FanFiction Fridays – Recs for Apr 20/12

Happy Friday everyone! Today I have a Guest Review post for you prepared by our lovely Cared, who has two great recs for your reading pleasure – a Complete and a One Shot.  Please enjoy…


You have to promise me something before I go on.  You cannot tell my mother that I am recommending this story to you – she must never find out I have even read it. LOL Ok, so just between us, A Multitude of Sins by lvtwilight09, is a nice, quick, quirky read.  It’s Complete and in a drabble format that’s somehow perfect for telling this story.

Edward and Bella have an immediate and intense interest and attraction to each other.  What makes this different to so many other stories then?  Edward is a Priest and Bella is a Nun – that’s what.  I confess that it was Priestward that attracted me to this story.  I know, naughty me!  Initially I had doubts about the premise.  It was soon clear to me though; this is a story of love, not lives of hypocrisy.  I was both reassured and hooked by these genuine and lovely characters.  This story is wonderfully told, in both EPOV and BPOV.

Edward- Father Cullen, a parish priest, has become the new principal of a Catholic high school.  We meet him at the first Mass of the school year.

“The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ and the love of God and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit…” And that’s when I see her, causing me to lose my train of thought as I feel stirrings within my body…ones I haven’t had to truly deal with for years. Channeling your focus onto God kind of helps keep those feelings in check, and now I feel guilty…it may not be in the bible, but I’m pretty sure that being a priest and sporting wood while conducting mass is frowned upon.

The altar boy clears his throat and I remember I need to continue on with the mass.

Father Cullen has been a priest for seven years and has never struggled in his chosen life before.  He has been dedicated to his flock, fulfilled by his calling, happy in his work.  Sr. Isabella makes him feel weak and that ignites his anger.  He decides the best course of action is to avoid her where possible, and to act professional when in her company.

I feel so out of control and it’s only the start of the day. Slumping down in my chair, my head falls forward, landing on the desk.

Out of the corner of my eye I can see the clock on my desk…9:45am. The day has barely begun and already I have need for the confessional.

 Anger…lust…both of them deadly sins.

 9:45am on the first official day in my new post and I’ve managed to commit a multitude of sins…heaven help me.

Father Cullen doesn’t entertain the possibility that Sr. Isabella may have suffered a similar reaction to his presence.  Why would he?  Sr. Isabella loves being a teacher; she has been happy with her life and secure in her vocation. Now, with the arrival of Fr. Cullen, feelings surface that she never knew existed.  She feels guilty because of them and she makes a decision – avoid Father Cullen where possible.

“Sister Isabella, I’ve saved you a seat here next to Father Cullen.”

I stop dead in my tracks, and internally sigh as I know I cannot ignore what Sister Angela has said, especially since at least three of the other sisters heard her.

I nod my head and move towards the seat, all the while trying to ignore the fact that Father Cullen is glaring at me and completely confident that Lucifer himself is having a good laugh at my expense right now.

I do my best to sit closer to Sister Angela than Father Cullen without drawing attention. My only problem when Mother Superior asks Father Cullen to lead us in giving thanks for our meal, and we all have to take hands.

The moment his skin makes contact with mine it is as if a jolt of electricity runs through my body. My mind floods with thoughts and images of his hands doing more to me than just holding my hand, and I immediate feel ashamed.

I internally chastise myself and remind myself that I’m a nun…not a wanton hussy who has walked straight out of the story of Sodom and Gomorrah. Confession is definitely my top priority for the morning, I just hope Father Marcus can offer me some guidance and help because Lord knows it seems like I can’t help myself.

They battle on, hiding their feelings from each other, confiding in their families for support. Both are determined to control their conscious impure thoughts and are consumed by guilt when they fail.  However, there is nothing they can do about their vivid dreams.

I wake up panting, my body covered in sweat, the dream still lingering in my memory.

Looking around my bed, the sheets are a tangled mess and I become well aware of an uncomfortable stickiness that has taken up residence in my boxers. I groan at the realization that I’ve had a wet dream, something I haven’t had to deal with since I was a teenager.

Sighing, I get up strip out of my soiled clothes and take a shower as I try to wash away the memory of the fact that not only did I have a wet dream, but I had a wet dream about a nun…I’m so going to hell.

I step out of the shower, wrap a towel around my waist and head back into my room. I glance at the clock, which reads 4:07am. Since I have to be up in two hours anyway to get ready and head over to the church for the 7am mass before I start my day at the school, I choose to spend the time in reflective prayer rather than go back to sleep.

Whether or not I choose to spend the time in prayer because I’m afraid of what kind of dreams I might end up having if I go back to sleep, I don’t know. What I do know is…I need all the help I can get when it comes to dealing with the temptation that is Sister Isabella, and praying certainly can’t hurt.

