FanFiction Fridays – Recs for Mar 2/12

*Please note that the majority of FanFiction recommended on Rob Attack, whether by myself (MC), Guest Reviewers or by RA readers in the comments, is rated M (Mature) for 18+ Adult content*


It’s been a busy week for me, I’ve been trying to keep up with RL, updates and beta duties, plus I started a few new WIPS *kicks my own ass* lol but I just had too because two of my favourites ladies started new stories and I am gonna rec them both ’cause you need to be reading them! I’m gonna give you an enchanting drama and some super naughty pervin’ to read…

If any of you are familiar with the fic titles of  Retail Therapy,  Solstice ,  or Footprints in the Snow, then you will know the author of my first rec is cosmogirl7481 and she has started a new story entitled  No Measure of Time.

Summary for No Measure of Time: “Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, no matter how much time and distance you allow, there are some things, some people you never get over.  What happens when the one who got away is the very one you refuse to let go? E/B Rated M for adult themes.

Twilight – Rated: M – English – Romance/Drama – Chapters: 4 – Words: 5,574 – Reviews: 582 – Updated: 3-1-12 – Published: 2-27-12 – Bella & Edward”   

Cosmogirl7481 started posting this story on February 27/12 and we get a new chapter EVERY DAY, so as of today there are 5 gripping chapters for you to read! The story starts out with a 32 yr old Bella in her room at the waterside Marriott Hotel in Seattle having a hot and smexy flashback memory from her April 2002 college days…

“What do you want?” he whispers? “Right now. What do you want?”

I look up at him with wide eyes, and I know that he can feel my heart pounding against his chest.

“You,” I whisper. “Right now, I want to taste you.”

He groans. It’s sexy, and echoes in my ear.

And then he’s lifting up, moving higher up and over my body.

His cock is hard and the head of it pressing against my lips.

I lick the tip. It’s salty, but I think it tastes better than me.

“You want to suck me, baby?” he asks; his voice sounds pained. I nod my head, opening my mouth as his cock slips inside. “I won’t last if I fuck your mouth.”

His head falls back, and he hisses.

My hands reach around him, grabbing his ass and pulling him closer.



And I lose myself in the happiness of knowing that I do this to him.

I am the only one who does this to him.

“Fuck, Bella,” he cries. “Never stop. I never want to stop feeling this way.” 

Then we jump back to the present…

May, 2012

I look at the invitation.

I hold it and turn it over in my hands.

Class of 2002

Ten years,

I can’t believe it’s been ten years since I finished undergrad.

Ten years since I’ve seen him.

And it’s been nine years, three hundred and sixty-three days since I’ve heard his voice, felt his arms around me…felt him move inside me.

What if I go, and he’s there?

What if I go, and he’s not?

I look down at my left ring finger, and I don’t know which thought scares me more.

For the first three chapters, we have Bella living in the present but remembering her college years with her best-friend, Edward Cullen; she says,

I always wanted a friend like Diana. [from Anne of Green Gables]

A bosom friend.

Well, at a party my freshman year at the University of Washington, I met my bosom friend. Only she wasn’t a raven-haired beauty. She wasn’t a she at all.

So far we have learned they were very special to each other, and shared a distinct and intense connection, not just as “bosom” friends but as lovers too. And, for some reason, ten years prior, just after graduation, they parted ways and have not spoken to or seen each other since then. Bella was unsure whether to leave her home in New York to go to Seattle to attend the reunion,  not sure of how she feels about seeing Edward again, or whether she wants to know about his life now, but then she decided, “I need to know if I made the biggest mistake of my life ten years ago.”

For me, Cosmogirl7481 is always a pleasure to read and I was immediately sucked in from chapter 1 and have been on the edge of my seat everyday, anxiously awaiting the next day’s chapter. I won’t tell you anymore because not knowing what each of them is doing or going to do or what they are thinking is part of the thrill of reading this well-written Romance/Drama. I know you will enjoy this read!


Now, I have a pervy, naughty treat for you…. Jarkin33 has recently started a new drabble type fic called All Good Things – each chapter labeled as a miscellaneous One Shot prompted by pictures/photos. Jaime says this story is just a writing exercise in preparation to write her new Senatorward fic to be posted in the near future, but I am enjoying All Good Things for much more than that.

