Boo boo’s and Uh-oh’s

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Good Morning Ladies! Y’all know I love the Twilight SeriesRight? Right! If you’re like me you watch one or all of them at least once a week. (Come on now I know I’m Not the only one! I watched New Moon twice last night and I watched Eclipse & Twilight last week. Ok, I watched Eclipse twice!)

Well, that being said, when you watch a show that many times you start to notice things. For instance I’ve only seen BD1 four times (so far) But I noticed the very first time that when they are in Rio, just hours after their wedding, Edward is NOT wearing his wedding ring! WTF? LOL

Ooopsie! No Ring!

and I’m sure you’ve all heard the chatter about how Edward doesn’t sparkle while he’s on Isle Eseme. Now Please know I am not criticizing the movies or anyone working on them, in them, or around them! This kind of thing happens and will always happen! It happened in Ben Hur and in The Wizard of Oz just to name a few! I just find it interesting when I see them and thought you all might too. Of course wth our Beautiful Boy being the main attraction (IMHO) sometimes they go unnoticed so here are a few for you to giggle at. Just click on the pics and they will all be explained.

This last pic got me. I have always known there was something wrong with Victoria’s death but I could never put my finger on it. When I found this pic I was all excited, finally it would be pointed out to me, but noooo! The one pic that didn’t explain! LOL so after examining it like a “Find the Difference between these two pics” puzzle, I finally fgured it out. Do you see it?

Now I know there’s a ton more “Uh-oh’s” out there for the Twilight series. Do you know of some that are not pictured here? If so show me! I love this stuff! 🙂
Laters Babys,



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14 responses to “Boo boo’s and Uh-oh’s

  1. haystackhair

    LOL, I missed some of those, but I did notice a few. Who can blame me for missing them, I was dazzled by Robward!

    • Can’t Blame you at all for being distracted by the pretty! LOL Who wasn’t? It wasn’t until i was watching them for the umpteeth time that I started REALLY watching for something I was going to use in a fic that I started noticing these. So I looked for them on Google and found the above pictures on fan pop.

  2. Very interesting RF!! I missed a lot of those! (I was too focused on how gorgeous Edward looked)… and the last one, Victoria’s eyes are open in the top photo, and closed in the bottom photo, plus her hair is different! I seem to remember that in Twilight, you could see Rob’s harness holding him up when he was in the tree with Bella on his back, after he jumped out his bedroom window…when he said “…hold on Spider Monkey..”… but I didn’t care… LOL… I never get tired of watching these movies! xoxo

    • Yes indeed Melbie you areright about the last photo! 🙂 And Something that I just realisedthe other niht when I watched BD1, Why didn’t Alice seethat they were going to get pregnant BEFORE the Honeymoon? I mean she knew when Edward took notice of Bella that she “wouldbe one of us” She knew it TWO Years BEFORE it happens So why couldn’t she see she would end up preggers the moment Edward “made his mind up to try”??? I think SM needed a Beta LOL

  3. OME, I am so pleased RFT that I am not the only person to notice inconsistencies in films. The Twilight one that really stands out for me is the placement of the tubes in Bella’s nose – I think I drive my family insane by pointing that out every time we see it. I’ve got a few new ones to point out next time, thanks. LOL

    • Oh no way BB! I always notice the little things about everything (except my own work! LOL) I love finding the mistakes! There are a few MAJOR ones in the Terminator movies as well! Except for the Not sparkling I think most of these are minor, or easily explained.

  4. These always interest me but one of them I don’t think is inconsistent. The blood on Bella’s arm, isn’t it just dripping down to her wrist? Please feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.

    Another oops! I always notice is the license plates. Not sure why the sometimes have different states! LOL

    • yes, that is the 5th one from the end, she cuts her arm up by the elbow and the blood runs down her arm to her fingers (kinda heavy blood loss for her to go all the way back down the mountain, deal with jake getting hurt, talk to the volturi and NOT pass out from loss of blood IMHO) and then EDWARD ties up her wrist! heh heh BOO BOO Big time!

      I never noticed the license plates!

      • Oh! He’s tying up her wrist!! I just thought he was holding it from that picture. Guess I have to watch the movie again to make sure 😉

        The Volvo changes plates in the “chase” scene. And Jake’s bike has a California plate in Eclipse. Funny!

        • yeah she cuts her upper arm and he ties up her wrist! LOL maybe he had a snack on the way down the moutain? LOL

          Oh I never noticed that!! How funny! You’d think, at the very least they would catch these mistakes in editing and CGI the corrections in.

  5. I watch all the Twilight’s over and over. I have them all dvr’ed now, but they also show constantly on various Showtime channels for the last year, at least. In TWILIGHT, Bella’s cab pulls up to the ballet studio at night, it is dark out. Inside though, sunlight is streaming through the windows. I think the only one above I had ever noticed was the red backpack in the forest.

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