Fr. Cullen and Sr. Isabella have devoted their lives to the Church and lived by their vows. Does everything change when they discover their feelings are reciprocated?  Do they taste the forbidden fruit? They are loyal to their faith.  As Edward and Bella, can they reconcile that same faith with their love for one another?

I’m glad I gave in to temptation and read this story – I’m sure you will be too.

Summary for  A Multitude of Sins: “New parish priest & school principal Edward Cullen finds himself tempted by the person he least expects. Will he be able to keep his vows or will he find himself lost in a multitude of sins?

Twilight – Rated: M – English – Romance/Drama – Chapters: 60 – Words: 49,513 – Reviews: 2253 – Updated: 1-16-12 – Published: 9-25-11 – Bella & Edward – Complete”

The Author’s Blog –

A/N IMPORTANT: I will only be saying this once…Yes this story is about a priest and a nun. Is it controversial? I’m sure some people will think it is. I mean no offense to anyone with what I write in this story. There will be moments where religion and God come into play, but ultimately this is a story of Bella and Edward, nothing more, nothing less. So please, if this story isn’t for you, just stop reading, please don’t flame, especially since you’ve been warned.



Think for a moment of Ugly Naked Guy, you know, the guy the Friends characters view through the apartment window across the street.  Now, I want you to imagine that Ugly Naked Guy is replaced with Hot Nakedward.  That’s better, isn’t it? Go one better again, do more than just imagine him; read about him in Watch Me by Rochelle Allison.  This clever one shot is forever in my head now as, “The One With The Breathtaking View”.

She wonders is he really thinks he’s alone.

Every morning he stands in his glass castle, watching himself in his mirror while Bella watches him from her window. His mouth moves as his fingers fly over his buttons, like he’s singing to himself. Or talking. He’s the type of guy who would do morning affirmations, totally.

And by the look of the opulence surrounding him, it’s working for him.

On goes his tie; silver maybe, or light blue. Bella’s never seen him don the same one twice.

He disappears for a second, probably to put on shoes or socks, before straightening up.

His pants…shirt…jacket…fit way too well to be anything but tailor made. He works out. Either that, or he’s even more genetically blessed than she realizes.

Bella takes a bite of her apple, almost forgetting to chew as she watches the god across the sky run a hand through his hair. He is methodical. Precise. She knows what’s coming next.

Her breath quickens. It’s weird and obsessive, even for her, but this is her favorite part, the little piece de resistance of this guy’s morning routine. He walks to his nightstand and slips on his wristwatch. Bella wishes she could see it a little better, but, she’s satisfied.

So far we know two things about Bella.  One, her apartment view makes her the luckiest woman on the planet.  Two, she has a fetish, a slightly odd fetish; sorry Bella, I should say a slightly unusual fetish.

The watch. Always the watch.

There’s something so sexy about a man who invests in this kind of finery. It’s not just cost, because some pricey pieces are plain gauche. Understated trumps loud any day.

 No… it’s the overall effect. How he, whomever he is, rocks that timepiece.

Back to oblivious Hot Nakedward, alone in his apartment, working hard. What is he oblivious to?  Two things. First, that he has his very own personal voyeur.   Second, that he is about to inadvertently become a voyeur himself.

Dusk falls while he’s lost in thought. He wanders to his living room windows, leaving the lights off so that he can gaze at the city lights. All around him, people with lives as busy as his are bustling to and fro, coming home or maybe leaving again.

Just as he’s about to swallow the last of his scotch, a light comes on somewhere in his peripheral. He follows it, squinting through the dim light to a bright window in a condo across from his.

 A curvy brunette walks across the room, shedding articles of clothing

like a tree losing leaves in autumn.

Edward presses himself to the glass, unable to believe what he’s seeing.

Does she not know she’s on display?

This story gives an entire new meaning to A Room With A View.  No murder is committed but it is every bit as gripping, interesting and unusual.  No need for your binoculars; just take the time to watch what happens when serendipity and meddling friends collide with Hot Nakedward and Watchella.  Oh, I know one more thing about Bella; she has excellent taste in men!

Summary for Watch Me: “Bella’s obsession with wristwatches & her preoccupation with the Sky God next door coalesce in a serendipitous way. Birthday one shot for Michelle.

Twilight – Rated: M – English – Romance – Chapters: 1 – Words: 6,762 – Reviews: 172 – Published: 2-27-12 – Bella & Edward – Complete”



A huge THANK YOU to CARED for writing today’s post for us and for her wonderful recs, both look excellent! Please share what’s been owning you in the FanFiction world this week.  Have a great week!

