Thrill me Thursday…Hats off to Rob!

Hello Everybody *waves*


Morning ladies! Whew! It seems like forever since I posted and That is saying somethin!!! I have gotten so much work done and you’ll start to see more of that work appear here at RA real soon. We’ve been trying to make our home page a little less cluttered and give you ladies a nicer home page. So in the coming days if you see something missing and want to find it, check the tabs at the top of the page and it’ll probably be there.

Now, onto Rob *TWSS* Our boy is known for his hobo ways of dressing, his vampire attire and his ability to turn heads in a tux. Ray ban Rob has been posted many times on many blogs but I don’t think I’ve seen a tribute to his hotness in a hat! so here we go ladies. Some of these are pap pics and for that I apologize but at least he is smiling in them so I do take comfort in that.

Now, I know that some may say this isn’t techncally a hat but hotdamn! it works for me! I know thre are more and better hoodie pics out there so whip em out girls!

I just found this tumblr tonight and she has some awesome edits and pics. if you ren’t following her now you should be! Tell her I sent you! LOL Inked Crows Lost Soul Tumblr

Happy v-neck ray-bans ball cap wearing Rob FTW!!

Come on ladies, I knows some of you have a much bigger *twss* pic than this!

OH! The button-Fly!!! Makes me wanna cry!!!