Rob Encounter at the Hotel Cafe

Howdy! I know this isn’t my normal day and I promised you a Marcus post but don’t worry that will still be coming.  He will get the respect he deserves Wednesday. I just thought you all might like to get this breaking news as soon as possible!

Saturday was the second Marcus Foster show at the Hotel Cafe but what is even more cool was that Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Sam Bradley were there as well. Sam was there Friday also, but more on that later. Here’s how it all went down…

Maggie and I and our friends were just enjoying the evening, listening to music. I was pretty chill since I had done the whole scope out the place yesterday to no avail. I didn’t see anybody with Marcus before he played, which did seem a little odd compared to Friday night but not abnormal. Maggie decides to do a “loop” of the place. I wasn’t that worried about it, I did the same thing the night before to no avail. She comes back (I guess, I never saw her) and my friend is telling me I need to go to the bathroom. I immediately knew why but couldn’t get myself to go. It felt weird, too much an invasion of his privacy. But of course, I went. I didn’t want to kick myself later.

On my way to the back, there was a huge crowd of people. Mind you, I had no idea where he was just somewhere on

Imagine seeing this from the front, side, whatever!

the path to the bathroom. I saw him slumped next to the wall in the hallway wearing the ever popular black and grey plaid flannel.I want to say that we had eye contact at this point. But it’s a hazy experience and I was a bit out of it at the moment. But there’s  a really good possibility that we did. (giggles)  I kept going towards the bathroom but there was a line so I came back out and found a spot along the hallway wall. A little behind Rob and across from him. It was then that I noticed Kristen standing in front of him.

They were just enjoying the music, no one bothered them. They were just standing near each other. Maggie and our friends came up behind me and started saying something to me. I have no idea what, I shushed them so quick. My heart was racing, and I was just trying to stand there all nonchalant and enjoy the music. I have no idea what Marcus was playing at this point but I could see Rob from my peripheral. It was then that I noticed the black beanie and the beard. It wasn’t out of control, just an average length beard. Kristen was texting someone and her phone was lighting  up the darkened hallway.

Another friend of mine comes by and asks why I left. I had tried to tell her before but she just wasn’t getting it, so I left to find Rob myself. It’s every woman for themselves at that point. I’m not standing around trying to get you the info and  miss my chance! I told her I had to go to the bathroom and she’s saying, “No, you didn’t”. I quickly pull her out of the hallway. I was so not having that convo right next to Rob!!!! She had no idea he was there and then went back in to see him.  Then we sat out  in the main entrance room by the “Private” door for the musicians. A couple of minutes later, Rob comes around the corner and into the room a mere foot away from me. He was moving quickly followed by Kristen, Sam and another friend of their’s.

That was it. The encounter was over. They left with what we could only hope would be a hassle-free exit. It wasn’t until I ran into Maggie later that I found out what happened when I left the hallway…

Maggie’s daughter was with us that night.  She was brave enough to go up to Kristen and ask her if she could buy her a drink!!!!  According to Maggie, her daughter and my friend, Kristen looked at Rob then told her daughter,”No thanks. I’m good.” They all had a giggle after that. Rob, Kristen and company, I mean. I was so sad to have missed The Giggle!!!!! But seeing Rob in motion was enough for me. I was just bummed that it was Kristen that was drinking from a bottle and not Rob!

Hope you all enjoyed that little glimpse into the evening! Sorry there are no pics from this night. But I really feel it’s inappropriate and rude to take pics of someone enjoying the night on their personal time. Besides, it was so dark a flash would have blinded us all! We all let them continue enjoying their night even though I’m sure they knew why a whole slew of people kept walking past! It’s just being considerate and I’m sure they greatly appreciate that.

UPDATE: there were a few pics from that night. Apparently, it wasn’t as pap-free as we hoped. This pic was from Robsessed.


And don’t forget to come back Wednesday to show Marcus some love!



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43 responses to “Rob Encounter at the Hotel Cafe

  1. OMG robsfutermate, how exciting!!!!! I’m so happy for you! I am also so proud of you and others at the club not bothering Rob and Kristen and allowing them to enjoy their night out. So tell us what Rob looked like? BTW, I watched Marcus on the Jimmy Fallon Show last week and he was just GREAT. Thank you so much for sharing your encounter with Rob, and I think it was totally appropriate for you to suddenly need to use the bathroom! xoxo from Melbie

    • Thank you, Melbie! And thanks for pimping our site again! Mwah!!