Midnight Cougar



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26 responses to “FanFiction Fridays – Recs for Apr 20/12

  1. kalaekalae

    It’s Friday ‘happy dance’… 🙂 more time to read…
    Great recs like always… Thank you

    This week I´ve been reading:
    Blossom by ms-ambrosia
    “Isolated and disheartened, Bella Swan finally starts to feel like she belongs when a young man named James enters her life. But when an unexpected pregnancy leads her back to Forks, she finds that hope blooms in unexpected places.” OOC. ExB. AH.
    Twilight – Rated: M – English – Drama/Romance – Chapters: 32 – Words: 119,014 – Reviews: 2696 – Updated: 8-31-10 – Published: 12-26-09 – Bella & Edward – Complete

  2. Cared, thanks to you I know what I’m going to read next – A Multitude of Sins.
    I’ll be traveling 9 hours tomorrow and my e-reader is full.
    I like to recc My Perfect Match by HappyMess,, it’s WIP. Bella Swan never considered online dating. After all, she was only twenty-one. But after too many glasses of wine, her best friend convinces her otherwise. AH. Olderward.
    Twilight – Rated: M – English – Romance – Chapters: 10 – Words: 22,318 – Reviews: 838 – Updated: 4-19-12 – Published: 2-24-12 – Edward & Bella

  3. newyorkkisses

    Hi ladies!
    Thanks for these great recs, Cared! “Multitude of Sins” sure sounds different from the usual fics. 😉
    And “Watch Me”? Damn, sounds good.

    I wasn’t able to make it here last week unfortunately, but here comes my rec for what I was reading then. I had this fic on my Kindle for a long time and decided to go for it last week and I am so glad I did. This fic was amazing, in a “The Blessing & The Curse” / “In Vain” way. The connection between Bella and Edward, both incredibly broken, is intense and you’ll have shivers reading it. It’s “The Heat of a Blue Flame” by 107yearoldvirgin.
    An artist who cannot feel. A subject that fights not to. An erotic mystery about love, loss and the intense yearning to be consumed.
    It has been pulled in the meantime, but you know what to do, if you’d like to read it *whispers*e-mail…. 😉

    This week I finally started reading The Black Dagger Brotherhood Series. I bought the whole series a year ago and just couldn’t tear myself away from fic long enough to start it. Well, I’m almost finished with the first book and I’m totally hooked. I can’t recommend this series highly enough.

    Other than that I’ve been watching those amazingly hot Cosmopolis trailers again and again. 😉 I cannot wait for the release of this movie. So proud of Rob.

    Have a great weekend, ladies!

    • Hey newyorkkisses you are so right about Heat of a Blue Flame. It’s a fabulous story. Everyone who reads TBDB seems to love it, I suppose it’s only a matter of time until I succumb to them and The Hunger Games.

      I may have watched the trailers once or twice myself LOL.

    • haystackhair

      ok newyorkkisses, you got me. Please?

    • rita01tx

      Hi NYK darlin’! I was gutted when Virgie pulled all her stuff awhile back. Then I was all squeeing like a fangirl when she started reposting almost everything…Heat of a Blue Flame has not been reposted, but I’m hoping she will eventually.

      Her most recent story hooked me at the first chapter (only 3 chapters in):

      Uravel Me by 107yearoldvirgin
      Edward doesn’t know who is writing him the letters, but he knows that his secret could be revealed at any minute. Finding who the writer is could be his fantasy come to life. Or his worst nightmare come true.
      Twilight – Rated: M – English – Drama/Mystery – Chapters: 3 – Words: 1,258 – Reviews: 313 – Updated: 4-18-12 – Published: 4-15-12 – Edward

  4. rita01tx

    Ah, Cared darlin’! Just finished reading “Watch Me.” What a sweet HAWT little o/s. Thanks for the rec.
    “A Multitude of Sins” goes on my TBR (which is absolutely groaning), but my favorite Priestward so far has to be from:

    Requiem by Katinki
    For seven decades, he has worn the collar of faith and service. Wandering the earth alone, he’s searched for redemption and for the soul he can never possess. Until now – when a young woman enters his world and shatters everything he ever believed. AU.
    Twilight – Rated: M – English – Drama – Chapters: 10 – Words: 24,079 – Reviews: 910 – Updated: 4-12-12 – Published: 11-28-11 – Edward & Bella

    The story that has me totally obsessed and reading until my eyes give out into the wee hours, not to mentioned sending me off to work all bleary eyed and power napping through the day is:

    Sins of the Piano Man by solareclipses
    AU. A reclusive vampire’s swan songs for the victims he regrets draw in a young woman struggling with her father’s illness. As fate brings them together, Edward’s dark past threatens to tear them apart. ExB. Won ‘Best Overall’ 2011 Vampie Award.
    Twilight – Rated: M – English – Hurt/Comfort/Romance – Chapters: 34 – Words: 269,294 – Reviews: 2984 – Updated: 3-16-12 – Published: 6-8-10 – Edward & Bella – Complete

    I haven’t finished it, but I plan to before the night is done!

