Wandering through…Award Shows!

Hey all! Not much news on the Robfront. I have seen some better reviews for Bel Ami, so that’s great news! And there was a couple alleged Rob sightings at pre-Oscar parties. Unfortunately, we did not get to experience this beautiful sight at the Oscars though.

Devastatingly handsome *swoon*

But it did get me thinking, I remember all these wonderful pictures of Rob and I know he didn’t win an Oscar. So, he must have been presenting. But why don’t I recall it? Let’s see if we can see why.

Oh, now I remember it! An award show where Rob came prepared, read the teleprompter and said exactly what he was supposed to! It should be the perfect presentation but it’s just not that memorable. Let’s take a wander through some of Rob’s more memorable presentations.

At the ACM Awards, Reese tries to get Rob to lighten up a bit.

It’s better, just not the classic Word Vomit we’ve grown to love from Rob. But I think Rob learned it was best to be himself. And the next time he presented an award to Reese he let it all out!

Unfortunately since it’s MTV we can’t get the full benefit here at RA but you can click here and see if it works for you. The awkwardness, the inappropriate jokes, it’s really a must see.

It doesn’t just end with presenting though. Rob has the ability to show his true colors accepting awards too.

Not sure what that means, but it’s Classic Rob! I love that he also sees the humor in this next award.

How about the times he doesn’t know what he’s saying but carries on anyway?

Rob knows when it’s time to get serious and when it’s time to show us some adorkable in these next clips.

Let’s hope soon we will see him with less surfboards and popcorn and more prestigious awards! I think we are in need of another OscarRob. And this time to be accepting the award!


So what are your fave Rob award moments? And we can always discuss the clothing choices to said events too!



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16 responses to “Wandering through…Award Shows!

  1. Sus

    I love unfiltered, Award Show Rob! He’s a hoot! LOL! And, so devastatingly beautiful in a tux! Sheesh!

  2. Rob @ MTV Movie Awards is so much fun.
    One of my favorite is BAFTA 2010 Rob -> http://youtu.be/Cbc2KDCWr1A

  3. christa64c

    Award show Rob is always win. It’s like reaching into box of Dove Truffles. You don’t know if you’re going to get the one with the raspberry or caramel center until you bite into it, but you always know it’s going to be so very,very good.

  4. Awesome stuff! Then again, anything with Rob in it is awesome!

  5. He looks so amazing in that tux, God I love that pic *swoon* Great videos RFM, love to watch him….repeatedly! xo

  6. dazzledbyrp

    I love Rob at award shows. I always feel a bit nervous – you never know what’s going to come out of those glorious lips. But he never fails us. The MTV Awards or the Robert Pattinson Show, as I like to call it, is probably my favorite. Also any award show where he wears a tux is a big win. Actually, these days I find any award show without him to be quite boring.

    • I love how MTV awards used to be the Twilight show but has now been surpassed by the Rob show! It’s one of my faves, lots of Rob goodness!

      And I agree, Rob makes award shows worth viewing. I really didn’t watch them before he came along.

  7. My heart goes out to you RFM, you must have had to watch hours of award show videos in order to make your selection, you poor thing LOL. I love the verbal vomit videos but black tie Rob does it for me every time. We’ve seen Edward holding up an Oscar, I’m sure some day we will see Rob do it too.

    • You know, Cared, that’s just how dedicated we here at RA are. We scour hundreds of pictures, listen to numerous video and sound clips and google a myriad of gifs just to give you readers what you want. It’s a tough job but…it’s a great perk of the job! 😉

      • Great Post BB! God I miss seeing him! How long is it till November? *pouts*
        I loved that first vid because, did you notice how far away from the mic he was? and yet you could still hear him plainly. I bet that means his voice is alot deeper in person than it appears to be on film! Ain’t nothin sexier than a gorgeous man with a deep sultry voice, heh heh not to mention the accent *SWOOON!* Just imagine being alone with him…and that voice starts to do some sweet talkin! *THUD* Or starts to singin!! *happy sigh*

        • It’s funny you mention how far he was from the mic. My dad has issues with celebs bending down to talk into the mic. And guess who he picks on the most? Yep, you guessed it. I think he’s trying to give his future son-in-law some pointers. Alas, this what I end up hearing: “Stand up straight, we can still hear you. Doesn’t he know anything about sound pickup? There he goes again, you don’t have to do that.”

          Yes, makes for a very pleasant viewing experience! And it doesn’t matter how much I tell him that Rob has experience with mics. But no other celeb gets the critiques that Rob does, lol.

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