Saturday Club: Stalking = Love.

So yesterday I visited an exhibition by an ex-photojournalist who has met over 2,000 celebrities…and not because of photojournalism. He started his own project, leading to the “Richard and Famous” exhibition in the Open Eye Gallery in Liverpool. 400 of his photos are in the exhibition, and you can even – depressingly – get a celeb list to guide you through the people he’s met.

Today, let’s think about that – would you go as far as quitting your day job to pursue a personal project which may or may not lead you down the road to Rob?

Would you be willing to camera-whore your way to Rob, getting snaps with celebs you may not like or care about?

…or would you find a totally clever and awesome way to get there all by yourself?!

Happy Saturday!

TMM xoxo


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One response to “Saturday Club: Stalking = Love.

  1. Ummm, it’s not that clever but you can go to this thing. It’s called a premiere. He usually takes pics with you. 😉 But believe me, it’s no easy task and you may not even get close enough after all of your hard work. Or just go outside of Jimmy Kimmel, that usually works too!

    (love that at this point in his career it’s pretty easy to get a pic with the boy!)

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