  5. haystackhair

    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! My list is twice as long as the holy peen now!!! And so many complete rec’s, I can’t even try to enforce my “no more WIPs” rule (not that I can ever stick to it!). These last few weeks I’ve been dying for updates to We Were Here, Snapdragon, and The Keepsake along with all the others. I swear, no more WIPs!!! Now if I only had one ounce of resistance. LOL. Thanks for the recs ladies! Hey, how do I get a story on my kindle?? through email?? I know I’ve seen instructions before, I just never had a kindle before so didn’t pay attention LOL

  6. ilovealion

    As always, Cared leads us to the good stuff. Thanks so much for the reviews, sweets. I can’t believe it, but I’ve actually read one of your recs. Watch Me is a great story – and your banner is perfect.

    I can’t wait to read Priestward. There’s just something about Edward in a collar. *whew* And I won’t tell your mom about your Priestward lusting. hehehe

    love ya.

  7. Hi all!

    Cared – great recs (as always) I have not read either of these, so I look forward to reading these ones – two more for the Never-Ending List – yay!

    This last week I have had a couple of days off work, which I affectionately call “mental health days” and I spent these days reading stories that I have had on my list forever.. so forgive me, but you guys have probably already read these but just in case we have any FF newbies.. here goes

    I think I said in last weeks’ FFF that I started off with Parachute by Kitsushel, which was fabulous… but then I read Illegal Contact by jengreen03 *COMPLETE* Summary: Edward Masen is a former NFL football player who was injured and could not return to playing. After taking some time off to figure out what he wanted to do with his life, since playing football was out of the question, he decided to go with coaching high school football. He leads a simple, quiet life with his friends in Forks until he meets the woman that will change his life forever. Bella Swan decides to move back home with her younger brother when she gets a teaching position at her old school in Forks.
    This story was great, I really enjoyed it – I have read a couple of American Football stories now, and I still have no idea what is going on, but it seems star Quarterbacks make for great stories. I have to be honest, if it is the football genre that pulls you in, I think Nolebucgrl’s First and Ten is a better story – but that aside, Illegal Contact is a good read.

    Next up was a story I have been hoarding for a long time now The Cannabean Betrothal by the fantastic itzmegan Summary: Edward has immersed himself in the Cannabean way to ward off the hurt of a life-changing experience; but an unexpected betrothal teaches him how little he knows about life. *COMPLETE* Out of all these stories I have hoarded for my “mental health days”, this one was my favourite for sure. The plot line was excellent, the story was very believable (I think this is the thing that I love the most about itzmegan, her ability to keep stories very relatable). The thing I loved about this story as well, is that you know from the first chapter that something has happened to Edward, but when you do find out, I was shocked – I really didn’t see it coming – I love that when I get a true shock from a story – makes my day!

    Last but not least was elusive twilight’s All the Wild Horses *COMPLETE* I had this story on alert since its first chapter, but I waited to read it when it was complete. Summary: In her suffocating small hometown, Bella Swan meets widowed Edward Cullen. Can she pull him from the depths of his grief? Is there enough of him left to soothe her clawing loneliness? AUAH E&B. I wasn’t sure at first at the idea of cowboy Edward, but he certainly grew on me 🙂 This story was very different, but I enjoyed it. I have decided like the idea of Edward in chaps …

    So, all in all I have had a great week, it has been a long time since I have read this much and it has been wonderful! I am taking days off more often! Have a great week all! AV xox

    • Hi Ally, you picked three great ones there, thanks for sharing. I now have a lovely visual of Edward wearing chaps and a cheeky smile. Thanks for that too!

  8. Cared, Hey BB! Thanks so much for writing this post this week and for recing such great sounding stories. The priestward sounds intriguing!

    and my lips are sealed hehe hehe hehe

    • Hi RobsFan-tasy, it was my pleasure. Why does everyone think I’m joking about my mother? LOL

      • LOL i don’t think your joking (although, it is CUTE!) I just know ILAL can’t say nuttin cause you have something on her *LOL* I dunno what though 🙂
        But I knows You don’t have nuffin on me but now I have something on you!! LMAO Ok that was confusing!!!

        ILAL BB!!!! Hey girl I started writing ARWD!!!! Get ready for the ride BB!!!

  9. doh! i forgot to hit the notify me button!!

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