Tonguing it Tuesday: The Thigh Master

I know, I know, when you think Thigh Master you think Suzanne Somers. But come on, she’s not the REAL thigh master. The one who has the most gorgeous thighs without exercise is Rob of course!

And this time I went straight to the  Rob Thigh H00r Expert and my friend, Pullmydaisy Too to bring us some of the best thigh pics out there. I don’t think there’s any way to start us out slow with this one. I mean, the thighs are awfully close to some other of our favorite bits!  So I’m going to try to keep your attention in the right place with some close-ups…(click pics for LARGE view)

The lovable buttonflies with the knee-rip, swoon!

Thighs perfect for lap sitting! GAH

The latest thigh sighting...UNF!!

Now that I know your eyes are on the thighs (well, mostly 😉 ) it’s time for some different angles!

Side thigh...nice

Thanks for giving us a proper look at that angle, Rob!

Bent front view, looks like a nice meaty thigh 😉

The back view...kill me now!!!

I bet you ladies have forgotten where to look, didn’t you? Rob, can you please get them to focus on your THIGHS?

Look right here, ladies. I'm pointing them out to you!

Now Rob, I don’t think that’s gonna help them focus… on your thighs, that is!

Does anyone need to see the back view again?

Forget it, I give up!!!!  😉 Bring on the THIGH porn in the comments ladies! (and please tell me you clicked on the pics for the best view possible!) Thanks again to Pullmydaisy Too for all the awesome pics!!

Robs Fan~tasy



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28 responses to “Tonguing it Tuesday: The Thigh Master

  1. These epic pictures get my juices flowing. Mr. Sex o. Legs has the legs to get us panting for more!! The views make me want to explore that luscious tush and thighs. Just reach out and touch!!

    Thanks for making my day complete with Rob porn!! Yummmy

  2. Awwww thanks for the SHOUT OUT Robsfuturemate. Hey, I’m just passing around all the great Rob edits that many of our fine Rob hOOrs/angels have created and shared on Tumblr/Facebook/websites out there. I lightened a couple of these to get a BETTER VIEW ifyouknowwhatimeanandithinkyoudo. LOL Sexy post. They all are. UNF to Rob who makes every one of my days brighter and sexier. WOOF ;P

    • You are so welcome! You did most of the work for me!! As soon as I thought of thighs, I thought of you. Thanks again

    • Nicole

      OMG…I have miss you PMD! Yep I remember how much you pray at the Church of Saint Mattress on the ThighPorn there sistah PattinH00R! 🙂

      How is cardboard Edward fairing with Louie??? LMAO, I loved the viddies of him attacking Edward. *Bloody hell, even Louie knows what is good for him*.

      Nice pics PMD!

      @RFM…Awesome post today bb. Sorry I’m a bit late, but better late than never! *Some more of this and I will need to hit my treadmill to burn off some of my pervy thoughts*.

      • No worries on the lateness, Nicole. One of us will always see when you comment!! And the treadmill’s not my preferred activity for burning off pervy thoughts ifyouknowwhatimsaying andithinkyoudo!!!

        • Nicole

          LMAO…Oh Hell Yeah I get your meaning sistah! Just I find that when all else fails…running, soccer or tennis do wonders for my mind and body to contain all these pervy thoughts.

          I totes you 100% though!!!

  3. Now every time I think of eating thigh meat, I will be thinking of Rob yet again. Screamer in a bottle, cucumbers and now thigh meat. Who knew that groceries could become so erotic!!

  4. edwardsvamptramp69

    Makes my mouth water. Thank you, Ladies!

    And you’re right…………….he has the most PURRFECT thighs for lap sitting, straddling, and anything else you want to do to him. 😉

    • He is so mouth watering, isn’t he? I never really inspected the thighs that well before. And lo and behold! They do have a certain appeal about them! (not that I’m surprised, it is Rob we’re talking about)

  5. Great Post RFM That 4th pic of Rob has been a long time favorite of mine. And the Grauman’s UNF! I never noticed the thigh porn in that one until Now!! But now I have some news for you all that, for my part ain’t good!

    ATTENTION LADIES: Hotmail has apparently lost my entire personal account. If you are or have been trying to reach me or if you are waiting for a reply from me PLEASE know I AM NOT IGNORING YOU! apparently I have been sending out replies that are going nowhere! If you need to reach me you can contact me through the RA account (in fact somebody please e-mail me there so I can make sure it is working! 🙂 But this account is shared by the entire RA staff! If it is an emergency or if you wish to contact me privately i can be found on google chat as kimmeydarlin. you’ll know it is me as my avi is the same everywhere. If hotmail cannot locate/retrieve my account I may have to get a new one which means I will loose all my contacts on the hoor chain :.( *I feel like I’m being kicked out of the club :.( *

    • The Grauman’s pic just really accents the thigh, doesn’t it?!

      Oh, sad news about your email! Hopefully it won’t be too much of a hassle! Hugs to you, I know how frustrating that can be.

  6. Also to MC OR RFM Bannerday sent us a request at the RA mail, Did either of you take care of that for her? if not I will. Let me know. 🙂 Thanks RF

  7. ilovealion

    Thanks RFM for the thigh candy. I needed something super sweet this morning to get my blood pumping.

    He’s just so damn pretty… every single part.

    I’m kinda pitiful, I guess, but I sure miss him. I don’t wanna see a papp pic, I just wanna know what he’s been up to, ya know? We got spoiled during BD1 promo (at least I did). Where in the world is the Precious? Wherever he is-I hope he’s happy and healthy. *sigh*

    I was wondering… Have you guys pre-ordered BD1? I couldn’t decide which one to get, so I ordered the 2-Disc special Edition and the one from Target with the “wedding flower.” When they BOTH arrive, my husband may finally stage that intervention that he’s been threatening. lol

    Thanks for keeping us Rob-h00rs entertained, RA ladies. We appreciate you.

  8. Hello all,

    Hotmail has recovered my account and all my account information. 😀

  9. A hundred apologies…I am sooooo sorry, but was a complete FAIL at thigh-focusing…and I tried, OH, how I tried to keep my eyes on the thighs, but OH NO, rebellious pair of peekers that I have, simply REFUSED to obey, and, well, focused on OTHER parts – can you believe this!!??? But that sweet ass, and when he spreads his thighs (at least I knew they were there!) it is the remarkably obvious OTHER part my eyes devour, um, see….

    sorry, guys…luv you??

    • Well, when you have not followed the rules we call that being BAD. And that in turn sends you to the Red Room of Pain here at RA. Rob will be waiting. (can I come in after you?! I didn’t do a very good job with that either)

    • LMFAO!!! OMG Girl! Thank You! You gave me the only LMAO moment (hell the only smile) I’ve had in days! You let your peepers roam where ever they want to BB! and we will still send you to the RROP if you wanna go. We’d all devour all his parts if we could so we can’t blame you there!

      I do hope you come back often! Love to you,

  10. OMG….are you trying to kill me? Plus, I get some assporn!


  11. I know I’m verrrry late seeing these but Happy Sinday to me!

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