Wandering…through Bel Ami News

Yes, you read that right. It’s news time here at RA with your Wandering Reporter, RFM. I’m kinda like a roving reporter,  just much more laid back! And I’m sure you know the only thing happening in Robland  this past week is Bel Ami. So let’s do this news quickie style. I know, that’s blasphemous when it comes to Rob. I promise next time we’ll do it nice and slow. 😉

The news first started last week when Rob emerged from hiding at LAX on his way to Berlin. And almost more newsworthy was his buttonless shirt!

I just want to rip ALL the buttons off! UNF

Rob landed in Berlin to do the Bel Ami Press Conference where he tells us that Declan Donellan  told him not to have a six-pack for this movie. Shouldn’t that be Rob’s dream job come true? But he sounds kind of self conscience about it.

No worries, baby! Look how far you've come (twss)

Next, Rob was onto the Red Carpet. He posed with his costars and checked out their um, assets.

Every time, Rob. Every. Time.

Spent time signing autographs and taking pictures with his adoring fans,

Rob, it's a camera. You can do it! You used mine!

And even flashed the paparazzi.

Rob!!!! We want to SEE!!!

Okay, so maybe that’s not exactly what he was doing!  Then he signed this awesome pic and went in to enjoy the movie with his family. AWKWARD, anyone?

Then the reviews started coming and most of them weren’t very nice. Some bad words kept slipping through.

Yep, that’s right. Those words were Twilight, Edward Cullen and Twihards. They even started Christina Ricci calling us that. Luckily, the reviews started to get better and the fan reviews are even more awesome!

After that whirlwind weekend, Rob headed home with some pants that are MOST newsworthy.

So that’s the low down in Robland. Not sure when our next newscast will be. It depends on how deep in hiding Rob goes and if anyone can find a new story. And yes, I know about other Rob pictures that emerged this week. But we don’t need to know where Rob lives or what he does in his down time.


Thanks to Maggie, for reminding me about this! Please help the US/Canada areas see this movie. Even if you’re not from those areas please like this page. The more noise we make about this, the better all of our chances are to see this movie!

The objective is simple: We WANT Bel Ami in the US!!

If a grassroots campaign to get Betty White on SNL via Facebook worked for them, we’re hoping it will work for us.





Until next time,


Any favorite tidbits from the Bel Ami weekend? Who’s with me in demolishing the rest of Rob’s ragged clothes? I’m sure we can make it worth his while!



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60 responses to “Wandering…through Bel Ami News

  1. rita01tx

    Now RFM darlin’! No dissing Rob’s hobo clothes LOL! I FLUV that he doesn’t give a shit what anyone thinks about his downtime wardrobe. He gives us plenty of formalwear to admire him in. Well, it’s never enough, is it? Gonna be a loooong time till he’s back in a suit.
    And good on ya, Mate, for not posting photos of his private life. It’s NONE of our business and he deserves better than that from all of us!

  2. ShazzaG

    He’s a darling isn’t he. Love that he doesn’t care, just wants to be comfortable in himself. He seemed to enjoy being at the festival and the fans were there to support him. He looked great, sexy and adorable (who else can do that) – no-one, just Rob. Love him xxxx

  3. simplydazzled1

    Nicely said RFM – it’s all about Rob and not his personal life

    Look at what he has given us in the last week in Berlin!

    Love the flasher pic!

  4. same here – love the flasher pic #cuemindinthegutter

  5. I appreciate you know posting any private life photos RFM. I wonder if the flasher pic is really little boy Rob pretending his coat is a super-hero cloak?

    You know I have seen the film and I cannot praise it highly enough. He has taken the opportunity to prove he is not just a pretty face – he is a damn fine actor.

  6. Here’s a Superhero Rob cape:

    And I’m so happy to hear that Rob really shined as an actor in Bel Ami. What about his tushy? Did it shine too?

  7. Apart from me, who else wants Cared to write a Bel Ami review for RA? I have to reveal, she did a very quick first impressions review for me, and it covered one aspect of the film pretty well (you know what I mean, Lovely, wink wink) – but I’d really like to read a full film review that wasn’t written by an apparently bitter media man. Who’s with me on that? No pressure or anything, Cared ;D You know I love you.

  8. dazzledbyrp

    I’ve been reading fan reviews of the film and how excited people are to see Bel Ami again when it comes out in theaters soon, and I keep wondering …..W.T.F. is the reason that in the U.S., all we get is silence!!! So frustrating!! What is going on? Does someone think it won’t make money here? I just don’t get it. AHHHHHHHH!!!!!

    The flasher picture is one of my favorites along with this one. He’s just such a Man in this pic (swoon):

  9. You just reminded me that I forgot to add the Bring US Bel Ami facebook page in there!!! *face palm* Will add now!

  10. Sus

    Loved this post! Rob is so cute, no matter what he does. He looks awesome, but I do miss the sexhair! I love the caption with him “flashing”….LOL!

    Going to sign petition ASAP! Gotta have Bel Ami here in the U.S., and NOW!

  11. dazzledbyrp

    Glad you love that edit, rita because, actually It’s mostly mine. I did a little touching up on the picture inhanced by SlaveforRob. I just sharpened the scruff a bit and added a tiny bit of glow to the skin and the blue cast around his outline in the background. What a beautiful man he is. (sigh)

    • Great edit, bb!! Swoonworthy, indeed.

      And btw, does everyone have a tumblr now? Is it the IN thing to do? I am so missing out!

      • dazzledbyrp

        Well, I like tumblr because it’s a great place to get pictures. However, when I mentioned to my daughter that I had a tumblr account, she said, “What?? Are you a teenager, mom?”

      • Hell yeah!!! THaqt’s where I get tons of photos and edits from now that we are trying to make sure every pic gets credited and hell, you get to see pics you’ve never seen B4 but if you is gonna get one tell me 1 so I can follow and 2 so I can give you a heads up!!

        • The main reason I don’t have one is because I would never post anything original. I would just share everyone’s else’s talented work! But I let you know if I do.

          • we all do that. On Tumblr it is considered a compliment if you reblog something someone else has posted. and the original source is always listed (you don’t have to do anything) Unless you copy and save it then repost it and claim it as your own which of course we would never do. but I do post things I have saved from a long time ago i just don’t claim it is mine. checkout my tumblr you’ll see what i mean. check out the archies too it’s quicker than browsing the whole site.

          • dazzledbyrp

            You don’t have to post creations. You can post pictures you especially like, or videos, or sayings or sound bites. And, as RF said, it’s basically a compliment to re-blog something you like.

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