Summary for All Good Things: “Miscellaneous collection of one shots most likely based on picture prompts to get back into the writing swing! E/B and probably naughty – 😀

Twilight – Rated: M – English – Romance – Chapters: 4 – Words: 4,824 – Reviews: 116 – Updated: 2-29-12 – Published: 2-26-12 – Edward & Bella”

Jaime said, “Someone lovely asked if this was all the same couple – it could be… I’m a B/E girl so look at this however you’d like…  Unbeta’d cuz that’s how I roll on this writing exercise. It’s all in fun!”

Well yes, it is fun and refreshing IMO, each chapter has a corresponding “picspiration”, as I like to call them. They are naughty, sexy, and HOT AS HELL! Let’s give you a taste….

Chapter 1 *click this link —-> *NSFW warning* Pic Prompt  on Jaime’s Blog Fic Fare*

I leaned back against the cool waist high granite behind me, my dress still bunched at my hips and waited. My fingers trailed a soft pattern up and down my thighs. He placed the two glasses next to me and trapped me with his arms on the counter. His hips pressed between my thighs, spreading my legs further and I could feel his hard length press against me. Lips pressed to my nape, down my throat and to my cleavage, before sliding over the swells that my fingers had just been teasing. The rough, wet sensation forced my head to drop back as I felt my nipples tighten and a moan escaped. While he tugged and teased one relentlessly with his tongue and teeth, his fingers twisted and rolled the other.

“You like my tongue and fingers on you don’t you.” Whispered words caused my hips to buck against his hard cock and then I felt his lips sucking my breast through the fabric of my dress. My hands grasped the granite tighter as I rocked against him. Fingers, soft and then hard, sliding and then scratching along my sensitive skin, he forces the sensations upon my body.

He pushed my legs further apart as his thumbs found my bare, wet pussy.

“Where else do you want my tongue, baby? Tell me.”

His demand caused a visceral reaction and I could feel the moisture pool between my thighs.

“My pussy,” I gasped. “I want your tongue on my pussy.” I heard the raw desire in my own voice.

He slid his tongue slowly over my nipple one last time, then his teeth tugged roughly on it before he lifted his head chuckling darkly. His thumbs teased along the backs of my thighs and ass, then around to the front, just barely touching my folds.

“Your wish… my command.”

*fans self*  As I have said before, I really enjoy jarkin33‘s writing style, it’s smooth and descriptive, giving lovely imagery to the reader.  We now have 4 chapters with a new one being posted about every day or so, therefore if you are looking for something fun, a little romantic and a lot naughty, pervy and sexy to read, you will enjoy this, I guarantee it!

*NSFW warning* If you would like to see all four pic prompts to date, they can be found here at this direct link to jarkin33’s blog: Picture Prompts for All Good Things.  *NSFW warning*


Also, I’d like to add that I started The Keepsake by windchymes, which Cared guest rec’d a few weeks ago on FanFiction Fridays – Recs for Feb 17/12, and it is excellent! I love it and am totally addicted, definitely a great Vampward read.

Happy FF Friday my friends and please feel free to share what’s been owning you in the FanFiction world this week.




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22 responses to “FanFiction Fridays – Recs for Mar 2/12

  1. Well, I also started a WIP this week!! When Will I Know by Deb24601. She did it as writing exercise using prompts, like words or phrases. It’s an AMAZING story,

    Bella meets Edward at a bar, while on a date with Mike. The problem is Mike and Edward are friends. Bella is instantly attracted to Edward, but plays it safe, and stays with Mike. Time passes, and something happens that changes everything for Bella. Deb is such a great writer, that you can really feel everything.

    All Good Things sounds VERY interesting!! The pic prompt was so….HAWT. *fanning self*

  2. I just finished “Firefly in the summer” this morning. I like it.
    Now I’ll reread Dead Man Walking by MandyLeigh87. It’s one of my all time favorites

    Next stop – The Breakers.

