Sensual Sunday ~ Master of Madrid!!

Welcome back to Sensual Sunday!

Are you ladies ready to continue our world tour with Rob?

Now, we aim ta please, here at RA, so this one’s for Exaltada darlin’!  We’re going to Madrid!!

Star Date:  November 12, 2009

Event:  New Moon Fan Event & Photocall

Location:  Madrid, Spain


Ever notice how Rob starts out a little reluctant at all the attention?

Well, I'm having a little trouble understanding their directions!

Little, by little, he warms up…

Pssst! Rita...what does "Un poco más cerca, por favor" mean?

A little closer, please!

Oh! Yeah, I can do that.

Loosen up, Rob! They’re not gonna hurt ya!

Easy for you to say! You're not standing up here with me!!

*Sigh* Well, I would if I could, but I can’t, so I won’t.  Would you feel better if Kristen joined you?

Really? You'd do that for me??

Aww, Rob! ‘Course I would…I can share!  {NOT!}

Kristin, this is Rita...she's always f*cking with me!

Not literally, but a girl can dream!

Oh hell! I'm leaving before you piss her the f*ck off!

If he thinks he’s getting off that easy, he’s got another think coming!!

Fan Event:

Dean, you need to keep an eye out for Rita. I don't think we've seen the last of her!

Oh, baby! You have no idea! *snickers*

Yeah! Now, this is more like it!

Nothing gets Rob more jazzed than having his fans around!

Kristen! You gotta get out here and feel this electricity!

Unless it’s having his girl by his side!

Damnit, Rob! Get your hand off my boob!!

Uh oh! Trouble in paradise!

Well, how was I to know you weren't wearing a bra!

*Gigglesnort!* And he thought I was trouble!!

Damn! She's pissesd at ME now!

Somebody rain on your parade, darlin’?

Yeah, I...Rita? What the hell? Where did you come from?

Whither thou goest, sweetie!  Ya can’t get rid of me LMAO!!

Aw, crap! I give're like a damn tick!!

Must be your magnetic personality, Rob darlin’!

Catch me, if you can, Rita!!!!

Til next time, for sure! Laters, baby! MWAH!!!

Happy Sunday, ya’ll!




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18 responses to “Sensual Sunday ~ Master of Madrid!!

  1. O what a fun post – Rita your commentary always leaves me ROFL!

    • rita01tx

      Hey, TeamRob darlin’! Glad you liked it. I was surprised that Rob hadn’t been in Madrid more often. Seems like, when he goes to Spain, it’s mostly to Barcelona. Hmmm, guess we’ll have to visit Barcelona, too LOL!

  2. Madrid Rob is definitely sexy! I loved the sexhair! Also, your comments crack me up! Where in the world are we going next?

    Happy Sunday!

  3. exaltada

    Aaaah! *screams like a crazy fan* Thank you very, very much, Rita!! If you come to Barcelona, let me know it! Thanks a lot for these hot pics and for the dedication (not sure if I say it well). I love the pictures and your comments made me laugh. Btw, “we aim to please”it is very “Fifty”! 😉
    About this premiere, Rob looked a little shy. May be he´s afraid of spanish fans! A friend spent the night on the street sleeping in a sleeping bag, with her ​​husband and friends, to see them (Rob and Kristen). I couldn´t go. And yes, it is true, for my fortune Rob comes to Barcelona more often than Madrid, ​​the WFE premiere was here in May last year, and also for the BD premiere, in November. In this one I saw him, at last, was a wonderful day! Muchos besos para ti.

    • rita01tx

      Muchos besos right back atcha, exaltada darlin’! Yup, this was a dedication to you…glad you liked it LOL! I noticed myself that Rob didn’t smile as much at the photocall as he did at the fan event. There were a couple of photos from the photocall where he made silly faces, but they were such poor quality, I didn’t include them.
      One of these days, I say ONE OF THESE DAYS, Rob will come to Amsterdam and then, maybe I’ll get a chance to see him in person *sigh!*

  4. blondemel47

    Love the photos & loved your banter Rita – Thanks for making me smile Cheers, look forward to Barcelona!

  5. christa64c

    I think those black jeans and leather jacket need to stand up and take a bow! DAMN he looked good!! Thanks for the memories rita. I love to take trips down Rob memory lane. I’m hoping we get to see a really good photo junket out of Cosmopolis!

    • nebfan51

      That was FUN!! This is the Rob/Edward I fell in love with – along with several million other women. Wish Kristen would share more!!!

    • rita01tx

      {Jumpy Hugs!!!} Christa darlin’! So good to see you, angel!
      Our boy did look good, didn’t he? Hell’n he always looks good! I’ve got my fingers crossed for Cannes…it will kill us DED, but what a way to go, right?
      We shall see 16 – 27 May!!!

  6. ROTFLMAO!!!! Oh Rita!! I’s so glad you is my bestie!!! I dunno what I’d do with out you!!! MWAH!!! Love your posts!!!

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