      I mentioned above a little about what Rob looked like. The picture is from that night and was exactly what he was wearing. He was sporting a beard. Not crazy TomStu length. Just an average, manageable length. lol.

      And Marcus on Fallon was awesome. Pretty much the same passion and energy this weekend as well.

      • Thank you robsfuturemate, I love Rob Attack and you great gals who create it! I’m going to read the new post about Marcus Foster after I write this comment; I really am becomming a fan of his and absolutely love his song “Shadows of the City” and am going to purchase more of his songs at iTunes. Love his energy and talents!! xoxo from melbie

  2. OMG!!! How exciting!!! Sam walked right by me when I was standing in line on Friday night. Marcus and Jack stepped out for a smoke while we were waiting as well. I’m glad that everyone let them be and they were able to enjoy their night. I wish they would have enjoyed it on Friday instead, but what can I do. LOL!! Had you ever seen Rob and/or Kristen before? Well I’m really looking forward to seeing Marcus again in Phoenix on April 3 and Sam too!

    • I have seen both R and K at the BD premiere last November. And Rob as well at Jimmy Kimmel right before Grauman’s. But this was my first everyday encounter. So surreal. I still play it in my mind and can not comprehend the whole night.

      I’ll fill you guys in on my Sam/Jack/Marcus encounters on Wednesday. 😉
      Glad you enjoyed your experience as well!!!

  3. I hate you! NO, I love you! I am so conflicted….. 🙂 See ya Sunday!

  4. Thanks for sharing the ROBJOY and ROBLOVE with all of us!!! Someday I hope to be there with you girls. Hey where’s Maggie? She did survive the weekend Right? I know she made it home but did it all finally hit her and give her a (heart) Rob Attack? LOL

    Thank you Melbie for pimping our site and for commenting! love you girls!

    • dazzledbyrp

      I’m still alive. RF, why don’t you share my text to you from last night? Here let me…… In my defense, I had a bit to drink, it was dark, and……oh yes….I was standing 3 feet away from ROBERT PATTINSON with nothing but air between us! Here’s my text to RF. See if anyone can decipher it:

      I’m stanfgibg 3 fceet fr lrFrob. An kristen nd ;

      Yep that’s what happens when you’re breathing the same air as HHH!

    • I can’t wait for the day that you can be here to experience it with us!!! But remember, it’s taken us a while for it to pay off. So you might just have to stay for awhile!

      • HEHE that would be absolute Heaven for Me RFM. I would pak up and move there tonight if I could! Someday girls…someday… and when that day comes…you’d better start workin out cause you may have to hold me Back LMAO (JK)

        Maggie, Your typos last night were so cute! And I Knows it was being close to The Pretty and had nuttin to do with how much you had to drink!!

  5. What a great night it must have been! Good music, your heart beating out of your chest…I really hope I can see him one day . By the way, love your avi ;).

    • Thank you MDOS!! My avi is from Rob’s Button Babe. She makes some great ones. But I need a new one for April soon! And yes, the music is awesome. You can’t go wrong with a Marcus show, even if there aren’t any special guests! But my heart will never be the same now 😉

  6. Lol is it wrong that the song that was playing on my ipod was History was made at night by the cast of SMASH? I dont know why, but it made me giggle snort. I wish i would have been able to be all sneaky like yall but i probably would have spazzed out like i did when i met 100monkeys last year. SMH, not my proudest moment but i did get a giggle out of Jackson Rathbone. I can only dream of what you were thinking not only after the encounter, but the entire way home. Can’t wait for your Marcus post.

    • It really is a different feeling when you see him there with his friends, hanging out. It’s not like he was the show and hanging out with fans after, you know. You’d be surprised how your outlook changes when you see it like that. But hey, if you get them to respond positive, who cares? lol

  7. dazzledbyrp

    It was beyond awesome. And completely surreal. I will never forget that moment when I walked right by Rob and there was like about a 3 second delay before it registered in my head. I lit’rally stopped dead in my tracks – absolutely frozen. Even now, 24 hours later, I can’t believe it really happened. It was an experience I’ll never forget. I’m glad I got to share it with you, RFM. And one of my favorite parts of the whole thing was when I grabbed RFM and whispered in her ear, “He’s here!!” and she said, “No he’s not!”. LOL!!!! I’m just glad neither one of us fainted!

