Sensual Sunday ~ Show Me Something I Don’t Know!!!


Holy shit, angelz!

No way you haven’t all seen it by now, but Rob doubters be DAMNED! That Cosmopolis teaser trailer was the best 34 seconds EVER and I can’t stop watching it!

Oh yeah, baby! It’s coming and it’s gonna be EPIC!!

You won’t be surprised to learn that tumblr went absolutely WILD with screencaps, gifs, banners and edits!  Even I couldn’t resist the urge to do a little editing of my own, although I have no idea how to tag it…oh well!

Ah, Geez! Rob's sweat soaked, lickable happy trail *THUD!*

That first sequence was very popular for gifmakers…

I think I’d like to see that in slow motion, wouldn’t you? {if the gifs aren’t moving, click ’em!}

Hell’n I literally jumped a foot off my chair when he shot his hand! How the F*CK did they do that?? {gif}

Didn’t you think AudioMachine’s “10 Inch Nails” from their Deus Ex Machina album was the perfect music for that trailer? Especially for the nightclub scene, which was beautifully shot…{gif}

Kill me now…Rob going all predatory on us in the limo? *THUD!*{gif}

And MelbieToast made us a beautiful edit…

This might seem like overkill to you, but I just gotta include another gorgeous edit…a close-up!  I could swear it’s a SlaveForRob (Bru) edit, but it’s not tagged…

Wild limo sex anybody? Hell yeah!  {Why didn’t they hire ME to do that scene *sob!*}

That just BEGS to be gif’d…{gif}

Rob’s alley strut just cracks me the f*ck up!  InRobWeLust wants to know which of Rob’s movies we are most looking forward to…Bel Ami or Cosmopolis?  BOTH, BB!!!!! {gif}

Cronenberg is gonna shock us all with Cosmopolis!  Nothing is taboo and that’s as refreshing as pissing in an expensive limo LMAO!!!

Sparkybitchface entered the tumblr fray with this contribution…{gif}


So much action was packed into 34 seconds of RobHeaven that, had it not been for the screenshots, I never would have seen this…doesn’t it look just like a painting?  Simply stunning!

And, as if all that wasn’t enough, WE HAVE ASS CRACK!!!  Yes, it’s from an Italian trailer for Bel Ami so it doesn’t exactly fit this post, but I couldn’t NOT share this gorgeous edit by InRobWeLust!

And whoever made this gif should be given sainthood LMAO!!

Now, I know this has nothing to do with Rob, but were you even aware that Stephenie Meyer’s book, The Host, was being made into a movie?

Science fiction being one of my favorite genres, I enjoyed the hell out of that story! And, if this trailer is any indication, it might just be worth checking out when it hits the theaters next year!!

Happy Sunday, ya’ll!




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37 responses to “Sensual Sunday ~ Show Me Something I Don’t Know!!!

  1. lovinrob1

    Oh man… that trailer was 34 seconds of epicness. Rob was simply stunning and fuck hot. He so emobied Eric Packer that I was giddy, fucking giddy all damn day. I can’t wait for this movie to come out. What do I want to see more??? I need them BOTH!!!! and will have them repeadedly *wink, wink*

    • rita01tx

      Lovinrob1 darlin’, whoever put that teaser trailer together like that and chose just the right music should get an Academy Award for it!
      I’m still shakin’…or it could be the bowl of ice cream I just had LMAO!!!

  2. Hello all! I just wanted to verify that YES, Rob was at the Hotel Cafe last night and we will have a full report tomorrow from yours truly. In the meantime, please enjoy the wonderfulness that is the Cosmopolis teaser.

    Yep, we are just all about the teases this AM!!!

  3. exaltada

    I loved that trailer because Rob is in it. I think I won´t like that movie because it´s far away from my tastes but I´m sure I WILL LOVE Rob´s performance. I love him, in every work he does, and even more if the work is far away from his character as Edward. I mean, I´m in love with Edward and I´m one of that million Twilight fanfic writers but I don´t like when people calls Rob “Edward”. Sorry about this rambling LOL. So, I want to see Cosmopolis because of Rob, and Bel Ami because of the film and Rob. But I´m sad… in my country we still don´t have a release date for BA!! BTW, thanks for the pics and gifs, as ever!!
    PS: I read The Host and liked it… another movie to see.

    • rita01tx

      Exaltada darlin’! Who the f*ck is Edward LMAO!! Just kidding, but I know what you mean. We all fell in love with Edward from the books…then we fell in love with Rob when he BECAME Edward in the films. Well, unless he were aware of him before Twilight…I wasn’t, unfortunately. However, once I saw him in Twilight, I found every film he’d ever made and saw them ALL!
      Bottom line…Rob is ROB, not Edward, and he should be appreciated for himself and the characters he portrays so well in his other movie roles.
      I’m glad to say that I didn’t even think the name Edward while watching Bel Ami (nor when I watched any of his movies, really), but Cosmopolis will be taking us all so far out of our comfort zones that Rob will surely garner new Rob fans…not Edward fans!! Go Rob!!!

      • exaltada

        Amen, Rita! I saw Rob in his Harry Potter film, and I thought “what a cute guy… I´m sure he will die” LOL, (because I didn´t read the book in that time, but I´ve read all the HP books yet). And I was true! He died… Then, one day I watched Twilight because my husband wanted to (I didn´t know that with this he´d wake the beast in me LOL) and I became a Rob fan and a Twi-mom, who dared to go to see him in the premiere of BD in Barcelona. And I GOT my own autograph from his long fingers *sigh*. When I came home, I told my husband that I got it, and he stared suspiciously to me and asked “Where? On your bra?”. LOL. Yes, I´m a little cougar, and pride of it.

