Wandering…through Twilight Giggles!

It’s the middle of the week and I had the blues. Let me get my harmonica out and play you a tune. Just kidding, but I was in need of some cheering up this week. (Having a pulled muscle for 2 months puts a damper on your life.) But I was in desperate need to kick these feelings. I have a Britpack show (or two) to go to this weekend! Yep, gonna see Marcus Foster perform and I will  update you all next week on the whole adventure. So I headed for tumblr (surprise, surprise) to look at Robporn and get me back to my happy place. What I found had me lit’rally laughing my ass off and I hope you to do too!

Who would have thought Edward was into the gangsta music? Rob, yes. Edward, even more surprising!

That’s funny ’cause I call mine Woody! 😉


hehe, Daddy’s not gonna like that!

James, can I get a copy of that?


Now that’s what I call an unfortunate head. (snickers)

Oh no he didn’t!

I kind of miss the fake lesbians! lol

And as far as newsworthy, how about the teaser trailer for BD2? It’s definitely a tease!

Now we just need the much anticipated Cosmopolis teaser!

Hope those put a smile on your face! And don’t forget to come back next Wednesday for an update on my Britpack Adventures. Especially since this man was seen out and about in LA yesterday 😉


Thanks to Twilight Humor and Iluvmormonvampires for the funnies!



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30 responses to “Wandering…through Twilight Giggles!

  1. Love this Tumblr blog as well RFM! I really hope will feel in a musical mood this wekk and you get to see him. That’s do wonders on that pulled muscle :)…xx

  2. Ok, I’m not drunk, I swear! “Rob will feel” and “week end”, pfft!

  3. edwardsvamptramp69

    *Snorts* I LOVED those! Definitely a pick me up before work on Hump Day.;)

    Sorry about the muscle…………….too bad you didn’t pull it during some good nookie (I’m guessing you didn’t or the pain would be oh so sweet:)! Have fun with the BritAdventure and give us all the deets, Boo! *double giggle snort*

  4. LOL @ Tay Tay pic, never seen this before.
    The preview of the preview ot the preview was too short, nice titles and nice trees.
    Have an exciting BritAdventure time 🙂

    • I had never seen that one before either. I have no idea if it’s a manip or just an unfortunate pic!
      And yeah, the teaser was waaaaay to short. Guess it was just there to tease us.

  5. ROFL!
    and RFM darlin’ feel better soon – pattinhugs to you :p

  6. haystackhair

    OMG I can’t tell you how I needed that laugh. Sorry about your muscle pull, that sucks bb! I’ll pray you get some stretching where you need it. Snicker. Gangsta Edward FTMFW! LMAO!

    • dazzledbyrp

      I love tumblr. Of course there are days like yesterday when I open it at work and nekkid Robporn manips show up! One day that boy is going to get me fired.

      Can’t wait for Saturday and Marcus. Did you guys see him on Jimmy Fallon last night? He was awesome. RFM and I have a plan if Rob shows up: We’re gonna get ourselves within earshot of him and then start talking about groin and butt injuries and hope, since he’s been-there-done-that, that he’ll join in the conversation. I think it’s a good ice breaker, don’t you??

    • Thanks HSH!!! I’m thinking Rob should know how to help. He has pulled a muscle before! 😉

  7. Very funny rfm, you put a smile on my face. Priceless! LOL

  8. Have you seen this ladies? I know you have RFM ;)…

    • Thank you for posting it here! I was just coming to do it 😀 GAH! Even that cover pic is killing me, him just laying there all naked!!!! But this film looks amazing and I can’t stop watching this crazy teaser!

  9. OMG his voice is enough to do me in – I want more ladies, I really, really do!

  10. haystackhair


  11. Cosmo. trailer….*DED*

    Thanks for the giggles! Cracked me up!


  12. Hilarious!!! Just loved this post, thank you for the giggles!!!

  13. exaltada

    Funny post!! I laughed a lot. Thanks, RFM!

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