Wandering…through The Hillywood Show

Well ladies, there are only a few more days until we get to have Edward in our very own bedrooms. And this time he is not holding back!  I thought in order to prepare us for that we should have a Twi marathon. But that would take way to long and I don’t know how to post whole movies anyways. So what’s the next best thing? The Hillywood Twilight Saga Parodies of course! I actually really like them, even if they get songs stuck in my head. And the new Breaking Dawn Part 1 is no exception. But I do have to say this new Edward creeps me out a tad. So grab some popcorn, an extra-large soda, sit back and enjoy the show!

(Okay, if you’ve never seen these let me just say…they get better! Trust me)

I love how they incorporated the photo shoots in that one! But now it’s time to say good-bye to my 2nd favorite Edward. I’m trying to prepare you!

Well, what did you think? I know it’s not as good as the original but it’s pretty clever!

So who’s going to get their Breaking Dawn DVDs at midnight on Friday? What edition floats your boat and why? Anyone else having a BD party like me? Yep, we’re having mimosas for our BD: Breakfast for Dinner Party 🙂 Share all your BD thoughts in the comments.




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8 responses to “Wandering…through The Hillywood Show

  1. dazzledbyrp

    The first time I saw one of these, I thought, WTF is this? And I didn’t even finish watching it. Since then, I’ve grown to love them. Sometimes, they really amaze me. They pay a lot of attention to the details and I love the music and dance numbers. And they’re funny. When “Edward” (and yes, the new one is kinda creepy) started singing “You’re Having My Baby”, in the BD parody, I almost spit out my coffee. And I wonder how they are able to re-create some of the scenes so perfectly. Very clever.

    As for the DVD, well, it comes out on my birthday, so I’m expecting to see one – and hopefully not a half dozen of them – wrapped up with a big bow. And I WISH I was able to go the your party, RFM. 😦 Can’t wait to hear about it!.

    Yeay! We’re all gonna have Rob in our bedrooms this weekend!!!

    • I know, rewatching these I remembered how bad they were in the beginning. But at the time I did enjoy the cleverness of it all. They’ve really come a long way with costumes, props and set!

      I wish you could come too!! Although, to be honest I’m kind of just throwing this party together by the seat of my pants. The other ones were so much better planned. Maybe I’m just getting used to them! Next time, come for sure 🙂

  2. dazzledbyrp

    Oh, and RF – so glad you got your computer mess fixed. What a nightmare that must have been!

  3. Gotta say I love these! And I don’t so much mind the new Edward! The BD parody cracked me up! The Hillywood show doesn’t overplay things which is nice 🙂 otherwise we would HATE their parodies lol!
    Also their Tayter is weirdly accurate….O___O

  4. In case anyone is interested they do other parodies as well. The Vamp Di’s, Harry Potter and much more, Who knew?


  5. Nicole

    ROFLMAO…too funny bb! I had forgotten about these viddies.

    Bring on Bel Ami!!!! *Any news on when it will be released in the USA…sorry, but I’m a bit behind on RobPorn and perving here* All work and No play makes Nicole a cranky girl. Last I had heard, there still wasn’t a release date in the USA.

    I will be tapping one of my friends overseas for the UNCUT *UNCUT~Version….snickering loudly ;)* DVD Version of BA once it is out…or if AmazonUK will sell to us here, then I will pay extra shipping or whatever to get it here, and I’m an Amazon Prime Member. Damn I sooooooooooooooooooooooo can’t wait to see Rob in all HIS GLORY and NOT HOLDING BACK ANYTHING!

    Cosmopolis looks great too, but after so much going on about BA and full frontal and NEKKID Rob about 1.5 years ago…well, you know what I’m rooting for! Once a PattinH00R….always a PattinH00R!!

    • Alas, still no confirmed BA release for US. Sony is saying July but most likely September. 😦 Maggie and I are thinking about doing a roadtrip to Mexico (they get it in June). Come and join us!! We have to see that on the big screen!!

      And PS- I never heard anything about full frontal!! I just heard there was naked Rob arse, which is nothing to complain about, just sayin.

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