Sensual Sunday ~ Rob in Berlin…The Crème de la Crème

Good morning, Angelz!

Well, I don’t know ’bout you, but I have purely died and got to HEAVEN from all the RobGoodness coming out of Berlin!

I’ll admit I was anxious about his hair when I saw the pap photos of his departure from LAX.  What the hell?  There was no hair under his baseball cap!

Shoulda had a little faith in The Pretty ’cause that man is drop dead gorgeous even without the sex hair *swoon!*

 (Click the gif, Ladies!)

Looks like someone else misses the sex hair LMAO!!

No way I could post EVERY single photo I loved, but I just GOTTA share some of my favorites…be sure and double click for larger versions!!

Star date: February 17, 2012

Location: Berlin, Germany

Event: Berlin Film Festival ~ World Premiere of Bel Ami


Oh, God! I've been in hiding too long...not sure I'm ready for this!

It’ll be OK, baby!  We’re just so excited to see you again…you HAVE been gone too long!

You missed me? You really missed me?

Rob, darlin’!  You have NO idea!!!  Now just relax and let us LOVE you!  I PROMISE it won’t hurt…much *twss!*

I'll be holding you to that promise, Rita! OK, then...let's do this thing!

There’s that special RobSmile we’ve all been waiting for!

Press Conference:

Another press conference...yay *sigh!*

I know it’s not your favorite thing, baby, but it does give us a chance to hear your sweet voice and bask in your beauty LOL!! {those blue eyes kills me DED!}

WTF, Rita? Rein in the adulation, will ya? You're embarrassing me!

All right, already! I’ll TRY to keep it cool! {yeah, right}

Might as well lubricate the ol' vocal chords...

*THUD!*  Swear ta God, Rob! You’re making it hard for me to keep my cool! {now I need a drink!}

Oops! It's dripping a little bit...

OMG, Rob!  You KNOW better than to say the word “dripping” in a room full of horny RobH00rs!!!

First person to mention Twilight gets this finger where the sun don't shine!!

Chillax, darlin’!  It’s almost over and you did  real good!! {“Twilight” *gigglesnort!*}

Okay, that wasn't so bad after all...

Told ya, now get into your suit and knock ’em dead, honey! {Hell’n I’D be DED if he looked at ME like that!}

Red Carpet:

Damn! It's a three-ring circus out here!!

You CAN’T have forgotten what it’s like so soon, Rob darlin’!? {The Pretty sure rocks the suits, don’t he *le sigh!*}

Uh, Rita? Where are my co-stars?

Co-stars?  What co-stars, baby?  We only have eyes for YOU!! {GAH! Kill me now!}

Rita, you're insane! You know that, right?

YES! YES! YES!  AND it’s incurable…as long as you’re breathing, sweetheart! {Long live The Pretty!}

Oh, Rita! What AM I gonna do with you?

Aw crap, Rob! Now you’ve gone and asked THE question!!! The list of things I’d LIKE for you to do with me is fuckin’ ENDLESS!  Basically, though?  Just love me back…please???

Damnit, Rita! How could I not? Loyalty means everything to me...and you ARE loyal, right?

Like you even have to ask! I am forever your loyal subject, my Prince! {Sorry, just finished reading Unexpected Circumstances!}

You crack me the fuck up, Rita! Now turn me fans await! Line up ladies!!!

{Why the hell is he unzipping his pants and why the HELL am I not FIRST in that line? *Lucky hoors!*}

Go! Enjoy!!!

With his fans:

Why is this one of my favorites, you might ask? Something about the lighting on his eyes and jaw and because there are actually a couple of very brave guys among his fans LOL!!

He’s just soooo damn sweet to his fans! Notice the girl behind his back? Bowing to our Prince, perhaps?  Nah, probably just checking to see if she got a good photo LOL!

Great Rob shot AND a good one of Dean!  Thanks for watching over The Pretty for us, Dean! MWAH!!

NOW Rob looks like he’s enjoying himself!  Lucky hoors…I already said that, didn’t I?

Awwww! Isn’t he just achingly beautiful? *le sigh!*

And guess WHAT?  I’m off to see Bel Ami at a special pre-premiere in Amsterdam today!  Squeeeee!!!  So, if I’m a little late responding to your comments, that’s why!

Happy Sunday, ya’ll!




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23 responses to “Sensual Sunday ~ Rob in Berlin…The Crème de la Crème

  1. I love to see him in his suit, so tall and strong and hard at work….and Rob looks great, too! (;-P

  2. pretty, pretty baby . . . le sigh!

    • rita01tx

      Ain’t it the truth, TeamRob darlin’! RF and I were discussing who could compare this morning and neither of us could think of anyone who would even come close to Rob, whether it be for his f*ckHAWT looks, sweet soul, or talent! Can you?

