Monday Madness…Rob is driving.

Hello Everybody *waves*



Good morning Ladies, We all know Rob is notorious for his driving skills or lack there of. But he has more than one way to drive ifyouknowwhatimeanandithinkyoudo!

He can drive us crazy as the Sullen Cullen

He can drive us to perverted thoughts just by walking…

Don’t even try to tell me you are not grinning your add off and thinking perverted thoughts!!

He drives us all wild…

Yeah Rob is driving alright, driving me to madness by hiding so well. How is it possible to wish him luck in remaining to well hidden and at the same time wishing you could see him again?

I’d be glad to give you some lessons Rob!

And when I’m done you’ll definately need to crash for awhile *snickers*

Of course it’ll take more than one lesson baby but I’m sure you’ll be a real good student. *evil grin*

I’m sure you’ll hear something similarto this *giggles* especially the “again” part.

See you’re already getting the idea!! LOL

I don’t know about that baby, you definately have me tied up in knots!

*gets sudden visual*




“Laters Baby”



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21 responses to “Monday Madness…Rob is driving.

  1. edwardsvamptramp69

    Yeah, something about Rob walking gets our knickers in a twist. And for some reason, the Directors KNEW that would happen. Especially since in “New Moon” and even in “Twilight” (before us Twitards even viewed the Precious in action), they made Edward’s entrance of walking IN SLOW MOTION so we could savor that glorious moment. Those evil geniuses! *licks lips*

  2. RF, this ain’t gonna surprise you one bit but I was thinking about Rob’s driving skills yesterday!! Yes, I was watching the BD extras and the boat antics. But I am so glad that you got there before me. This is ingenious!!! Love it!!!

    And Rob, my grandma’s got a little boat in the harbor. Can you come over and give ME a lesson? You don’t have to drive it very far, just out of grandma’s eyesight. Ifyouknowwhatimeanandithinkyoudo!

    • Nah, No surprise there, I even messaged you to ask what your TIT post was about cause i didn’t want to step on youe toes. I had so many ideas that I was afraid I would so I opted not to post then Rita gave me the idea for this one and I thought, well, it has nothing to do with V-Day so I can do this LOL

      Sorry Rob’s not available for you right now. He’s tied up…err with other priorities. he gave me some nautical knot tying lessons and well, I got a little carried away *snickers*

      • So weird, I didn’t get any messages from you! But I was busy with my BD party preparations and all. You can always post whatever you want and I will figure something out! No worries!! We always take turns stealing each other’s ideas anyways 😉

        And because I’m in the giving mood, that’s fine. Send him over when he’s um, free. I don’t care how tired he is!

      • Tied up really? Have you been reading that book again? LOL

  3. ilovealion

    I have BD1 in my hot little hands, but I haven’t had a chance to watch it yet!!! Can’t wait to observe his “driving.” Please tell me there are some extras from the honeymoon loving!!

    I love the NM walk across the parking lot. That shy smile just makes my ovaries explode. I’ve had four kids, so I don’t need them anymore, right? hehe

    Thanks for the cool pics and gifs, RF.


    • I haven’t seen the extra’s yet but I hear some ladies are disappointed 😦

      Nope no ovaries needed after four LOL But oh that shy yet knowing smile could make them grow back just so they could explode all over again! LOL

    • I’ve only watched the 6 part making of documentary and it’s okay, Nothing really “extra” from any scene. But there are a few giggles and Rob-isms that make up for it!

  4. Oy vey…perverted thoughts run amok for a guy who could very well be my son! Kudos to the creator of the “Drive Me Wild” video! Ain’t that the damn truth!

    • You are not alone in the “I am old enough to be his mother” category Darlin. trust me! But we don’t care LOL He drives us all wild.

      • Sus

        *raises hand* ….Me, too….Just call me Mama Esme! LOL! I love all the vids you put on here “just to tease me.”…..
        I got the BD1 DVD with the flower petal….it’s actually packaged very nicely….in plexiglass with a certificate of authenticity!

        Happy Valentine’s Day, Chiquitas! Rob is my only Valentine this year!

        xoxoSus, AKA Cullendriver, AKA Mama Esme

  5. Hi Ya Sus! Us old pervs gotta stick together! LOL but hey, he’s legal and I’d wager willing LOL I got the one with the large cloth poster of the wedding. they were out of the flower one 😦

    Rob is my only Valentine every year. That’s why I’m called RobsFan~tasy!! LOL It’s all in mah head but then if he’s up there~ at my beck and call doing whatever I WANT~ why would i ever want to come back to reality? Bwahahaha

  6. exaltada

    LOL! Those gifs about Edward inability to drive a boat… made me laugh a lot!! *Giggles*

    • Hi exaltada! Yes, those are too funny and even better as video in the extra scenes. But we need to clarify, Edward can drive a boat or a car extremely well. It’s Rob who has the inability to operate machinery! You know cars with dashboards on fire, windscreen wipers that don’t work and especially boats with A lesson!! LOL, he cracks me up in that part. You HAVE to watch it 😀

      • exaltada

        Oh, I just wrote Edward and I thought to myself “silly , is Rob… “. here in my country we don´t have the dvd yet… I´m waiting 😦

        • So sorry! I get in the habit of correcting people. You know, No I’m not in love with a 17 year old vampire. I’m in love with Rob! lol, it’s a hard habit to break.

          And I’m so sad that you don’t have the dvd yet! Just watch this gifs over and over and imagine Rob talking. Maybe it will pass the time. Btw, are you anywhere near a DuRob viewing? Because I would be super jealous, if so.

          • exaltada

            Nooooooooo… I live in Spain…. sadly, we don´t have idea when we will enjoy DuRob *sigh*. I ´ll enlighten my long wait viewing those gifs. Are really hilarious! 😉

            • WELCOME EXALTADA! So sorry for the long delay in my reply. I have been verry busy working on a couple of important things both in RL and in Rob land. Thanks for the compliments on the post. Rob is a joy no matter what he’s doing or being. If you are anxious for some Bel Ami love then you won’t want to miss tomorrows post!
              Thanks for joining and for commenting. your english is great!

  7. rita01tx

    His sexy New Moon walk drives me wild! I love it more than the Twilight cafeteria entrance walk. It’s not just that I think he’s way hotter in New Moon, but it was the catch music! Wish I could remember who it was. In fact I loved all the music in New Moon.

    • edwardsvamptramp69

      Hey Rita!
      It’s “Monsters” by Hurricane Bells. Listen to it on my iPod ALL the time. And I fantasize about Edward S.T.R.U.T.T.I.N.G. Yes…………because that’s what he does in that scene. *dreamy sigh* I could watch that scene for hours.

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