    • I am so very glad that you were there with me too! And I so don’t remember you saying that to me! lol I just remember Jenny telling me I needed to go to the bathroom. Geesh! What a weekend!!! I can barely keep it straight.

    • Yeah I was wondering if you were going to tell on doubting Debbie *giggles* Can’t blame you though. Got any rob sightings planned for this Sunday?? *wink wink*

      • dazzledbyrp

        Oh I have big plans for Sunday. There’s a teepee involved. RFM can tell you all about it!

      • dazzledbyrp

        I’m not surprised you don’t remember me saying that. I think you were in shock at that moment, Doubting Debbie.

        • I wouldn’t call it doubt. More of a you better not be messing with me cause that is one sick joke!!! But I do not recall any such convo.

          As for the teepee, what happens in the teepee stays in the teepee. Or goes back to Rob’s house, as the case may be 😉

          And I’ve got plans for more sightings on Friday as well!

  8. I am so THRILLED for you RFM! Thanks for sharing, so exciting. xoxo

  9. luvtwilight72

    wow!! That was amazing:) I could not walk up to them either, I would not want to interrupt their private time. LUCKY GIRL!!!

    • LOL, I don’t know how private it was. But you def didn’t get the feeling that they wanted many people to talk to them. Besides, I have no idea what I would have said! And that would be if words could even come out of my mouth!!

  10. seriously, how did you guys NOT faint . . .insanely jealous but proud that you respected their privacy and didn’t go all fangirly on them 🙂

  11. I’m so happy for you RFM..At least you got a glimpse of The Pretty..How kind you were not to invade his space..So sorry for AmandaC, my friend who couldn’t get tickets for Saturdat night..We all new Rob and Kris would be there Saturday..But as Amanda comment before she stiil had a fantastic time..Marcus was amazing..

    • I wish I knew that they were coming only Sat. I would have saved myself a trip Friday! Do you know if they’re coming next Friday for Johnny? 😉 I’m just teasing you girl! But really it’s so frustrated when you show up to find out they come the next night. Or the next week even, It’s happened to me too many times to count!

      Thanks for commenting, bedazzled!

  12. rita01tx

    Congratulations RFM, Maggie, your daughter and friends for a wonderful evening and Robperience! You know, I think he’s safer among his fans without the fences and bodyguards cause you know he’s just being a normal guy, out with his girl, and no one wants to be disrespectful by invading his space. Too bad the f*ckin’ paps never get that message…grrrrrr!@*&*$%#!!!!
    Brass Balls award to Maggie’s daughter for offering to buy Kristen a drink! What a “normal” thing to do! Bet that doesn’t happen often, hence the giggle fits LMAO!!
    Question {but I doubt anybody knows}: Who the hell was that scruffy looking greaseball fat dude with glasses and long stringy hair??? He was in the car when they left, too? {photos on Robsessed}

    • Well Rita, let me answer that question for you. I met that guy on Friday. His name is Dustin and he is a friend of Rob and Sam’s (maybe all of them, not sure) My friend saw him at the Eclipse after party with Sam and Rob.
      The other guy in the car is Jack. (swoon) He’s Marcus’ keyboardist and bass player. More deets about this on Wed 😉

      • rita01tx

        Gah! I dissed a friend?? Bad Rita! {slaps own hand HARD}
        I shouldn’t judge a book by its cover…he’s probably a nice guy. Well, he must be if Rob and Sam hang with him. My ‘umble apologies to Dustin!

  13. I’m thrilled for you RFM. Thanks for sharing.

  14. That is so so awsome!! What that must have felt like, so glad he has fans like u who respect them 🙂

  15. jellybeanrainbow

    Hey, RFM,
    you so had eye contact, because that’s what he does, he looks at people and pays attention.
    Great post, I’m sorry I couldn’t comment before, stupid phone and pad won’t let me login. But I’m reading (almost) regularly.
    My favourite part:
    t’s every woman for themselves at that point. I can imagine you saying this.

    • Thanks, I think. lol. So glad you were able to finally comment and thank you so much for reading! I think I the eye contact was him looking up seeing you this crazy girl was that was booking it through the hallway! Either way, I made an impression 😉

      I am so excited that you are flying down this weekend. It’s going to be Epic!!

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