Saturday Club: Exhibitionists!

Well now chickies, I’ve been spending a lot of time in art galleries lately, and yesterday I was in a conference with a local film director and one of his lead actors (who incidentally looked and sounded a bit like Hugh Grant)! Here’s hoping we up the stakes and get a conference with Rob some time soon! 😛

Aaanyway, what this all leads to is today’s pondering post with a bit of perviness thrown in, because why not?!

Today I will put this question to you; you’re hosting an exhibition at your local museum/gallery. It’s all about Rob (of course!)

What does the exhibition involve??!

Is it interactive?

Are there special rooms?

Does it take up more than one floor?

Is it *ahem* free entry?

Let me know in the comments! Happy Saturday chickies!

TMM xoxo


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4 responses to “Saturday Club: Exhibitionists!

  1. My imagination has kicked in and the visuals are out of this world….lets start with a Robangelo?


    Narrated Fanfic classics in Robs voice as Edward’s that vary from Hunterhuntings Tatward, to EP’s mafiaward, to Icy’s beloved Fifty….

    It would have to be two floors, the first will be paintings…photos….movie rooms running all Robs various works…

    His music exhibit….

    the second level is a more adult oriented side 18 and older please…*snickers*…showing Rob porn from all his movies but no cuts for ratings we need full scenes!

    then there is the oral fixation exhibit….

    The souvenir shop where you can purchase all Rob paraphernalia… (maybe they could sell a replica robpeen vibe) none of that sparkly stuff either! or busts of Rob….hmmm…

    There has to be an in and out burger inside as well….that serves as a pub as well…..rawwwwr!

  2. OMG, Rob’s hand monkey… are killing me here! And I’m trying to pay attention to the Super Bow, and there’s all this Robporn! Sheesh!


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