Robert Pattinson Birthday Blog Train day 1

Hello Everybody *waves*



Good Morning ladies!!

All Aboard! All week long we are traveling along with our blogger friends and Wishing Rob a Happy 26th birthday. So climb on board (TWSS) and Enjoy the ride!! WooHoo!!


Happy Birthday You Gorgeous Man!

Today’s blog train topic is all about what we would wish for Rob. Well, what do you wish for the man who has EVERYTHING???

Great looks,

A great Body,

Beautiful eyes,

Gorgeous hair…MOST of the time LOL,

A fabulous singing voice,

A Great Pianist,

Fantastic actor,

and he’s even “flexible” LMAO


And He’s got sex appeal rollong off every fiber of his being…


So just what do you wish for the man who has DEFINATELY GOT IT ALL???

There’s only 4 things I can think of:


PEACE (freedom from the paps)





Truy I wish You the Happiest of Birthday’s Rob And a lifetime of Happieness to follow!

Now Get back on board the Rob train and continue the Ride. Next stop,

12 Months of Rob

Thanks for Riding this year’s Rob Birthday Blog Train



Come back tomorrow for Rita’s Birthday Letter to Rob!

Much Love to you all,






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13 responses to “Robert Pattinson Birthday Blog Train day 1

  1. rita01tx

    What with all the time differences of the participating bloggers, we might have to wait a bit before the next in line has posted their entry (just keep checking the 12 Months of Rob link) . The instruction was: everyone post around 7pm est. time!
    However, there was a qualification that we didn’t have to stick to that, depending on our own RL impediments, which we all have. “Stress free” is the key!

    As to my birthday wishes for Rob, I looked up the “7 Heavenly Virtues” to see which ones he doesn’t already have:
    1. Chastity (I wouldn’t wish that on my dog! Faithfulness, yes… chastity…NO!)
    2. Temperance (would I do that do you, BB? NEVER! Besides, a blow out every now and then does a body goooood!)
    3. Charity – check
    4. Diligence – check
    5. Patience – check
    6. Kindness – check
    7. Humility – check
    Well, shit…5 out of 7 aint bad and the 2 he doesn’t have don’t count so i guess I don’t have anything to wish for him !
    (He’s already got me, whether he wants me or not LMAO!!!)

    • Indeed Rita he has all the good qualities and enough “bad” qualities to make him perfect for everyone. he’s the kinda guy you want to bring home to meet the folks and yet his filterless word vomit and drinking make him just a bad enough boy for all those bad boy lovers out there LOL

  2. I hope Rob is reading our posts and getting all of these lovely birthday wishes! Great post!!!!

    P.S. – there is a problem with the link from Southern Fiction Fan Review to our blog, Twilight Junkies Anonymous – and since we are linked to you, that might be why the visitors aren’t showing up. Hopefully it will get fixed and the train can keep rolling. 🙂

    • hi utterlyabsurdbella, Thanks for stopping in and for leaving a comment! I too hope Rob is reading all of these and will read the ones to come in the days ahead. Thanks for the compliment. Well the link for RA is I hope that they can fix it soon. Imma hop on the train myself and follw all the links here in a few.

      Rob if you are reading this, We love and appreciate you Darlin and we truly wish you the best of everything and most of all hope that you get whatever YOU want because you truly deserve it! We’d love to hear from you. MWAH!

    • Awesome Post!!! Thanks for the videos!!! Sigh…. delicious!

  3. Love, Peace, Joy, and Me. LOL Perfect!

    • LOL ain’t it tho? I PROMISE to give him all of the above…many many many times LOL if he wants to take me up on it *snickers*

      Thanks for stopping by robmusement! you’re a doll! come back again sometime!

  4. OMG!! I am such a typokween! 😛 I SWEAR the typo on the red carpet pic was an accident LMAO “rollong” *facepalm* *jizzytyping from the gutter*

  5. sassykassie1

    What do you wish for, for the man that has it all? You’ve managed to highlight all the things that he has that make me love him to ridiculous lengths (twhs) lol

    I wish for Rob a chance to have some pap free time out with his friends. I love me some good pap pics now and again but I’d love it if he could have more private time, out and about, than he currently gets.

    • rita01tx

      Unfortunately for Rob {fortunately for us, in very confusing manner} , some of the most classic and beautiful candids of Rob have ben pap photos! I’m like you, I love the good ones, but if they’d never been taken, I’d be happier for him!

  6. Woinderful first post babe!

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