    Thanks for your recs. There are in my alerts now.
    Have a nice friday 🙂

  3. Oh MC! I started No Measure of Time when I saw the alert, as it sounded like my type of story and boy, was I right – it was actually going to be one of my recs today, but I am so glad you have spotlighted it!! I await the new chapter like the junkie I am! All Good Things sounds great too.

    I have had a great week, fic wise. Last weekend I started Perfectly Imperfect by Lindsay520 *complete* Summary: Bella is a socially inept loner. Edward is lost in a meaningless marriage. They’re employees of a cross-country moving company. After many hours cooped up in a moving truck on long road-trips and several lonely motel nights alone, they form a bond that may be stronger than either of them had ever expected.

    I read Lindsay’s other story The Feeder and really enjoyed it, and I loved this one too, but boy, are they different! I really loved the reality of this story, and this Edward was pretty much perfect. It is a reasonably short story and I knocked it over in an afternoon.

    It has been on my “to-do” list for ages to read the works of Nolebucgrl. I started this week with “First & Ten”. I know you guys have probably all read this one ages ago, but just in case any of our newer ladies have not read First & Ten, I highly recommend it. I had no idea what she was talking about with the Football talk – but I still loved it anyway!! *Complete* Bella Swan is an aspiring sports writer and her first big assignment is to interview the league’s biggest, not to mention hottest, quarterback. Will Edward Cullen school her in the rules of the game or will she teach him a thing or two? Rated M.

    I really think Nolebucgrl’s Emmett and Alice in this story are the best I have ever read, and at very least in the top three. They are so funny! I also love her Edward – he is just gorgeous. Bella is pretty damn funny too with her outbursts of word vomit. I have been told again and again that Nolebucgrls other story Words with Friends is better than this one so I am really looking forward to that one!!

    Hope everyone is well *waves madly* AV xo

    • Hi Ally, your waving madly right back at you sista. You should know that once you start a Nolebucgrl story, you become hooked and just have to read through her entire work. That is what happened to me anyway. I think I asked her a few chapters in whether Edward played baseball or football, as I don’t have a clue about either sport. I can hear the American readers gasp at that. My point is, you don’t need to have any knowledge of sport whatsoever so understand and love her sport based stories and characters. That’s a testament to her excellent writing skills.

  4. Love the recs MC. It’s not possible for either of those extraordinarily talented authors to produce anything less than wonderful.

    This week I read Words Like Art by Itlerthqak. It’s a cute and sweet short story, complete at 4 chapters; perfect to enjoy with a cup of coffee. Doormanward wears the name tag of Anthony, as do all the other doormen who work for the snobby Carlise Cullen. Edward has not just lost his identify, he has lost himself – that is until the day he holds open the door for one Miss Bella Swan. She passes him a note enquiring about his real name and so inadvertantly opens the door that leads Edward back to finding himself.
    Every open door offers the chance of a great story. Ours started with a slip of pink paper…
    Twilight – Rated: T – English – Romance – Chapters: 4

  5. kalaekalae

    So good… thank you 😉

  6. I’ve just been catching up a little on WiPs and old recs, so I’m being a bit selfish, with nothing new to share – but I’m looking for a bit of Carlisle comfort. Don’t know why, but I’m craving a sweet, hot, kind, daddy Carlisle. Does anyone know of a story like that?

    Alerts seem to be not working on, but authors are still posting, did you know? Here is the link to the wonderfully satisfying Pure Revelations chapter from yesterday:

  7. miniaturemom12

    Thanks for the recs, MC and ladies! I’m reading:
    Set Fire to the Rain » reviews
    A woman whose job is to bring people back from the brink of self-destruction. An alcoholic who prefers his addiction to facing his demons. Everyone has given up on him…everyone but her.
    Twilight – Rated: M – English – Hurt/Comfort/Drama – Chapters: 29 – Words: 127,201 – Reviews: 822 – Updated: 1-7-12 – Published: 6-6-11 – Edward & Bella – Complete

    It’s pretty good, I’m almost done. Next in the queue: Clockwork, Transcendence and The Better Angels of Our Nature.

