! Can’t take much more LipPorn!}

Gonna have to agree with you on yellow plaid, Rita!

Aw, it ain’t THAT bad, darlin’!  But, of all the plaids, Tybert plaid is my absolute favorite!!

Tybert? What the hell is a Tybert???

Tybert is, well…Tyler Hawkins and Robert Pattinson…Tyler / Robert = Tybert.  See?

LMAO! Damn it, Rita! You crack me the f*ck up! Good thing I wasn't actually drinking this coffee!!

Oops! Well, now it’s MY turn to apologize, Rob darlin’ LOL!

Gotta run now, Rita! It's been fun...see you next week!

Thanks for dropping in, Rob!  It’s a date! {OMG!  MuffinPorn… FingerPorn… LipPorn… HairPorn FTMFW!!!}

Crap! And I had about a million more Tybert photos, too!

Happy Sunday, ya’ll!




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44 responses to “Sensual Sunday ~ Rob…Perfect in Plaid!

  1. Rob in plaid…*happy sigh*

    Happy Plaid Sunday!!!

  2. A worthy post, my dear! Rob wears plaid like no one else! And you actually had me nervous for a minute… the first thing I thought of was Tyler plaid, and I worried you’d forget it… but of course you didn’t! Shame on me for my worry! So, in all fairness, you should send Rob – in plaid or anything he wants to wear, including nothing, if he so chooses – to spank me. For doubting. I deserve it. 😛

    • rita01tx

      Hell, Chloe! I coulda called this post Remember Me in Plaid and used only Tybert plaid photos! But I wanted a broad spectrum and some of those just “spoke” to me, as you can tell LMAO!!
      No need for a spankin’ darlin’, but if you WANT one, I’ll see if I can’t round up the key to the RROP and find Rob for you *snickers!*

  3. Ooh, gotta love Rob in plaid, and RM gave us an absolute plethora – even his sheets were plaid LOL! Here’s one of my favourites.

    • rita01tx

      Hey Fluffy darlin’! Don’t I wish they’d give us some HQ photos from that shoot!? Love that soft grey color on him, too…kinda looks like check to me LMAO!!! But, what the hell’s the diff, right?

  4. And how about this one for showing off those wondrous pecs – jeez, he’s sexy. This was when he had been working out for NM.

    • rita01tx

      Damn, musta been a coolish day too LOL! NipplePorn *fist pump!*
      Oh yes! Our boy was bulking up and working out for his shirtless scene. Which, by the way, was EPICALLY HAWT!!!

  5. I know that, strictly speaking, this is check, not plaid – but if you can do it so can I LOL. And he’s so fucking cute in this.

  6. Liz’s pics inspired me to share more…

    Damn, He is sofa king HAWT, when he’s serious.

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  8. *h00r down* I flove him in that plaid coat! God, he was so f*cking hot in that shoot! Yum, love this post Rita! xo

    • rita01tx

      Thanks, MC darlin’! VF09 was a GREAT Rob shoot…lost of really good photos of The Pretty! Too bad the VF11 shoot couldn’t have been more “giving” towards his fans *still fuming!*

      • the VF 2009 shoot was done in Montauk, Long Island during RM shoot….about an hour away from my house! Definite disturbance in the force that day *fans self*

        • rita01tx

          Welcome to RA, deanshoneybear! I’ve seen you on Robsessed, one of my favorite Rob sites! Love that someone else is a fan of our Dean LOL! He does such a good job of taking care of Rob!
          (Did you know there’s a fan fic starring Dean??)
          Did you get anywhere close enough to see The Pretty that day?
          This is my favorite shot from FV09…looks like a candid, which are usually the best!

          • hi Rita! I did NOT know about the Dean ff…do you have any info on it? I can just google maybe..though I think it may be too random to come up with anything..LOL…I didnt get up close to The Pretty on the day of the VF shoot…I didnt even know about it until the mag came out *horrified at the bad fangirling*…it wasnt until then that I started to notice the pics of the “Lobster Hat -summer 2009 during RM shooting” and looked closer to see its from Duryeas Lobster Shack! I’ve been there! and it all clicked…LOL
            I did however get up close The Pretty and The DeanMachine (as well as Clare and Richard when I literally ran into her (head and face I think)on the sidewalk with my umbrella- *shudders*) at the WFE premiere NYC *still swooning* ..great work on the site! nice to see everyone who made it over from RAoR…xoxo

            • rita01tx

              Found it!! Wish it would update more often, but here ya go, darlin’!

              The Bodyguard by FantasyMother
              What can a human do when vampires are in danger? No, the human isn’t little Bella Swan, but a hulking man who’s managed to traverse the meanest streets to keep his celebrity charges intact. Is it that much harder to protect a vampire?
              Twilight – Rated: M – English – Humor/Drama – Chapters: 6 – Words: 6,599 – Reviews: 80 – Updated: 12-24-11 – Published: 12-5-11 – Edward & Bella

              Very intriguing story. There may be more to The DeanMachine than meets the eye! Enjoy!!!

              • thank you thank you thank you! just what I need…another ff to keep me from my housework…and since Dean wants to go traipse around Europe with Steven Spielberg during The Drought instead of coming home to me where he belongs…the double edged sword of loving a man so beloved I suppose *snickers*

  9. haystackhair

    Now that I have been reduced to a drooling pile of goo, I will gurgle out a thankyou for all these f*ckhawt plaid Rob picks. GAWD!!!

  10. rita01tx

    ROTFLMAO! Oh HSH, darlin’! Just the reaction I was aiming for!!!
    Our boy turns us ALL into drooling puddles of goo just by existing!
    Thanks, Mr. & Mrs. P! Mwah!!

  11. dazzledbyrp

    Back to the previous reference to Nikki-packing box-day, I think the haircut works so well because of the shirt. nom….nom…nom….

    And Rita….I found the plaid pants!!!! Too adorable for words. Mayve this is where the whole plaid thing actually started!!!! LMAO!

  12. Oh Rob rocks the plaid like no other!! So I’m looking for some that we haven’t seen today and here we go:

    This one goes a ways back (but not as far back as Maggie’s)

  13. And we mustn’t forget the day Rob rocked the plaid SUIT!!! Oh how I loved they put him in this!

    Even Ellen went plaid on this one

  14. Googling Rob and plaid and you can definitely see he likes to re-wear his clothes!! Or his friend’s clothes as the case so often may be. 😉 Mags and I saw Bobby Long last year and we swear we saw Rob wearing his shirt before! (yep, it was plaid!)

  15. OK I cam to play Pretty Pattinson in Plaid too!
    How about some scruff with your Plaid?
    Like all good Parties, Some times you need a double shot
    And a couple of big bare things *snickers*

  16. You have to double click to get back here from Tumblr. Sorry but PB Hates me! LOL Up for more? Let’s go!
    How about some beanie, lip, rayban, manfur plaid porn???

    Or some heathrowe airport plaid porn?

    Or some leather Jacket Plaid porn?

  17. And the editing job by inrobwelust on this pic is just awesome! Love how it went from light to dark
    Something in this pic makes me think Super Hero!

  18. I need me some plaid…& I really really need to suck that bottom lip and lick those poor chilly nips! Holy fuck, I really am insanely obsessed…..

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