Thrill Me Thursday… Down and Durhtay

WARNING: this post may not be safe for work! it may cause giggles, impromptu out burts of laughter. swooning and possibly hazardous slippy keyboards due to excess drooling and other types of wet spots! Bwahahaha! you have been warned! 

Hello Everybody *waves*


Well ladies, I’m back with the post that I promised you last week when my laptop decided to go berserk! (Was Rob just to hot for it to handle??? Hmmm??)

So, anybody up for some dirty Rob? I mean Durrhtay Rob? I knows I am!!! I raided Melbie’s tumblr for most of the Pics! (God Bless her Huge Pervy Cougar Mamma Heart!)
So let the music play. This is one song that REALLY fits Our Boyfriend and all of us too! Just call me trouble *snickers*
Lyrics: Hey baby if you’re feelin down, I know what’s good for you all day. Are you worried what your friends see? And will it ruin your reputation lovin me? no Hollywood movie star. You want me to be true to ya! You dont give a damn what I do to ya! I’m just a girty White Boy! Dirty White Boy! Dirty White Boy! Dirty White Boy! … I’ve been in trouble since I don’t know when, I’m in trouble now and I know somehow I’ll find trouble again. I’m a loner but I’m never alone. Every night I get one step closer to the danger zone. Cause I’m a Dirty White Boy! Yeah a Dirty White Boy. A Dirty White boy. I’m a Dirty White Boy! Dirty White Boy! etc…

"Can you handle it Baby?"

I’ll supply you with this button just in case you can’t handle this post. *giggles*

I'm not going to promise you it will work though. LOL

Now we all know our boyfriend has (had?) a reutation for not always being the most hygenic… 

"Hey Baby! I found us a nice dirty spot right behind ths dumpster. You Up for it? I am"

Or very clean at times.

"But baby I thought you liked whipped Cream."

 But lets face it, he’s given them plenty of reasons to think these things…


"Ah that dumpster was great! Glad I took that long nap afterwards."

 He often appeared in a number of unkempt Smexy ways…

"Whut? I thought grunge was in!"

 Back n the RAoR days “Rob” was even quoted as having said…

"I look like a disheveld chicken"

And he admits he’s a terrible hoarder

"I'm a Homeless Hoarder"


There’s even been a few times that Appeared really bad…

Now Rob, you know I’d never say anything bad about you just give me a minute to explain Baby! *giggles* Like this one…

bahahaha Oh Sorry LOL

Even though we love the just F*cked hair you have to admit that sometimes you need a Shampoo, a shave, hair cut and a bath LOL

"HEY! I like it rough!"

 We LOVE you Both ways *unf!* Rob. Imma just trying to show both ways BB!

It's like magic!!

See just a little touch here and there and you look Mahvelous Dahling!! *snickersnort*

Before & After

See what a difference a brush makes? *giggles*

But that’s not the only way our Boy gets down and dirty. Sometimes he has a real Potty mouth!

See what I mean?

I dunno but that expression on his face makes me think he’s totally wasted LOL

Because we love you Rob. Clean,  durty, hero or villan, Prince or gigalo we love you. And we love to watch you doing this *UNF*

What you have all been waiting for me to get to heh heh heh

And This…

Whut? You want to see more? Me Too!!! *snickersnort*

This is still not Enough! I say Bring on Bel Ami! NOW!


Yes yes we are! There is your answer Rob! and you have to admit, when the man smiles,


He puts the sun to shame!



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14 responses to “Thrill Me Thursday… Down and Durhtay

  1. ROFL! great post RF, and I like Rob every way – duurty, scrubbed – but somehow unkempt Rob makes me wanna do some reeally duurty things to him . . . and the Bel ami gif is just unf!

  2. ilovealion

    I wanted to be Christina Ricci when she played Wednesday in the Adams Family because she was snarky and mean and she put those snooty a-holes in their place.

