Sensual Sunday ~ It’s Barcelona, Baby!!! – Part 2

Welcome back, ladies!!

It’s Part 2 of Rob in Barcelona. This time, it’s for the premier of Breaking Dawn, Part 1, on November 17, 2011!

This will be somewhat of a departure from what you are used to seeing from me, but, what can I say…I was inspired!

Last FanFictionFriday, the lovely Cared rec’d a story called “The Agreement” by Gemgirl65 and, Oh My Rob, if you are not reading it yet, you really should!

In chapter 5, Bella recites part of a poem for Edward:

“The Lover”

by Solveig Von Schoultz

My eyes want to kiss your face.

I have no power over my eyes.

They just want to kiss your face.

I flow towards you out of my eyes,

A fine heat trembles round your shoulders,

It slowly dissolves your contours

And I am there with you, your mouth

And everywhere around you –

I have no power over my eyes.

It rocked me big time and I’m not a poetry fan…don’t know any, don’t read any, not my thing. But, for Rob’s sake, I went searching for the rest of it:

I sit with my hands in my lap,

I shan’t touch you and I’ll never speak.

But my eyes kiss your face,

I rise out of myself and no-one can stop me,

I flow out and I’m invisible,

I cannot stop this unfathomable flowing, {could NOT resist!}

this dazzle that knows neither end nor beginning —

but when at last you turn your eyes towards me,

your unaware, questioning, stranger’s eyes,

I sink myself back into my hands

and take up my place again under my eyelids.

*Gigglesnort!* So, did I completely freak you out?

Happy Sunday, ya’ll!




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24 responses to “Sensual Sunday ~ It’s Barcelona, Baby!!! – Part 2

  1. OMR Rita, that is just perfection. Very well done.

    • rita01tx

      The words “My eyes kiss your face. I have no power over my eyes” express exactly what I feel when I see Rob…I’m powerless to look away *sigh!*

  2. I’m not into poetry either, and yet I’m using a couple of them in my current story! Go figure. 😉
    Isn’t this an awesome poem, though? About unrequited love from afar…something I think we can all relate to when it comes to Rob. I love what you did with the photos and verses. “That dazzle that knows neither end nor beginning” … indeed. *sigh*

    • rita01tx

      Damn, Gemgirl! What an unexpected and very pleasant surprise! Thanks for dropping in and, well, thanks for the compliment, too *blushing here!*
      I usually do kind of a funny banter between me and Rob on Sundays, but, when I read those lines in your story, and saw who wrote it, I went Googling for the rest of it and completely changed my style today.
      The words just would NOT leave my bwainz!!!
      Thanks for the inspiration LOL!

  3. Sus

    Thanks, Rita….needed me some Rob uplifting this Sunday morn! OMG, is this man to die for, or what?

  4. Beautiful job! What a great poem – kind of says it all, expresses it so well!!

    • rita01tx

      Sure is Heidi darlin’! Makes me wish I’d paid more attention in school. Only one I remember is something about a tree’s hungry mouth pressed to earth’s sweet flowing breast…cause it sounded durty to my tender ears LMAO!!

  5. eewee333

    Rita, Rita, Rita! What are you doing to me? I just got in from Mass and now I’m going to have to go to confession sometime this week!! He is just scrumptious and those words….just wow. Maybe I better hold off on that confession until I see what you guys post for Monday! Ha-ha! 😉

    • rita01tx

      *Snickers!* Whyever would you need to go to confession, Eewee darlin’? Having impure thoughts, are ya? Coveting another woman’s man, hmm? Well, you might as well take all of us along with you, LMAO!

      • eewee333

        Yes, yes and yes. Guilty as charged. I think I’ll light candles for the whole hOOrdom while I’m there!! On second thought, I don’t think we have enough candles and I don’t want to burn down the church!

  6. I’m into poetry, I even write it sometimes, and I love this one. It was still beautiful while you were making me laugh with your crazy picture pairings! Thanks for telling me Cared, and thanks Rita and Gemgirl for the entertainment 🙂

    • rita01tx

      I tried so hard to use only the most beautiful photos of Rob for this poem in order to do it (and Rob, of course) justice, but there was just too much temptation to use the nose wipe photo for “I cannot stop this unfathomable flowing,” *gigglesnort!*

  7. dazzledbyrp

    Wow, Rita. That was simply exquisite!

    • rita01tx

      Maggie darlin’! With THAT poem and THAT face, it was a slam dunk LOL! Glad you liked it, hon!!

      • annettepattinson71

        Wow Rita.that was awesome.

        • rita01tx

          Thanks, Annette darlin’! I am continually surprised by what inspires me where Rob is concerned. He’s inspiring in his own right, of course, but I’ll just be doing something completely unrelated and come across a word or a song or a non-Rob photo and “that’s so Rob” will pop into my head and I’m a goner…again LOL!

  8. you never cease to surprise,amazetickle and awe mw Rita Darlin’. I know I’m late and I am so sorry. I’m just all confuzzled on what day it is. I gots too much going on and I can’t get it together.

    Sorry I missed my Monday ladies. I was working a dbl shift and thought I was supposed to post today *facepalm* (which is still my Monday since I haven’t slept even though it’s really Tuesday. I’ll post something this week to make up for it. Laters BBez. Great Job Rita, thanks!!!

    • rita01tx

      Awww, thanks Boss. Don’t you worry about me, darlin’! Youz a woikin’ girl now! Anyone who has to pull a double is allowed to be confuzzled LOL!

  9. exaltada

    Hi Rita, Thanks a lot for the post, I loved it. Rob seems a little tired in these pics, isn´t he? I remember he had a premiere the day before and the day after… From now, I have this fic in my favorites. *Sigh* I need a 48 hours day only for reading! Besos!

    • rita01tx

      Hi Exaltada, darlin’! {hugs!} I have noticed that sometimes his eyes are a bit heavy lidded, like he’s tired or not feeling 100%. The nose wipe leads me to believe he was fighting off a cold or something. Still gorgeous, though!
      I know you will love The Agreement and I have the same problem…my updates are piling up and I’m having to wait til the weekend to catch up, if I even can LOL! Too many great stories, too many great authors!!

  10. Rita, You start out SO classy…and then…BWAHAHAHA!! You just had to be you, eh? Flowing, LOL. The one just after that made me stop and right click, and there was only one way to save that look- my new file entitled Holy Shitfire. Thanks for another bunch of lovely pictures captioned in new and exciting ways. XXX ~BOH

    • rita01tx

      Guilty as charged, BOH darlin’! *gigglesnort!*

      BTW, how come NONE of you guys alluded to how much that last photo looks like an O face? {Maybe he’s just about to sneeze, but that was my first thought…of course!}

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