Sensual Sunday ~ Rob…Let Me See You Stripped!!


Good morning, Angelz!

Ain’t gonna lie!  I’m waiting impatiently for a screencap…HQ still (preferably)…gif (even better) of Rob’s moonlit, thrusting bare ass from the first sex scene in Bel Ami!

Cause, fully clothed or buck nekkied, that man’s body is f*ckHAWT and I wanna see as much of it as possible!

So let’s strip him down, ladies, and see what he’s got…

Lemme just get his shirt off!

Oh, no...NO! You're NOT talking me into this one, Rita!

Aaaaw, come on, Rob!?!?!  What if I put on a little music for you, baby. Will that help get you in the mood?

Heeey! I really like that song! I can work with that, thanks!

Me too, darlin’…it’s what inspired today’s post! {There’s his beautiful nose!}

Still not so sure I wanna do this, ya know?

Just TRY, sweetie…we only want to admire your beautiful bod a little bit!

All right, then. I wouldn't do this for anyone else, Rita...just so you know!

Thank you, Rob…I really do appreciate you doing this for me! {I don’t care HOW many times I’ve seen this, I can’t get enough!  *GASP!* the Glorious “V” !!!}


*Squeeee!*  Yes, please!!

Rita? You still there, Rita?

*Grooaaan!* Uh, yeah, baby…mighta fainted there for a second, but I’m good…

Can I put my shirt back on yet???

Well, I was hopin’ we could maybe check out your back, if that’s okay with you?  {HAPPY TRAIL ALERT!!!  *THUD* HOOR DOWN!!!!}


DAMNIT, Rob!  Stop teasin’! You KNOW what I want!!! *gigglesnort!*

Yeah, I think I got you figured out by now, Rita LOL! This what you're looking for?

Close…close!  But no cigar!  We’re lookin’ for THE ultimate shot of your back, baby!!!!


Rita, you crack me the fuck up! If we're done here, I'm going swimming with my girl! Laters, baby!!!

Thanks, Rob!  We can always count on you to “ahem” deliver!  LMAO!!!!

Now, each and every one of us has self image issues and Rob’s no different.  I’ve heard him complain of his too long back, wide, womanly hips and hard to maintain six pack, but, when you love someone as much as we love Rob, every little flaw he thinks he has is beautiful to us!

THIS is what I believe Rob looks like stripped…pure PERFECTION!!!!

Happy Sunday ya’ll!




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21 responses to “Sensual Sunday ~ Rob…Let Me See You Stripped!!

  1. lovinrob1

    NICE! Someone gave me the New Moon board game last year and I was playing with my daughter and mom and there is one pic that is the one you have above, with no shirt and I tell ya what. Rob teased me all game I couldn’t get that damn card, I kept passing the section and everytime I did I would moan around about how I wanted the naked Rob card and when I finally got it I was jumping around acting like an idiot…LOL… What can I say, I’m ROBsessed! ANYWAY… thanks for the lovely pics and commentree, that just made me smile like a loon 🙂

    • rita01tx

      I remember the anticipation…waiting for shots of that scene of Rob with his shirt off *swoon!* He SWEARS his abs weren’t airbrushed and I choose to believe he just worked really hard to get them. Bless him, he did a great job, even if they didn’t last through the rest of the films LOL!

  2. Well hello there sexy new moon happy trail. I still remember when they were shooting in Italy so many sexy Rob pics *sigh*.

    I’m waiting impatiently to see Bel Ami in 53 days

    • rita01tx

      Ah, those were the days! Love that Scummit (eventually) give us lots and lots of hot Rob photos before the films come out! They KNOW who’s driving this franchise!
      You’ll have to see Bel Ami at least twice to get the full effect, BB. If you’re like me, you won’t see, hear, or understand anything but ROB the first time! The man is AWESOME as Georges DuRoy!

    • Sus

      E. Where are you, that you get to see BA, you lucky hOOr? I am DYING here….still no U.S. release date!! 😦

      • rita01tx

        Hi Sus darlin’! Well, there was a sneak preview in Amsterdam and I was lucky enough to find out about it…via Robert Pattinson Australia, would you believe! I think is out officially here in Holland in April, but haven’t seen ANY advertisements for it. Idiots!!!

  3. I love that New Moon close up – wonky nipples and all! That’s why we love Rob so much – he’s human and imperfectly perfect!!!!

    • rita01tx

      Hey there, Sparkle darlin’! You mean the large black ‘n white close up? That’s my favorite one! And YES, we all love Rob for who he is inside as well as for his divine looks! You describe him perfectly!!

  4. exaltada

    I WANT BEL AMI IN SPAIIIIINNN!!! Sorry about shouting caps… ;). I can´t wait!! Btw, thanks a lot for make me smile and laugh and drool over my laptop ;). xoxo! You make my day a little brighter.

    • rita01tx

      Gotta say, the release dates are all over the place…afraid I haven’t seen one for Spain YET. Fingers crossed you’ll get to see it soon, BB!!

  5. UNF, Rita, what a lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon…Thank you :). Here’s a vid that I think is perfect for this post.

    • rita01tx

      Gonna have to agree with you on that one, Steph darlin’…thanks!
      Leave it to Dukkesa31 to get right to the point LMAO!!!

  6. eyeonrob1

    *fans self* Sweet Gods, Rita darlin…….what a fine post, my dear! You crack me the fuck up and you always seem to find the HOTTEST pics, gifs, manips, etc of our extra fine man. I’ve been absent for awhile tending to real life shizz but just had to drop in and get a fix of Rob and a dose of love and funny from my hoor sistahs. Happy Sinday, everyone 🙂

    • rita01tx

      {{HUGS!}} Good to see you, darlin’! Your hoor sistahs are here for you any time you need us…happy to dish up some Rob lovin’ for ya!!

  7. *dries drool off key board and prays it still works* Oh Rita! You do make me laugh so! Thanks BB!! Great post as always!! MWAH!!!

  8. Sus

    *DED*,,,can’t say anything else!!!

  9. exaltada

    Love all this post. I hadn’t told you yet. Besos!

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