Sensual Sunday ~ Happy Birthday, Rob!


Well, ladies!

I don’t think it’s escaped our attention that today is Rob’s 26th birthday!

Wouldn’t it be fun to wish him a wonderful birthday in the languages related to his films, the countries he’s visited during his promotional tours and, of course, his many fans?

Our sweet Cared from Ireland says…

Breithlá shona duit, Roibeárd!

That man seriously needs to get his butt to Ireland so she can fangirl all over his gorgeous ass!

Wszystkiego najlepszego z okazji urodzin

Rob spoke Polish to Tai/Rosie in Water for Elephants, so I hope Google translated this correctly.  It’s supposed to be “All the Best on Your Birthday” LOL!

Buon compleanno

As much as Melbie loves Rome Rob, we have to say Happy Birthday in Italian, right? {buono means good, not happy but it’s the way they say it}

Tanjoubi omedetou! 誕生日おめでとう。

Awww, Rob was only 19 at the Goblet of Fire Tokyo press conference in 2005.  What a cute puppy!

Joyeux anniversaire!

{Mydenofsin is French…this one’s for you BB!}  New Moon premier in Paris, Novemer 2009.  A little more mature at 23, don’t you think?

Grattis på födelsedagen!

Photocall in Stockholm, October 2011 for Breaking Dawn, Part 1! {Rob’s Swedish fans were VERY enthusiastic that he came to their city LOL!}

Feliz Cumpleaños!

Little Ashes took place in Spain and I absolutely ADORE this photo of Rob as Dali.  {Knowing Exaltada, I’ll bet she’d like to add: “Besos y abrazos de Exaltada!” -> Hugs and kisses from Exaltada!  Me too, darlin’!  Preferably in person LOL!}

Boldog szuletesnapot!

Yes, I know Bel Ami takes place in Paris, BUT it was filmed in Budapest, Hungary! {Love the top hat…LOVE that smile!}

Feliz aniversário!

BWAHAHAHA!  Suuure, I was gonna forget the BEST Rob photo to come out of filming Breaking Dawn in Brazil!

eid mīlad sa’aīd عيد ميلاد سعيد

The official language of Iraq is Modern Arabic, although there are many other dialects.  This is in honor of Rob’s new project!

Gelukkige verjaardag!

Last, but not least, cause I’m American, but live in Holland…Happy Birthday in Dutch and English!

Hope I didn’t forget anyone’s native language…didn’t mean to!

Happy Sunday, ya’ll!




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30 responses to “Sensual Sunday ~ Happy Birthday, Rob!

  1. Thanks Rita :)! Joyeux Anniversaire,Rob!

    • rita01tx

      Hey Steph darlin’! You weren’t on FB this morning so I could ask you for a translation…had to rely on Google. Glad they got it right LOL!

  2. What a sweet thought Rita. Maybe the Birthday Boy himself will see our universal good wishes. Love all the pictures you chose but of course the ones in the jumpers are my favourite lol.

    • rita01tx

      Me’n RF kinda figgerred you’d like the jumper photo LOL! It’s been said he looks at his birthday wishes, so who knows! If I could give him a gift, it would be a whole bunch of Get Out of Jail Free cards so he could punch out any pap who got all up in his face LMAO!!

  3. simplydazzled1

    A Very Happy Birthday Rob xoxox

    Tis good to be in the same timezone for a while again, He brought the sunshine back to England when he returned.

    Love the Bel Ami smirk, it is so cheeky lol

    I really hope he realises that good wishes have been sent out to him from all over the World

    • rita01tx

      Fingers crossed he gets to enjoy the gorgeous weather in the loving arms of his family and friends…without unwanted intrusion!
      I suspect Rob knows by now how much his fans love and respect him…a little disrespectfully at time *snickers* but very well intentioned…and wish him all the best on his birthday!

  4. “Happy Birthday Rob” is a beautiful sentence no matter what language it’s said in! Another year of that wonderful person in all of our lives is something to celebrate indeed. Thank you Rob and thank all of you wonderful people who make this fandom the best in the world.

    • rita01tx

      Name me even one other celebrity (can’t think of a better word off the top of my head…Rob is more than that to us) who has a more constant and loyal following, Christa darlin’!

      • Perhaps Elvis and the Beatles? Though Rob is loved more for the person he is rather than what he does. So I guess even those two examples don’t really work.

        • rita01tx

          Hmmm, never was an Elvis fan but many, many of them followed him from the beginning to the end and beyond, so I’d say that at least puts Rob in good company (or Elvis is good company LOL)!
          Now I WAS a Beatles fan in my teens but I got over them. Rob is permanently etched in my heart so forget the Beatles being in the same league LMAO!!

  5. Thanks Rita for this amazing post! And, Dearest Rob, Happy 26th Birthday sweetie! xx

  6. newyorkkisses

    What a great post, Rita, thank you! Loved it, some of my favorite pics of Rob are up there. 😉
    And to the man of the hour: Happy 26th Birthday, Rob! Hope you’re enjoying your day in the midst of family and friends. 🙂

    • rita01tx

      Thanks, NYK darlin’! {{HUGS!}} It’s always fun picking out the photos for my posts, although it’s tough sometimes being so spoiled for choice LOL! Rob hanging from Tai’s mouth just cracks me the fuck up!

  7. exaltada

    LOL! You know me very well, rita! These pics make my mouth drooling a lot, wow, thanks baby. So… speaking about languages, I´d say what you wrote, and at the same time I´d think “a French kiss, please, pleaseeee”.
    ¡Muchos besos para ti, rita! (A lot of kisses for you, rita!)
    (P.S.: A little off topic: I finished The Office and enjoyed it a lot. Thanks once more!)

    • rita01tx

      Ah, exaltada darlin’! A French kiss probably would be appropriate for a birthday kiss. Now, any other occassion…hell to the yeah! Pleeeease, indeed!
      Glad you enjoyed The Office BB; that was a great story. Anything else you’d like, let us know!

  8. Hey All! I remembered what day it is! LOL I wonder why? 😛 And Happy Mother’s Day to all of you who celebrate it.

    Happy Birthday Rob. Hugs ~N~ Kisses ~N~ The Very Best Wishes From all of us here at RA, We hope you have a Wonderful day!

    See Rita I tole you it’d be a good post! xx 😀 xx

  9. OH and Hang with us all next week cause we are on the Rob Birthday Train all week long! Every day!

  10. The Rob Birthday Train, hop aboard and get your ticket punched, eh? Love your worldwide tour of Robs, Rita. In any language, he is still a lovely man. Thank you.

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