Monday Madness…Tickled at Twilight

Hello Everybody *waves*


Well I kinda got my laptop troubles fixed (FB AND PB still hate me) but at least RA Loves me still! SO here I am to keep my promise for Funny Monday Madness. We’re takin it to the Twilight. Now I just want to make it clear from the get go that I LOVE TWILIGHT and I am NOT putting it down in any way! I also Love most of the cast and there is no personal opinions of the cast in this post. That being said, these pictures just struck me as funny for many reasons so I had to share. Again, many were sent to me over a year ago and unless they are tagged I have no idea where they came from. If you know or if you are responsible let me know so I can give the credit where it’s due!
If I do know the source, you can mouse over it and the source will be revealed.









By now you all know I have an affinity for Great Art work but this isn’t exactly my cup o tea! LOL

hee hee…ok, I’m done…for now…bwahaha

much love to you all


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17 responses to “Monday Madness…Tickled at Twilight

  1. Wow…….just… SO MUCH GOING ON HERE! SO MUCH HILARITY!!! “Get in loser, we’re going SPARKLING!” BWAHAHAHA!!! Classic.

  2. christa64c

    Love, love, love that whole post! I adore Twilight enough to accept and recognize that there are parts of the books and movies that deserve to be made fun of. Sparkling? Really? Those two kittens are absolutely adorable. K having to rub Taylor’s head… LOL! Jacob thinking he’s prettier than Edward? LMFAO! Not in a million years big boy!

    What a great way to start a Monday! Thank you!!!!

    • The kstew one petting the “wolf” head was both funny and werid LOL i just could not imagine having to do that and keep a straight face. I’ve seen gifs of the green scree where Edward Alice and Jazz lunges into the air and those guys in the skin suits are diving under and over them but in the movie they are replaced by wolves. Ya gotta give them all credit for maintaining the composure but it’s still funny as hell to see it.

  3. dazzledbyrp

    BWWWAAAAH HAAA HAAA! So much funny! We know we love Twilight, but it does lend itself to the hilarious so easily. I’ve posted this before, but it is one of my favorites:

  4. haystackhair

    OMFG these are great! I have the first gif, and it dies me every time I see it, but never saw the second one. LMAO!!! This post is all kinds of win bb!

  5. rita01tx

    Call me weird, but I FLUV the Gilles Maurice drawing BWAHAHAHA!!!
    Yeah, cartoony Rob…not so much. These are all hilarious, so it’s hard to choose, but “Trix are for Hoes” is the one that had me rolling off my chair, cause I love play on words!

  6. Sus

    Oh, bb…this post was hysterical! I luff’d it!

    The Edward whacking Bella and Jacob was so funny (not very nice, tho’)….. LOL!

    You always outdo yourself!

  7. You certainly tickled me with some of those RFT, thanks.

  8. Loved the gif of Rob hitting Taylor or rather Edward hitting Jacob the best. I’m still wondering what happened to the clip from the original BD trailer where Edward sends Jacob flying into the wall!!! That didn’t make it into the movie.

    Dazzledbyrp – love the Twilight brain link too!

  9. Than You all for coming (TWSS) to share the giggles and for commenting on them. If you find any you’d like to share, you know where to reach me.

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