    I wanted to be Christina Ricci when she played in Sleepy Hollow because her tits looked magnificent in the costumes. (she has a nice rack. js)

    And now, after seeing that Bel Ami trailer where she’s obviously getting more than the tip… I can add another “I wanna be her” moment to my list.

    Holy crow.

    Thanks for the awesome post RF. I think Rob’s utter lack of “care” for how he looks is one of his most endearing qualities. He’s not into status, just comfort. And, hey, so what if he doesn’t shower every day. That makes him REAL. And that’s why we love him. He’s no Hollywood hottie who’s ordered around by some stylist … and I think that’s just–PERFECT.


    • I have to admit I admired her in Sleepy Hollow. She was very Pretty in that.

      But now…. seeing her in Bel Ami…. I’m like…

      STEP OFF B*TCH!!! LMAO just joking! (kinda)

      Hey The way I see it the durhtier the better! i mean we all have bath tubs and heh heh, I’d love to give him a bath and a shave and a haircut. *swoon* Fifty shades anyone?

  3. I’ve been searching for the duhrty, WFE manure shoveling gif. I finally found it and it won’t link. 😦 Anyways, I love him even when he’s covered in horse sh*t and that says something!!!

    On a separate note, looks like Sam Bradley shaved his head too!! Here’s a new vid he made last night!

    • I was looking for that gif last night too but I couldn’t find it! 😦 you can link it RFM just svae the pic (if you haven’t already. Go to this post on the dash board as though you were going to edit it. Up load it like you would any pic and at the bottom it will give you an RA link for that pic. Then Come back and post the link. That’s how I do it all the time.

      WTF are our guys thinking? Don’t they know they can’t scare us off by doing that?LOL

  4. dazzledbyrp

    RFM: Is this the one you were looking for? I loves me some dirty Robowski.

    And RF: This post really got my panties in a twist. Dirty Rob is the stuff my dreams are made of! I love him in all of his many looks and manifestations, but down and dirty, well…..just kill me now!

    Oh and as to Sam’s hair: If this is a new brit pack thing, they better get over it fast. I give them 60 days to grow sex hair – that’s it!!

    • That’s it, Mags! RF helped me out with getting here in full Rob color!!

      And 60 days? I only give them 59!! But wait, I think it’s a leap year! Whatever, they have until graduation. NO, they have until April 1st to grow some hair!!

    • Maggie, AMEN SISTER!!! *FIST BUMP* I wants me some hair pushing, smirky Rob finger porn. He can keep the Goatee But Damnit! There better be more hair on your head than there is on your face Rob!!!

      (p.s.) I’ll love you just the same Rob but pwease grow your hair back Baby! *sad puppy dog eyes @Rob*

  5. dazzledbyrp

    LOL!Looks like we were all posting at the same time!!!

  6. rita01tx

    Love that “disheveled” photo…wonder if he’ll ever grow it that long again?
    And, while I was at it, I clicked on that link to RAoR Rob, where JAG talks about Rob visiting and commenting and got deliciously lost for a while LOL!
    I still don’t know what to think of that…love to believe, BUT just how realistic was it?
    AND, just in case he’s lurking: Hi Baby! Hope you’re having a great time flying below the radar. You’re doing a fantastic job…we miss you, but love that you’re not being hassled by the fuckin’ paps!

    • dazzledbyrp

      I have that stuff on RAoR saved also and periodically pull it up to read it. IDK. Hard to say what really happened there. I like to think it was him. I doubt he’s interested in what goes on about him on the internet anymore, but back then, well….maybe. Just in case, tho: “Hi Sweetie!…..Call me!”

  7. Love this post RF!! Oh God isn’t this why we love this man so much? He can fill out a suit and look so uber hot in it, and then he can look sofa king hot all scruffy and who doesn’t love Rob in button fly jeans? He just looks fucking hot regardless of how he dresses… and we love all of him! Inside and out! No matter how down in the dumps we get, Rob always cheers us up with his adorkable sexy self… thank you RF and Rob for bringing smiles to my face, yet again. xoxo

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