    Have a great weekend. ❤

  8. THREE CHEERS FOR ICY!!! WOOHOOO!!!! Have you girls seen this? MSNBC has just done a cover story on FIFTY SHADES OF GRAY!!! If he hasn’t read it yet I’m sure he will soon cause lets face it, 50 shades is right up Rob’s alley of unusual reads!! Go, go NOW and check it out!!

    • rita01tx

      Great news for Icy! Stupid man in the interview shouldn’t rank on something he hasn’t read, though…it’s not ALL about the bondage, it’s about the LOVE! Stupid man {I already said that}!!

      • I really wish that someone would have brought up that the story is more than just SEX and bondage. The transformation of both characters, the love they have for each other and a great storyline as well. They needed to talk to some of the original ff readers, not these newbie moms getting excited about a little erotica!

    • haystackhair

      YAY for ICY!!! I flipped because I went on Amazon and it was one of the choices for “what others are ordering” or whatever it says!!! I was like HOLY SHIT!!!! ICY!!

    • laurfi

      I dvr’ed the piece from The Today Show. The thing is, I have yet to venture down the road of FF but I saw a preview of the coming segment and recognized the name Fifty from this and other blogs. I am wondering if it is possible for me to get a copy of MOTU somewhere. Is that a good place to start? Rob did refer in one of the pre-BD1 interviews (though it was one of those translated pieces, so you never know what he really said) that he and Kristen were familiar w the fanfic world and that he was surprised at how much of it was hardcore. I think they’ve got to know something.

      • Hi Lauri! Thanks for stopping by and commenting. FF is fabulous really. weather you are into all fluff, Romance, alternate universe stories, soft core or hard core you will find it in FF. You’ll be surprised at how many talented unpublished authors are out there. I started with MOTU and it is one of the best well written stories out there but I was…surprised to say the least at the subject matter but the story was so intriguing I couldn’t put it down. To this day I don’t know if it was the well written story line or the romance or the twisted sex scenes that held my interests simply because I couldn’t believe a woman would subject herself to that and enjoy it. If your interseted in this kind of story send me your e-mail address @ and we will get you a pdf of MOTU I & II if this is not your kind of thing then perhaps you should start with something different. at any rate e-mail us and let us know what your prefernce is and we will send you suggestions or the PDF.
        But FF becomes an addiction! so just remember we told ya so LOL Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  9. rita01tx

    Great recs MC darlin’! I am also following No Measure of Time and lovin’ every chapter! I think there’s just an epi or two to go on it. Will definitely check out All Good Things!!
    This week, I started at the bottom of my TBR to see what I’ve been putting off way too long and, boy am I glad I started with:

    Wilderness by wolfpgirl
    Vampires. An alternative to Twilight, but based on the book. Bella gets talked into going backpacking and if by some miracle she makes it out alive, more danger is waiting for her. BxE Romance, action, angst, fluff…everything!
    Twilight – Rated: T – English – Romance/Drama – Chapters: 26 – Words: 107,262 – Reviews: 487 – Updated: 1-20-09 – Published: 11-26-08 – Bella & Edward – Complete

    Not near enough comments for her version of Twilight, which I do believe I like BETTER than SM’s version, and that’s sayin’ something!! No lemons in it (well, hell, there weren’t in the original either) but it doesn’t even need any to make for a great read!! However, she MORE than makes up for the lack of lemons in the next story….

    Learn You Inside Out
    BxE All Human. She is a college student and reluctant dancer, trying to move on. He is a rebel, a new quarterback with a troubled past. Two unlikely people are brought together, but trials of the present and the darkness of their past may tear them apart
    Twilight – Rated: M – English – Angst/Romance – Chapters: 31 – Words: 161,507 – Reviews: 1961 – Updated: 10-5-11 – Published: 1-20-09 – Bella & Edward – Complete

    I PROMISE you will love both her stories. She has a third one I’ve just GOT to read when I’m done with LYIO!!!

  10. haystackhair

    Sigh. I’m going to be reading FF for the rest of my life. LOL. I started The Keepsake and Don’t Go Gently Into the Night and gobbled up every chappie. Off topic, I just finished the Hunger Games trilogy and was in a funk all day yesterday because I hated how it ended and who she ended up with. LOL. So I will cosole myself today with these new recs. Happy Sinday ladies!

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