Monday Madness…Keepin it real

Hello Everybody *waves*


Good Morning ladies,
Although we are all dedicated to The Pretty and consider this blog a part of our lives, RL goes on behind our Rob Attack lives and after considerable discussion we have all agreed to make a few changes. Don’t worry, we aren’t abandoning you! 🙂 We are here to stay for the long haul but we are going to change a few things.
Starting today there may be fewer posts, mostly to give you ladies more time to enjoy the post we do write for you. FFF will remain the same however there will be no posts at all on Saturdays. This will give you all more time to share what is owning you every week. Rita’s stil going to do her funny and sexy “Sensual Sunday” posts as well.  RFM is going to cut it down to just her “Wandering Wednesdays”  and when she has no Wanderings to speak of she will be RA’s Roving Reporter and bring you all the latest news. TMM Won’t be back until March (if possible) as she has some RL issues to face. As for me…I will post at least once a week but not even I know what I will post when but rest assured it will either be “Monday Madness” or “Thrill Me Thursday” it just depends on my mood and how often Rob lets me out of the RROP *giggles*
That being said, On ward and up ward! Rita didn’t post the “Official” Berlin shot yesterday so I will do it now.

"Official Berlin Shot"

This is the picture they chose? Seriously? It looks like a mug shot! But hot damn that’s a sexy mug! Nice Vneck too Baby. You knew we were missing those right?
I was talking to Rita early this morning about our boy’s clothing choices! that conversation went something like this:
RITA:{fist bump}!  God, that man is so gorgeous, even without the hair {swoon}!

RF: IKR? I still love the hair more but Damn! I loved the vietnam Jacket saying he had on but our boy seriously needs to learn to shop at Wal~mart or K mart at least LOL It’s still cheap but not full of holes!
RITA: Loved that jacket too…thought that’s what it was before I got a real good look.
RF: yeah it was. It has a huge rip up the sleeve too. And his shirt was missing 3 buttons when he left LA
RITA: BB, his hobo clothes are so endearing and just HIM!
RF: I think we need to take up a collection and go shoping for him and then send him a care package courtesy of RA LMAO!!
RITA: I like to take care of his package LMAO!!!! We’d have to know his SIZE first {snicckers}!
RF: LOL ME too Darlin Me too!  Oh I knows his size! LOL X-tra Large {giggles}
RITA: GAH! Hoor down!!!
RF: Xtra Tall, Xtra EVERYTHING!!! UNF!!
RITA: Puddle of goo here BB! LMAO!!!
RF: He Sounds like an order for dinner to me! LOL
RITA: Shit, I’d like to nibble up that long lean body from tooties to ear tips!
RF: I Totes you all the way, might linger here and there though heh heh
RITA: So far his only explanation for the hair is that he got tired of it flopping into his eyes.
RF: DOH!!! Bad excuse! He coulda trimmed it!! I do miss the sex hair deeply
RITA: If he thinks it’s gonna turn us off, he’s sadly mistaken but i miss the sex hair too!!
RF: xactly, I’ll wait for it!!
RITA: Can’t believe KStew will let him keep it short for long…gotta have something to tug, right??
RF: hehe I would have to, yes!!! {gigglesnort}
RITA: Ooops! She already does have something to tug on {snickers}
RITA: Xactly!
RF: I can’t believe she isn’t with him. I would be.
RITA: Don’t know where he is right now but I’d be wherever he is too. stuck like glue
RF: I’d face a whole horde of demonic paps to stand by his side! she crazy to turn him loose in another country
RITA: she has no reason not to trust him…that man is loyal to the people he loves! wonder if Tom Stu having a baby is giving them ideas?
RF: I Know But the women are so crazy for Rob they’d kidnap him if they could LOL hell’n  we’ve plotted it a couple times now [for our fics] {snickers} Yeah, Probs is.
RITA: Daddybert will be so swoony!
Yeah we are insane LOL So any way as you can see his taste, or lack there of in clothing and his “Hobolicious” ways was what insired this post. So I did some searching. Remember this…


First he hides the hair, then he’s all hair and now he’s got no hair! Rob Baby, you’re killing us here.

Mismatched buttons as ever!

Remember the crooked Buttons? Well if you don’t this should refresh your memory…

Did ya all notice on Robsessed that he had three buttons missing on his shirt when he left LA?? LOL That’s our Boy!! I couldn’t seem to be able to save those pics or find them anywhere else so if you have them, Please share!

But here’s something I want to know, since he has so much trouble Buttoning his shirts, Why, OH WHY Can’t he have an equal amount of trouble buttoning his fly???

It’s a conspiracy I tell ya! He does the crooked button thing just to see who’s loyal to him!

How about the torn clothing? Anyone remember that?

Yeah you knew I'd go for the "HOLY STOLI"




And THIS was just so hobo homeless I can’t stand it…

Killer smile but the clothes have got to go!

But it doesn’t matter what he wears really, he is so lovely inside and out. I mean look at this…


Our Boy is just ROCKIN that suit and long black coat! Talk about a hOOr DOWN!
And Lastly…This…

Look at that grin and those EYES!!!

He looks like he is up to something VERY SNEAKY or SERIOUSLY PERVERTED LOL!!! OH Yeah! *falls into the gutter*
Hobolicious, Red Carpet Ready or 19th Centry Gentleman, Rob, Baby, We love you just the way you are!!
Much Love to you all,


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13 responses to “Monday Madness…Keepin it real

  1. I do believe these missing buttons:

    And check out the fly buttons on these pants!

    Gotta love our Boy!!

  2. ladyquinzy

    Love your convo here! Fun to read! Rob’s hoboliciousness makes me love him more. No matter how he dress himself, I find him sooooooo gorgeous! What a man!!!

    • rita01tx

      SEE? SEE what we get up to when no one is watching us? Shit…I completely forgot how pervy we get sometimes. Damn near freaked when I saw Rf put our chat on here, but she did ask if I was OK with it and I told her it was cool.

  3. I remember laughing to myself when I heard that he said he was running, and the hair was flopping in his eyes so he cut it off. My first thought, why was he running? From who? He hates to exercise!! That might explain why he cut it off, but why keep it that short? Please Rob, just let it grow out a little. I miss his hair, but still love his smile. 🙂

    I was hoping he would mention a new project. I need something to look forward to… Hoping it might be music. A girl can dream right??

    • rita01tx

      Shit Katiebirdie darlin’! Bet if he had all his kit off (GAH!) we’d see he’d been at least running on a treadmill. He sure looked buff when he picked up that WFE award!!

    • IKR? IIt’s scary to think that after Nov. BD2 and Cockmopolis we will be on an indefinate Robdrought *gasp* oh the horror!!! Any word on the release of Cockmopolis? Or that other flick…crap I never can think of the name of it..with Hugh Jackman? I heard the author said if all goes well and if they can all agree on it, it will be the end of 2013.

      • rita01tx

        Unbound Captives, BB. Maybe the buzz cut is cause he’s gonna be wearing a long wig…let’s hope he heads for Texas soon. I heard somewhere that Madeline Stowe wanted to start filming this Spring and that’s real soon!! She did not discount nudging the script to accommodate his age.

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