Sensual Sunday ~ Angel Wings & Ink!

Welcome, Angels!

Rob is seriously deep into ninja stealth mode right now.  Won’t even come talk to me today, so get ready for something a little different with this post.

Now, while keeping myself entertained during The Pretty’s absence, I came across this beautiful vid by Olia…

Jesus wept…those EYES!!!!

But it was the title “Angel in Disguise” that got my attention, reminding me of this photo from Twilight…

Was it accidental? Was it on purpose?  We’ll never know and it doesn’t even matter.  It’s a cool visualization of Edward fighting his inner demon with wings on his shoulders..Angel in Disguise!

Wings! Wings! Wings!  Really good manips of Robward with angel wings are few and far between, BUT one of the best I found was Lolypop82’s Angelward!!

Fabulous details in the wings!  Don’t know if it was ever used for a story banner, but I can think of a few fics that it would suit.

One manip that DID make a story banner is this awesome gif by Betti Gefecht for Saritadreaming’s fic I Want It Painted Black!  (click to open and watch it move)

Ah, Betti!  One of the most multi-talented ladies in the fandom!!

Of course, while cruising her other banners, I couldn’t help being hypnotized by the ink crawling over the arms of Edward in her Clipped Wings & Inked Armor banner…(click to open and watch it move)

If ever there was a fic that inspired so many brilliant Tattward manips, it was CW&IA (damn, I need to find time to read it again)!!!

Lolypop82 strikes again!

Snagged this beauty from Floren83!

Another fic that had us all drooling over a new Tattward was A Pound of Flesh by Jaxon22…

Hope she updates soon…I miss PAW and his Peaches!  OK, one more from Lolypop82 and then on to…

Soapy Mayhem, Queen of Tattward manips!!!

Holy crap!


This one was inspired by Time of Salt by Scarlettplay.  I FLUV it!!

One of her latest and the one I’ll leave you with today…

Well, who doesn’t love a good Bad Boy???

Happy Sunday, ya’ll!




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24 responses to “Sensual Sunday ~ Angel Wings & Ink!

  1. OH MY EFFING GOD DAYUM!!! Tattward kills me! I flove CW&IA, it’s my all time fav FF EVAH!! LOL!!! I think you’ve ruined me for the rest of the day and it’s not even 7am! Going back for another looksie as there are some new pics I haven’t seen. THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!!!

    • rita01tx

      LMAO! That just tickled the hell outta me, Amanda darlin’! Glad you liked it. CW&IA is one of the veeery few 5 star fics on my fic list. I so need to read it again!! Thank God it got pdf’d before it got pulled!

      • I’d die if I didn’t have a copy of my very own to reference in times of need. Heeheehee! I’ve read it more times than I can count, but it’s been awhile and this post makes me CRAVE it very very badly! 8-}

      • can you believe I was actually IN THE MIDDLE of CW&IA when it was pulled? right when E finds out B was engaged and she threw him out of her apartment…I was DYEING…thank God for the fandom and how much we help each other out! and being that Amanda is my “Rob sister from a different mister”, I can attest to the fact that she is dead on the floor somewhere right now…someone alert the authorities, there is a h00r down in Arizona…and I NEED some PAW and Peaches..I miss them terribly! loved the pic with TK..or would that be CK??? LOL

        • rita01tx

          God, I HATE when that happens and it happens way too often. I try to pdf complete stories as quickly and as often as possible, but I’ve still missed a few. The fandom sistahood then comes to my rescue, bless their pervy little hearts!
          (If FLAG ever fails, there’s gonna be a lot of very angry h00rs, I tell you!)

  2. Wow! Thanks Rita. Just delicious…I miss PAW too ;).

    • rita01tx

      Oh yeah! Pound of Flesh is one of those WIPs that, even if she never finishes it (God forbid!), I’d keep it and read it again and again anyway.
      Can’t wait to read more of YOUR Tattward, Steph darlin’!

  3. Lovely post Rita and that Angel in Disguise video is fabulous.

    • rita01tx

      It is, isn’t it? Great work by Olia. First time I saw it, I saved it to my tumbler right away so I could watch it over and over again. *sigh*

  4. the angel in disguise vid is amazing. it gone straight into my favourites. we aren’t the only rob hoors to love tattward and there is a facebook group you can join.

    or there is the tattward community on ff.

  5. You just listed all three of my favorite manip makers in one post and showed some of their work. Not to mention the fact that the subject of their work is the Inhumanly Beautiful Robert!! Dear God woman are you TRYING to Kill me?? Lord have mercy! I’ll be back later, (after I have picked my self up off the floor and learned how to breathe again) to share some of their pics.

  6. edwardsvamptramp69

    DAYUM those were SIZZLING! There’s a damn heat wave in my panties *fans crotch*.

    That video was DA BOMB! GGGAAAAHHHH And yes……………..I’ve always laughed when I watch “Twilight” and they get to the scene in Biology where he’s looking at her intensely. I always see the caption bubble above his head (in my idiotic brain) that says “Lunch!” and then I always crack up because the wings were so precisely placed behind his back……………….that HAD to be on purpose. Could NOT have been a fluke. Just that little undertone reminding us that he’s one of the good guys. *dreamy sigh*

    Thank you for this bit of yumminess……………….it was very tasty.;)

    • rita01tx

      Well, it was really hard (twss) to just pick out the “tame” manips from Soapy’s stash…it was sooo tempting to just shock the hell outta you guys with some R rated goodness, but I’d hate to corrupt any under 17 lurkers out there AND the boss would have my head LMAO!!
      Still, these were pretty damned steamy! UMPF!!!!

      One more AND (just because I can)…here’s Edward actually having Bella for lunch *snickers!*

  7. exaltada

    awesome pics, beautiful video… sorry because my English is poor and I cannot explain myself as I would. But I can say THANKS!

    • rita01tx

      You are very welcome, exaltada darlin’! Where you from, angel?

      • exaltada

        I´m from Barcelona, Spain ;). And love your blog a lot.

        • rita01tx

          Ahhh, at least we are in the same time zone LOL!
          I’m Texican (American from Texas) by birth but married a Dutch guy, so I’m living near Amsterdam!! Took Spanish in High School but only remember a few words like “muchos gracias” buenos dias” and “cervesa”, so you’re doing better in English than I would in Spanish LMAO!!

          • exaltada

            Thanks :)); blogs like this and a lot of hot fanfics are very helping in improving my English level. Oh, with those few words you remember in my language you can travel into my country, XD.

  8. I Do believeI said I would come back to share some yummy Rob ggodness with you and so I shall!! but my friend here has close to the same Manip stash as I do (we share the prettyLOL) and has used a few I have so i can’t post as many as I thought.

    More yummy Tattward


  9. Oh Holy Hell! I just got a scathingly brilliant idea! *SQUEEE*
    Does Anybody Have an ANGEL manip as good as the one I just posted with White Wings? PLEEEAAASSEEE?? If you do Please post it for me!!!

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