        • rita01tx

          I remember thinking Cedric was pretty damned cute, too! But I didn’t realize it was Rob til Twilight…then and went back and checked and damned if it wasn’t the same guy all growed up LOL!
          Someday SOMEDAY someday…I want at least a brush of those long fingers against my {fill in the blanks} *le sigh!*

  4. I loved that little 34 seconds of trailer. So much packed into so little! Rob pissing in the kitty litter in his limo made me LOL. His future is going to be coming up daisies after this film hits Cannes, then th e theaters. I still get flutters every time I watch it!!

    • rita01tx

      Hi Nancy! Welcome to RA!!
      There’s kitty litter in the limo? Was that in the book (which I have not read)?
      Yes, The Pretty is gonna be a high demand after Cosmopolis…stupid doubters! But, no doubt, he’ll keep following his instincts and choose his future projects wisely. As in, not so many that he doesn’t get to enjoy his well earned down time, cause whatever makes Rob happy = lots of happy RobH00rs!!

      • laurfi

        In the book, the limo has a little fold away toilet that he pees in. The limo is state of the art and all teched out so you can really live in it. I loved the book. Have to read it again. Trailer is amazing. I cannot wait for BA and this movie. Hope the US has an early release date for Cosmopolis and we do not have to wait until fall.

        • rita01tx

          Thanks for the fold away toilet tip, Laurfi darlin’! I went back up to click on the peeing photo to blow it up and YUP, there it was LMAO!!!

  5. Oh god, best teaser EVER!! I loved every bit of those 34 seconds. Cosmopolis is the movie I am most looking forward to, but I really can’t wait to see Bel Ami either! Eric Packer owns me.

    On another note, RFM I hate your face a little right now!! LOL!! I went to Marcus’ show on Friday night and was keeping my fingers crossed for a ninja sighting. No luck for me but awesome sauce for you!!! Marcus totally kicked ass though didn’t he?

    • rita01tx

      Amanda darlin’, RFM’s keeping her lips closed as tight as a frog’s butt…until tomorrow, when she’ll spill it, or else! LMAO!!
      Sorry you missed him this time. Hope you have better luck in the future. Hell’n I envy you for even having the POSSIBLITY of seeing him in person!

    • Oh Amanda! I am so sorry to hear you were just a day away. That sucks! I know, it’s happened to me many of times. I thought for sure attending Britpack Shows was no longer the way to see Rob. So glad I was wrong and you need to keep attending!!!! Both Johnny and Lee are playing this week and next so try again 😀 And I would love to meet you as well if you go. So next time, let me know!

      • I actually live in Phoenix but came to Cali to see the show. I plan on going to see Marcus and Sam next week when they travel through my neck of the woods. Think Rob will come to Phoenix with them? LOL! I can’t wait for your report of the evening.

  6. Oh ded! just DED DED DED!!

  7. I am so dyign to see both Bel Ami and Cosmopolis! But Cosmopolis freaking rocked that 34 seconds! While I simply adore Edward and Rob as Edward i hate it when all the crtics can do is bring Edward into everything Rob does. I guess we have to deal with it though because Rob will alwaysbe Edward

    I do beleive whole heartedly that Rob is gonna kick some ass in Cosmopolis and folks are gonna sit up and take notice…..They already are just off of 34 seconds

    • rita01tx

      Hey Dixie darlin’! Responses to the Cosmopolis trailer have been extremely positive, both regarding the film and Rob, so I’m sure we will all be blown away by his performance! Can’t f*ckin’ wait!!!

  8. wow. cosmopolis looks simply delicious. a dark and dangerous (not to mention naked) rob will suit me just fine.

    have many people here the book?

    • rita01tx

      Hey Natalie darlin’! If I was capable of reading anything but FF right now, I’d go buy it and read it, so no I haven’t. Hope the release date means it’s coming out in my neck of the woods LOL!!

      • i know. so much fanfic so little time. my boss actually expects me to turn up at work instead of reading. very unreasonable of her i think.

        • rita01tx

          *gigglesnort!* IKR? My cubicle was just relocated to another floor where my computer faces AWAY from the entrance! That means I get snuck up on regularly now, so I have to really be careful about what’s on my screen!!

  9. Does it look to any one else like he’s touching himself in the 1st pic? It does to me (or is that wishful thinking?)…..OMG, that’s the best buttcrack pic I’ve seen to date.

    @nataliefox: I haven’t read the book, but I’m going to. This is all too much for me to take, without knowing WTF is going on! It looks so intense, and dark!

    Bel Ami will kill us, but Cosmo. will do us in!

    xoxoHappy Sunday!

  10. I was super giddy after watching this teaser. It’s what a teaser should be…makes you dying to see more! I was like a proud wife wanting to shout from the rooftops that Rob made a grown up movie. No more Mr. Teen Movie Maker for him! It’s intense and violent and action packed and sex filled with some great direction and editing. Can NOT wait to see this movie!!!

    It was probably a good thing I didn’t see Rob the day I saw this teaser. I would have probably gone up to him all excited and shake him by the shoulders or something!! loll

    And BA thrusting and crack. Give me a day or two to get back to perving on it. Weird to perv on the covered ass you saw yesterday. Just sayin

  11. luvtwilight72

    WOW! I love all the gifs:) That trailer was amazing and I can not wait for the movie!! Well both movies actually:-)

    • rita01tx

      I don’t know who makes ’em, but I’m glad they do! Bel Ami and Cosmopolis are worlds apart but still great roles for Rob. He totally owned the part of Georges DuRoy and he will absolutely become Eric Packer in Cosmopolis, of that I am sure!

  12. Un-f*cking-believable Rita! Sweeeeeeeeeeeeet post! *UNF* God, those gifs are a killer & his ASS! no words…. xoxo

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