  3. lovinrob1

    It is amazing to me how beautiful and swoon worthy he always is. Thanks for the pics and commentree, it made my Sunday morning.

    • rita01tx

      Glad you enjoyed it, BB! And yes he is always beautiful and swoon worthy, from his hobolicious down time apparel to the amazing suits he wears on the red carpet…sex hair, short hair, or no hair at all…The Pretty totally rocks!!

  4. Rita, you lucky, lucky h00r!! Not only do you get Rob to talk to you (almost) every week, you get to see BEL AMI!!!! Have a great time! Can’t wait to hear what both you and Cared have to say. We need some GOOD reviews!

    And watching Rob arrive early, picking up dropped items, taking MULTIPLE pics with fans when they don’t turn out makes me love him even more! And takes me back to November (have I mentioned that before, lol) What a great guy he is ❤

  5. Wow, Beautiful pictures of the Pretty, beautiful commentary, you really cheered up my Sunday thankyou Rita 🙂 Have a fab time watching Bel Ami, cant wait to hear all about it 🙂

  6. dazzledbyrp

    I too was nervous about the hair, but our boy proved he’s so much more than sex hair. He was stunningly beautiful in Berlin. The bald head because irrelevant. His hotness and beauty shone through in so many of these pictures. And watching Rob with his fans is one of my favorite things. I was so lucky to have seen him in action with his fans last November. It’s one of my favorite memories of the event. He is so, so sweet and patient with everyone. And believe me, the majority of celebrities don’t act that way.

    Waiting patiently (and jealously) for your review of Bel Ami. Thanks for this glorious post, bb.

    • rita01tx

      I am endlessly fascinated by the glow on his face when he’s with his fans…he literally basks in their attention, and vice versa if you see their faces! He’s definitely unique in that regard…lucky h00rs (I already said that, didn’t I?)!

  7. dazzledbyrp

    I meant the bald head BECAME irrelevant! Jeez, wish I could type!

  8. Cant wait to hear from you on Bel Ami. I got an e-mail from cared and here is what she had to say…

    “It’s fabulous. Rob’s acting is superb – just like his arse. Declan donnellan said they were drinking tequila with Rob until 4am on Sunday morning. He held up his hand and said it touched Rob. Then he added – not inappropriately. He said there were girls hanging around on set all the time and Rob thought they were for him but they were really for Declan. The film is brilliant and intense but some humour too. He was very believable and perfect in the role. He looked gorgeous, very sexy in the clothes. The boy can act!”

    • rita01tx

      That he can, BB! The scene in his crappy little room where he’s pretty much grieving for a life he’s never known but wants so badly…you see the progression from sadness to anger to determination on his face and it fuckin’ blows you away!!

  9. rita01tx

    Well, ladies! I’m just gonna have to go see it again cause Rob was so magnificent that I’m still in a coma!!! Don’t even ask me about the story or the plot or the other characters right now. It all has to sink in first LOL!!

  10. Rita, as usual, your visuals are awesome and your clever repartee (with yourself) only adds to the fun! Thank you for bringing together all the beauty of Berlin. Can’t wait to see Bel Ami!
    xxx BOH

    • rita01tx

      My pleasure BOH darlin’! I really get a kick out of it myself when the photos “speak” to me…so to speak LMAO!!
      I can’t tell you if Bel Ami is a great film or not, but Rob is great in it. He IS Georges DuRoy personified! Like I said, I will need to see it again (and again) to get an idea of the movie itself. Don’t know if it’s a good thing or a bad thing that I’ve never read the book. Seems to me I was expected to know or assume things I didn’t. Would have LOVED to see flashbacks of his time in the army in Algiers (dirty, sweaty soldierRob FTMFW!)
      Also, I can’t wait for someone to make a gif of his “crack” making it’s moves LMAO!!!

  11. luvtwilight72

    Damn! He looks Hot in that suit:) And what the heck was he doing with his pants?? Maybe he needs help with that zipper….

    • rita01tx

      Hell yeah, he does…always!! I never can tell if he’s just double checking that his fly’s not open, or the waist is too loose, or if he’s tucking in his shirt tail. Whatever the problem is, youz gonna have to stand in line and take your turn “helping” Rob with his zipper LMAO!! Personally, I’d just LUV to UNzip it for him…preferably somewhere less public ifyouknowwhatImeanandIthinkyoudo!!!

  12. Sus

    I just can’t wait for Bel Ami….we still don’t have a U.S. release date, do we? Thanks for your reporting, you lucky HooRs…..And Rita, ITA TOTES with you….unzipping the Peen would be beyond epic!


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