Wandering…Lips, BD style!

I promised you guys a couple of weeks back some Wandering Breaking Dawn lips. And what a better week to do it than now when so many of you are getting your own copies of the DVD!! (Sorry Germany, but the 29th will be here before you know it!) So grab your shamanties, get your lips ready and have a cold drink nearby….we’re going in!!!

Let’s start with this handsome guy jumping into your bedroom window the night before the wedding.

Next we have the longest, most inappropriate wedding kiss ever. But who could blame the girl? I wouldn’t want to stop kissing him either!

Holy HALE!!! If this is just the wedding I don’t know if I’ll survive the honeymoon!!! Those luscious lips…GAH.

Our next stop is Lapa. Instead of dancing in the streets, I think kissing is much better!

Who’s ready for a swim? Don’t take too long, ladies!

*Wet & Wild baby!* UNF!

I think we’re all um, prepared for the Honeymoon now. Don’t you agree? Hope you all make it 😉

I think we need a little bit of a cool down to help us acclimate to the real world.


Oh sorry! I said a cool down, didn’t I? Well how about a really sad but romantic kiss. Don’t worry, I’ll  follow up with something steamy!

No words

And a special treat for you…Breaking Dawn 2 kissing!

I almost think this is better than watching the movie. All our favorite parts are right here! Okay, maybe not. But these are pretty darn inspiring!


BEL AMI HAS A US RELEASE DATE! Mark your calendars, ladies. June 8th 2012. Let’s just hope this is the same for our Canadian sisters as well!

I'm ready to curl up with this!


Thank you MidNight Cougar and tumblr for all the steamy gifs!!



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27 responses to “Wandering…Lips, BD style!

  1. a very, very nice collection. i’d forgotten how much lip-lock there is in this one. damn but those are some extremely fine lips.

  2. lovinrob1

    Mmmm… what a way to start my day out. Now I wish I didn’t have to go work today so I could throw BD in and watch these scenes again. They have the sexiest kisses with one another in BD. GAH! those GIFS are something else 😉

    • We should have a BD movie night at RA! Bring some popcorn and drink of your choice. And you don’t have to worry about your “mess”. Our furniture in the movie room is covered with shamwows! 😉

  3. oh how I wish I could have some of those wondering lips! Thanks ladys for helping this humpday move along faster 😉

  4. rita01tx

    I’ve got the BD1 dvd on pre-order…it’s not available here until Friday, so I should have it Saturday. Hmmmm, might have to take a raincheck on my Sensual Sunday post LOL!
    But answer me this, you that already have it…look closely at their wedding kiss and tell me if he mouths the words “I love you” to her. Cause if it ain’t in the movie, then he did that during one of the practice takes! So, was he saying it to Bella or Kristen???

    • I’ve never seen that. But I will have to watch again and see. I do hate to be a party pooper but do you really think Rob would say something like that out of character when the cameras are there? But it sure is one way to out your relationship! lol

  5. There are some hot kisses there from BD robsfuturemate, but I just want to say one thing, for me the best is always going to be the first kiss in Twilight. That was one important moment from the book that was captured perfectly.

    • That first kiss was amazing! And so sensual in the waiting, which as Rob said was his fault! lol

      • He may think that, but the word ‘fault’ is not in my vocabulary when it comes to that kiss. I think I read that page about 100 times – it was better than any hot lemon. That’s not a reference to cold medicine btw.

        • It is a super sexy first kiss, well any kiss for that matter. But even though he’s a big dork in the commentary (and that’s how I love him), his lips and that kiss are hawt!

          Now I want to go reread that part!

          • I loved that commentary. You are right, he was dorky, even better he was dorky but fun, a great combination.

            • I still remember the first time I listened to it. I had the dvd for ages and had no idea that gem was hidden in plain sight! I think that was truly the moment where I knew there was no going back. I was indeed, Robsessed.

  6. haystackhair

    but I died happy!

  7. Love, love, love this post! *UNF* God, his lips are fantastic! *swoon* 😀

  8. Last one… _____________________________________

  9. OMG OMG OMG…. all these open mouth kisses…killing me!!!!! Eeeeeeeeep!!! Thank you so much Robs Futuremate…my God… what a collection of gorgeous gifs… oh God the last one nearly did me in! GAH!

  10. exaltada

    Hell, those gifs are driving me crazy, I’m turning into some kind of Shrek, I’m green with envy LOL. What tender and sweet and sexy kisses and lips… And I agree, the sexiest kiss of Twilight was the first one, and SM didn´t know or didn´t want to repeat (my opinion) a scene as erotic as this one in the first book, not even for the honeymoon.
    Thank you, sweet. A great gift.
    xoxo from Barcelona

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