Robert Pattinson’s Birthday Blog Train ~ Day 3: Presents for Rob!!

Hello Everybody *waves*


Good evening, ladies!

Welcome to day three of the Robert Pattinson Birthday Blog Train!!

Today, we are sharing our presents for Rob and, thanks to Rita’s help (you’ll hear more from Rita in a little bit), we have some doozies!

For those of you who don’t know, from the day we opened the RA doors here on WordPress, RA inadvertently took on the reputation of having a glorious Mansion… a new home for all the RAoR refugee hOOrs and Angelz. (If we/they are hOOrs, this is a mansion for them and I created it… does that make me a madam?? Bwahahaha!!)

They all came in carrying their bags full of toys errr, I mean their luggage *snort.* They picked out their rooms, made themselves right at home, and God Bless them for it!! If you’d like to see the RA Mansion and all the rooms, you can see it HERE (feel free to comment on that post too… we still get them!) But for now, I’ll show you the bedroom we gave Rob way back then for those nights when he decides to come over and play with us (we can dream, right?)!

I HAD to give Rob a headboard he could NOT break, but just think of all the other interesting things WE could do with it! *snickers*

That makes me think of images like this…

Talk about your Fifty Shades of f*cking Grey!!! Now tell me he wouldn’t be the best choice for that role!

And, of course, we gave him some FINE living quarters!

Oh! just think of that long lean bod stretched out on that sofa!! *SWOOON*

Can’t you just see his long lean body stretched out on that leather sofa? Something like THIS perhaps…


Rita suggested we give him a room full of Heinekin but we REALLY LOVE Rob here at RA and a room full of beer just isn’t quite good enough for our man! Nah, we think BIG here at RA! How about something BIGGER, like this…

But then, one good party with the Brit boys and The Eiffel Tower would be toast {pardon the pun}!!! Maybe we should just give him a whole city made of beer…

With an entire harbor filled with beer…

 What do you thinkof that, Rob?

Ahhh! That’s more like it! But then we are talking about Rob here! As grand as a city and harbor made of beer may be, our Beautiful Man deserves MORE! Rob can’t have this much beer without a lifetime supply of …

We will, of course, provide him with a special cake…

Nothing like a nice piece of *** for your Birthday, eh Rob? *Snickersnort!*

 Oh, and I have one more surprise for you after you blow out the “strategically placed candles”…

Rob, I saw you lick your lips there, baby *wink wink!* I knows what you is thinking!! Now that I have given you a room of your own to play in, gotten you drunk, made sure you were energized off the hot pockets, and bouncing off the walls from a Bum Cake sugar high, it’s time for me to turn you over to Rita…

Oh, I’ll be gentle with you, angel…I promise {fingers crossed behind my back LMAO}!!

My turn in the barrel, is it? LOL!

Well, I don’t know that I can top RF in the gift department, but I’ve had one little ol’ idea just screaming for attention…

Rob, darlin’! I know you’re not a violent man, BUT…next time one of those asshole, fuckin’ paps gets all up in your face, or hassles your sweet baby girl, feel free to go all caveman on his ass! 

This “Get Out of Jail Free” card guarantees NO legal or financial consequences!

 Yeah, baby! Let your inner tiger ROAR!!!! {I LOVE watching Rob lose his shit LMAO!}

Next stop…

12 Months of Rob

Thanks for riding this year’s Rob Birthday Blog Train

RobsFan~tasy & Rita01tx
Don’t forget to join us this Thursday for: Birthday Memories – we’ll be showing Rob something we love that he did this year!!


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37 responses to “Robert Pattinson’s Birthday Blog Train ~ Day 3: Presents for Rob!!

  1. I think Rob also deserves a Kiss from everyone who comments on this post *snickers*

  2. itsjustme1217

    I love the cake!

  3. You girls thought of EVERYTHING! I’m impressed!!!! I love it all, and I think Rob will too! The Get Out of Jail Free card kicks ass! Nicccccce!!!!

  4. Such a great post! May I please lick the cake off of Rob’s body?

  5. Ummm… for some reason.. my mind is having fifty shades of visions…. hmmmmmmm……. ohhh boy… moving on before I need to snag that get out 0f jail free card 🙂

    • LOL I hear ya Kelly! We may have to mass produce them, get all the hOOrs and Angelz together on the Rob Attack WTF Tour bus, pass them around and Hit the road to the BD2 Premiere! Look Out ROB!!

  6. annettepattinson71

    I wanna move to the mansion,beautiful just like Robert.

    • rita01tx

      Annette darlin’! Just pick out your favorite room and then show us which one you chose! Did you already take the tour on the link RF gave you at the beginning of this post? Then you’ll know what to do LOL!

  7. annettepattinson71

    Love the mansion,very beautiful.wish I could live there with Robert.

  8. I love your Birthday gift ideas ladies. I think I know which Rob would like best LOL.

  9. Nice… cake… lol
    Really great idea’s you got there bb. I approve! *nods lots*

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