Wandering…through Valentine’s Wallpaper

It’s the first day of February and that means that it is now okay to decorate for Valentine’s Day!! And of course, I’m here with some decor for your PC, laptop and phone. There is plenty to choose from and don’t forget, we have more wallpaper in the tab at the top of the page.

Here’s my current desktop: (hover over the pics for sources)

And many more for your choosing!

And here’s a little something for your phone! I know I’m stretching it here but they are Valentine colors with a little bit of DuRob thrown in for Parisian love:) (All by Dreamy Sim)

I hope you found something there to get you in the Valentine Spirit! And all you single ladies out there, don’t worry Rob’s available to brighten up your V-Day!! I know, he’s doing that for me 🙂


Anybody have any new creations out there ready for sharing?



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13 responses to “Wandering…through Valentine’s Wallpaper

  1. dazzledbyrp

    nom…..nom….. And us married hoors STILL want Rob as our valentine! (shh!….don’t tell!!)

  2. I love all the kisses! Wish I could place a few more 🙂

  3. exaltada

    I wish I could have all this expertise in photoshop… I´d share my art with you. But I ´m an ignorant in that stuff, so I watch and enjoy yours 😉

  4. christa64c

    New wallpapers for me!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

  5. Sus

    Love, luv, luffs………xoxoxo

  6. ilovealion

    Thanks for so the Valentine’s candy!!


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