Sensual Sunday ~ Rob…I Wanna Get in Your Pants!

Hi, ya’ll!

Last week’s Perfect in Plaid post got me ta thinkin’, and ya’ll know that thinkin’ just gets me into a world of trouble, since I’m always thinkin’ of Rob!

So, thinkin’ of Rob’s plaid shirts just naturally leads me to what he wears with ’em.

Now it occurs to me that we’ve been sorely missin’ somethin’, lately…can’t quite put my finger on it, though.

Hmmm, now what on earth could it be????

Now, Rita! You couldn't possibly be missing the suits, now could ya?

No, Rob darlin’, you been real good to us in the suit department.  No complaints…at all! That’s not what’s got me ponderin’ so hard… {*Gasp!* Jules, honey! That’s one  damn fine gif you gave us!}

Well, I know you ladies don't like me in shorts, so that can't be it.

It’s not that we don’t love your bare legs, baby!  But, seriously???

You surely don't mean to diss what I wear on my down time, now do ya Rita?

*Gulp* No! No, I wouldn’t DREAM of makin’ fun of those shiteous red shorts, Rob honey!

Good (I think)! Cause, when I'm not on "display," the "boys" gotta breathe, ya know?

I couldn’t agree more, Rob!  Wouldn’t wanna jeopardize any future baby makin’ plans, darlin’! {Kill me now!  Daddybert!  How sweet will that be?}

So, you're not down with loose casual pants, huh?

*Whew! Fannin’ frantically!*  Well, not really, Rob…but, I might be down with gettin’ THOSE down *gigglesnort!* 

Aw hell, Rita! What else could you possibly be missing? I'm completely stumped!

*Squeeeeee!*  YES!!!  There they are!  Oh, we sooo miss your ripped button-fly jeans, Rob darlin’!

What??? I would've thought you ladies would be missing the "sexpenders!" LOL!

*THUD!* Yeah but…! No, but…!

Not even with your favorite sexboots? Rita! I'm surprised at you!

Aw hell, Rob! Now you’re just bein’ mean…makin’ me choose!!?!?!  It’s just that…

there ain't NUTHIN' sexier than a good pair of jeans!

So, puhleeeeeze!  More button-fly jeans!

I give up...just take me AND my button-fly jeans AND my sexboots to boot...get it? To boot? LMAO!

If only I really could “take” you, Rob darlin’!  If only…

No truer words have ever been spoken, Melbie darlin’!  Thanks for all the lovely edits! MWAH!!

Happy Sunday, ya’ll!



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19 responses to “Sensual Sunday ~ Rob…I Wanna Get in Your Pants!

  1. Yes, Rob definitely knows how to wear a suit. I mean he keeps showing up on Best Dressed List everywhere!!

    BUT, I love him in his button-fly jeans. Sofa king HAWT. *whimper*

  2. How about the button flies AND the Stoli?!

    We were just talking about Rob on facebook (what a surprise) and his regular look. Here’s what I had to say, ‘I think I love him like this in his everyday wear because he’s so down to earth. It shows his true spirit!”

    • oops! let’s try that again! (was posting this to facebook)

    • rita01tx

      It really does RFM! I love his “natural” look way better than his “show” look, even though some of his most beautiful close-ups come from his personal appearances. It’s not just his gorgeous face we love, though, is it? His beautiful soul is what snared us and keeps us in his gravitational pull. He’s our very own warm SUN!

  3. now don’t count all of us in the shorts and bare legs hatin’ category, coz there are a few of us that lurve those pale gams and bare tootsies!!! Go on Rob, darlin’ wear shorts anytime you want and please stay barefoot when you do!! *swooooooooon*

    • I’m not a fan of feet but Rob’s feet are always the exception!!!

      Can anybody find the pic I’m looking for? It’s Rob in BD wearing shorts when he finds out Bella is pregnant. Can’t seem to find it, but those legs and toes…even vampire white are cute!

  4. rita01tx

    LMAO! No, course not! I’d never diss any bare part of our Pretty, especially his long legs and sweet tootsies…love ’em too. But you gotta admit the shorts themselves distract the eye from what’s really important at first glance.

  5. dazzledbyrp

    Here’s another shot of those epic jeans. Those jeans drive me insane.

    and how about this teaser:

    These jeans are the best. The sexpender pants also make me go beserk. I, personally love the view one gets of his long, lean, white legs in any pair of shorts he wears – also the “easy access” fantasies of the shorts are quite delicious.

    Let’s face us: the man ‘s legs are so sexy, it’s just a joy to watch them in anything he has on them.

  6. WHUT? No Muffin shots??? oh girls I am surprised at YOU ALL!! 😛

    Personally I prefer the sexspenders *snickersnort* It was one of the first things I learned about our boy so I have a fondness for them above all.

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