RA Quiz Night!

Hey chickies, TMM is back!
With Rob due to be sipping sangria under the sun in the French Riviera, I thought we should have a little fun of our own. So, get to the bar, grab a drink and get ready to play some games!

Are you sitting comfortably? Then let’s begin!


1. If Rob was an item in your makeup bag, what would he be?

2. If Rob was a public notice, what would he be?

Round One: 

1. You’re making a televised statement alongside Rob and his entourage. You were caught in Rob’s hotel room. What were you doing?

2. There’s a zombie invasion. You and Rob team up to fight the horde and stay alive. What is your survival plan?

3. You win a VIP ticket to the Cosmopolis premiere BUT the security guards end up holding you hostage. Your handbag is emptied but for one item, which you managed to grab without being caught. What is it and how do you break free?

4. You bump into Rob at your local Starbucks. He’s sitting quietly at a corner table, no baggage, no beverage. Do you approach him? If so, how do you get his attention? 5. If Rob visited your house, how many Rob-related objects would you have to hide?


Round Two: Web Challenges

1. Go to Etsy and type in ‘Robert Pattinson’. Post the weirdest item you find.

2. What is the highest bid for a Rob-related item on eBay?

3. Find the best Rob lookalike on the Internet.

4. Post a song that reminds you of Rob.

5. Find the craziest Rob fan video on YouTube (vlog, music video or ‘reaction video’)

Rob’s ready to be entertained! Give it your best shot 😉

Looking forward to your answers!

TMM xoxo


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