Sensual Sunday ~ Slave for Rob!

Welcome back, angelz!

{BTW, I DID finally find the JaPEEN photo and posted it on last week’s Sensual Sunday ~ Rob…Big in Japan!  Run back and snag it for your RobPorn collection, if you don’t already have it LOL!!}

Those of you who play on tumblr know there are some great photo editors / enhancers out there and, although no one can touch our beloved MelbieToast and the fabulous Jules, I’d like to introduce you to SlaveforRob (aka BruSlave)…master photo enhancer extraordinaire!

This was the first one I ever saw and thought it was Melbie’s cause I snagged it off her tumblr {sorry Melbie & BruSlave} and didn’t see the BruSlave tag at the top left corner!  I was also thrown off the scent by the strange tag at the bottom right corner.

Needless to say, this is what I see when I crank up my compter at work every day!!!!!

It’s what she does with his eyes that gets me every time!

Or perhaps it’s her subtle use of color and softness…

But even her black ‘n whites have something intriguing about them…

I almost didn’t include this one, but Rob looks so happy here, I couldn’t resist…

Bru went a little darker with this one, but it totally works…

Aw hell! Rob’s precious lips…*THUD!*

Lips AND eyes??? KILL ME NOW!

Even Bru couldn’t resist Rome Rob!!

FingerPorn from the WFE premier in Barcelona FTMFW!!

Ah, Tybert…it is Tybert, isn’t it? Yeah, it is!

Love Rob’s expression in this one…someone must have posed a tough question!

Bru greatly improved on this photo from the Carter Smith 2010 photoshoot…

Couldn’t very well leave Rob’s “come hither” stare behind when I was choosing which ones to post, now could it??

Bru outdid herself with these next 2 photos…can’t breathe!!!

Seriously! Can’t breathe…HELP!?!?!

Aaaah! *deep breath*  That’s better! 

I spent what felt like hours in Bru’s tumblr archive last night and snagged over 60 photos before my eyes gave out.  Rob being the subject, it was f*cking tough trying to decide which ones to post!! 

That being said, I’ll leave you with just one more….

Are we not ALL Slaves for Rob????

Happy Sunday, ya’ll!



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42 responses to “Sensual Sunday ~ Slave for Rob!

  1. Wow Rita, she is one talented lady. Thanks for sharing with us.

    • rita01tx

      IKR? Number one is still my number one favorite but there’s something subtle about each of her edits that I find very intriguiing!

  2. gasp…can’t breathe with all the hawtness

    • rita01tx

      You too BB? That man constantly takes my breath away…don’t know how we survive his assault on all our senses LOL!!

  3. Those edits are amazing! And now I have a new page to follow! Thanks, Rita 🙂

  4. amazing pics…he’s so beautiful

  5. im1luckywoman

    Thank you, thank you and thank you. And when I pick myself up off the floor I will be sure to say thank you.

    • rita01tx

      Um…you’re welcome, you’re welcome and you’re welcome! Here, lemme give you a hand up…you’re welcome LMAO!!
      I take it you like my post *gigglesnort?*

  6. the grey hoodie pic has been my favorite since the first time I died when I saw it..its also my FB cover pic…*shudders every time I see it*

    • rita01tx

      I nearly fainted first time I saw the Carter Smith original, but Bru’s darker version makes my heart pound right outta my chest!
      Some stupid woman at work came up behind me the other day and asked me if that was my son!?!?!?! Wish I was related in any way to The Pretty, but I just said NO and didn’t bother explainin’ who it was.
      Sheesh! If she’s that dumb, there’s no help for her, right?

  7. simplydazzled1

    Wow! Rob inspires such fabulous talent.

    I also thought that dark hoodie Rob was Melbie’s, sorry Bru x

    • rita01tx

      He really does, simplydzzled1! He probably has no idea, which I think is a good thing as we wouldn’t want him to get a big head. Although, knowing Rob as we do, he’d just duck his head and go all shy on us LOL!

  8. exaltada

    Oh, I love you near as much as Rob… thanks, thanks, and more thanks. I´m in RobHeaven too. Wow!! xoxo.

  9. edwardsvamptramp69

    *fans vajayjay*

    RomeRob is STILL my all time favorite. He’s beautiful in all pictures, but something about his just-fucked-in-the-limo look does me in EVERY TIME. Thank you for this delish eye candy. I think my B.O.B needs a good workout now.;)

  10. dazzledbyrp

    Wow Rita. Thanks for a whole post of this magnificent stuff. I’ve loved her work for ages and have of tons of them saved in my spank bank. You made my day!

    • rita01tx

      LMAO! You’re welcome, Maggie darlin’!
      I was chatting with RF this morning and told her the title of my post was Slave for Rob…I think she thought I was gonna post bondage manips *gigglesnort!*

      • I did Not!!! LMAO!!! I knows you too well. Manips are what Imma posting!!! Great post and thanks ladies for all the great additions and *ahem* info *giggles* LOVE That man of ours!!!

  11. Oh thanks so much for this post! I’ve loved BruSlave’s work for a long time, and these enhanced photos of hers are just TO DIE FOR!!! Absolutely drop dead gorgeous. !!!! She is so talented… xoxo

    • rita01tx

      There’s a world of talent floating around in Rob’s fandom, and don’t we just love discovering and sharing it all. But it’s all in the subject matter, Melbie darlin’! His inate beauty just shines through!!!

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